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Munchkinland Chihuahuas Debra Bourassa aka Debra Drury


Dog Breeder Money Scam

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Contact information:
Munchkinland Chihuahuas
Manteca, California
United States
Phone: 209-629-6100
We contracted to a puppy with Debra Bourassa aka Debra Drury at Munchkinland Chihuahuas on Christmas 2010. By reading all of the other complaints, she has operated under several different names, websites, etc. We fell in love with a female chocolate that was only 3 weeks at the time. We sent our deposit to Debra and were contracted for $1300 on the little dog. She is still up on her site (as of 3/17/11) but may have changed her name now. She is the extra tiny chocolate female. She was our family Christmas present. For over THREE months, we watched her grow through pictures and video. Every morning my kids piled into the study to load up her website and get our Bunny update. We named her Bunny because Debra said he had an overbite, apparently also called a “bunny bite.” We’re not familiar with breeding terms but knew this was a flaw. We didn’t care because she wasn’t for the show ring – she was to be our family pet . We even have clothes and a mongrammed bed for her.

She held this dog for over THREE months claiming she still needed to grow before she could ship her as she was turning out to be smaller than she had expected. So we agreed to do so. We had sent her two deposits at this point. Bunny grew at a slow rate but was very healthy through all communications we had with Debra and in the pics & video. She told us there was a possibility Bunny may have knee problems because she is so small and wanted to know if we wanted to pick another puppy. We told her no, and that we would pay her medical expenses should that problem arise. I had a sinking feeling she was trying to get out of the sale. Then the inevitable happens, one day she calls us and says Bunny is just too small to ship so we’ll have to pick another puppy. We told her that was out of the question, that we had a contract on that dog and that we would fly out there to pick her up. So she moves to another excuse. Well, she needs to be with someone that will be home all day. I told her I AM HOME ALL DAY. She then says its because I have kids. She knew I did! I told her my kids are ranch kids and have raised many an orphaned squirrel and rabbit. Our business is horse rehabilitation via swimming. Animal welfare is our business!! She then claims that Bunny is so small that she may have water on the brain and other medical problems and she just couldn’t let that be on her conscience. She said she might die like the Atom Ant dog (picture is on her site) that she once had and would need medical tests done. We said we would take that chance and pay for the tests because this is the dog we wanted. She refused to sell. She said she would place her only with a friend or family for an adoption fee of $500. We said, if that’s what you’re doing then adopt her to us!! And again she refused. I cried all that day and the next and needless to say, the kids were devastated. I was angry with her but believing that most people are good, I was hoping she was telling the truth but in my heart I felt like she was selling this dog out from under me. I needed to know for sure. I had my best friend contact her about Bunny. She told my best friend, that yes Bunny was for sale and that she could pick her up that Monday for $4000 !!! And then had the audacity to post her back on her website for sale for $4500 !!! Now, she’s acting as if the welfare of the puppy is her concern and only selling to an “elderly” home. That was MY DOG! We had a contract!! She realized that since the dog stayed small she was worth more money than what we had agreed to. We saved the screen shots and her correspondence for legal preceedings. We are so heartbroken and angry.

So any contract you sign with her is only to protect her so she can hold your dog and back out on it when she sees your dog is worth more money. But rest assured, she would’ve held ME to the contract if Bunny had turned out to be a 10 pounder. She’s a Dateline Scam special waiting to happen.

She claims that all the other complaints about her are conspiracies by other competitor breeders that posted under fictitious names. I can assure you that I am NO breeder. I am a real life person who just wanted to buy that dog. I don’t have to hide behind a fake name – feel free to contact me anytime. I don’t want her to do this to anyone else. If you want to investigate further make sure to search under her other name “Debra Drury” to see all of the other people she’s done this to and the other website names she’s operated under.

She devastated my family over greed, a real-life Cruella Deville.

Munchkinland Chihuahuas Debra Bourassa aka Debra Drury

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D  20th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
TWO reports by REAL customers in SIX years. Tha is the full extenet of reports on us that are REAL CUSTOMERS. TWO and only TWO. Any other reports are Breeders bashing breeders.

I told Lisa a couple days ago if she feels she needs to post and tell the world then to stick to the facts. Her facts do not include anything with us from 2005 to 2010. Everything she is writing about us from 2005- 2010 is her own ideas and defamaotry and damaging to us. We will sue her for that.

Now for simple truth.
We canceled sale because Lisa and her husband Jeremy never mentioned to us of having 2 small boys in the household. Period. End of Story.



We sold the puppy TODAY to a 75 year old woman who is a widow. We could not have found a safer home for the puppy.
N  20th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
We meant to say a 4 month old 19 oz puppy was sold to a 75 year old widow today and will live in a very safe home.
Such a tiny 19 oz puppy has no business being placed in a home with 4 and 6 year old boys.
What kind of a breeder would do that? Lisa has threatened us for days of posting on here and we figure it was her way to try to get us to give her the puppy. OR ELSE.
Bunny is with a a lovely gentle older woman and in good hands. She is so delicate and should not be around little children the age of Lisa and Jeremy's young kids. I asked Lisa and her family to choose a larger puppy. We sent them emails telling them to buy a puppy soon to heal their hearts. Lisa threatened us she would post and we did not give in. How could we place a 19 oz 4 month old puppy with kids a bit older then toddlers??
N  25th of Mar, 2011 by    -2 Votes
Wow...looks like Munchkinland lady spends all day in front of her computer doing damage control for all the complaints that arise against her. She is harassing us with emails and phone calls to take down our complaint post or she will get a lawyer to contact me. Bring it on lady, I encourage it. Wait til your lawyer sees what you've done to us and countless others. He'll drop you like a hot rock and file a class-action on you. We are just another in the long-line of victims.
She says we said "Sell me the dog OR ELSE??" Sounds like somebody has been watching too many Magnum PI re-runs. Not only did we never make this statement but even if she had offered to save-face and sell us the dog at the original contract price, we wouldn't have consented. We wouldn't give her a penny to encourage her operating her fraudulent business. Let's not forget that this is what soured this business relationship, MUNCHKINLAND BREACHED THE CONTRACT.
Read the contract below, nowhere does it state Munchkinland has the authority to exit the contract because of children in the home, as she is claiming why she wouldn't sell us the dog even after we made our deposit and first payment.
Also, the claim that she so adamantly denies about my friend contacting her the next day when the dog miraculously went from a puppy with possible health problems to a $4500 dog? That communication was made via email...we have it in writing!
She's grasping at straws trying to defend her name and saying we tried to screw her out of money. We paid her everytime she asked - even went to HER bank to deposit the money directly into her account at her suggestion. (I know, that should have been a red flag and I am really more intelligent than that but was so blinded by wanting that puppy that I did it anyway) So any bookeeping mistakes are on her end because she's pushing too many puppies through her mill.We had planned on settling up the difference when we were asked for our next payment, but that never came. Anyhow, does it make sense that we tried to take her for $125 when we offered to pay for the hundred and possibly into the thousands for the tests she claimed the puppy needs?
I was going to leave out the details on her mental incompetence because I thought it was too malicious but since she saw the need to insult my intelligence I guess I have no choice. We have seen this repeatedly in the other complaints as well. She constantly mixed up important details, ie arranging to send my dog to Kentucky vs. Texas, repeatedly losing contact info, payment info, etc. She operates behind a blocked cell phone number. And any time you deal with her, she, her friends, or her family are always on the brink of some medical disaster and she can't be bothered.
One thing you read over and over in the complaints against her is how vindictive she is and how she turns on people. Because we exposed her, she actually filed online complaints against our business (which has NOTHING to do with dogs by the way) and labeled us as dishonest people as she has done with so many others. She even hung up the phone on my husband when he requested a cashiers check instead of a personal check for a refund. Seriously unprofessional. Folks, this is the type of person you are dealing with. Go read about the poor Canadian lady that won a lawsuit against her for selling her a sick dog. Then out of revenge, Debra actually called the SPCA on those poor people and made them put the dog to sleep before they were ready. Unreal, I've never met someone so rotten to the core.
So if you actually got a dog, you probably paid too much or she would have sold it out from under you for more. If you are considering buying a dog from her, don't just take my complaint info into consideration. Do your own research. These are just a few of the other names/websites she has operated under:

Debra Drury
Debra Bourassa

I am actually one of the lucky ones that got my deposit refunded. That's because she was in such a hurry to sell her for more to someone else. I'm so sorry to those of you whose money she just pocketed. Any attorney or individuals who have been wronged by her, please feel free to contact me. I'm very interested in a class-action lawsuit against her. She has so graciously listed my business name above :-) This can not continue. It is not OK. Unfortunately the internet has allowed these scammers to pop up left and right. God and Karma will eventually get her but I'd like to see it happen quicker. There will be no more rebuttals from me as I care to waste no more negative energy on this evil woman.

Puppies are sold as pets and companion animals unless otherwise contracted in writing. This agreement is a legal document between the buyer and seller. The buyer agrees that he/she has read and understands this agreement and no other guarantees or warranties have been made either expressed or implied by the Breeder/Seller. There are no binding amendments unless in writing.

Payments and deposits are not refunded if buyer backs out of purchase of puppy for any reason.Payments and deposits are not refunded but transferable over to another puppy of any sex and similar quality from the breeder if the puppy reserved dies or develops any type of medical condition which causes the buyer distress with continuing the purchase, while in the possession of the Seller. Cosmetic defects are not included as medical conditions. No refunds.Seller is not obligated to refund, no exceptions and Breeder does not pay medical bills buyer incurs. We offer exchanges only as per the terms of held this contract.____________ Initials

Vet Examination/ Fecal exam Required - Buyer agrees to have a Veterinarian examine purchased puppy within 48 hours of adoption, including an office fecal exam testing for parasites and worms.

Fourteen Day Parvo Coverage- We use Neopar so a puppy from us should not contract Parvo. Blood tests and fecal test for Parvo are not conclusive. In order for the seller to accept a Parvo diagnosis the Seller requires one test be done to check for illnesses that can mimic Parvo. If a puppy from us should show signs of CPV such as vomiting, diarrhea along with weakness or lack of appetite, then a fecal slide glass test must be submitted by your Vet to a lab to rule out Giardia, Campylobactor, Ecoli and Salmonella. If your puppy should die from Parvo within 14 days of buyer taking possession, the breeder will provide a free replacement puppy if the following conditions are met by the buyer:
1. Buyer must notify breeder within a few hours of puppy being ill.
2. The required Vet visit and office fecal was done within 48 hours of buyer taking possession.
3. Within a few hours of illness, A fecal slide test was sent to a lab by Vet to look for parasites, campylobacter, Ecoli and Salmonella.
4. Photo of deceased puppy is taken by the Veterinarian and emailed to the Seller.

Worms and Parasites- Breeders cannot guarantee against Coccidia or Giardia as there are no signs until puppy is stressed. Breeder require puppies have a fecal exam done at a Vet's within 48 hours of buyer taking possession. Even if the fecal is negative Breeder advises a repeat fecal exam within 10 days of the first. Coccidea and Giardia do not cause sickness if caught and treated. Only untreated parasites result in sickness.

Genetic Health Warranty - Seller guarantees puppy until one year of age against life threatening congenital defects of the heart, liver, and brain. If a proven life threatening congenital defect is found within this time period, the buyer must notify breeder within 5 days of findings if a claim is to be made. Breeder must be given medical records and documentation of proof, only then breeder will provide the following resolution:
1. Upon return of the fatally ill dog, Seller will issue a credit of the cost of the dog, minus shipping, to be used with the Seller for a replacement puppy from one of Seller's litters.
2. Buyer may retain defective dog and still receive a replacement once the buyer has spent up to the cost of the dog in non elective medical care for a proven definite genetic defect of the heart, liver or brain.

If puppy is diagnosed as having a disabling, crippling, or deadly genetic defect which does result in death or euthanasia, and buyer wants to apply to seller for credit towards a new puppy, then buyer must pay for a post-mortem necropsy (autopsy) to prove genetic defect causing death. Necropsy will be performed at buyer’s expense. In addition, a photo of the deceased puppy/dog must be sent with the necropsy report for I.D. verification.
Under no circumstances is purchased puppy to be euthanized without Sellers knowledge and consent.

De-worming- Please Do not allow your Vet to "auto" de-worm a puppy under 6 months of age unless the fecal exam shows worms or parasites. Veterinarians often shove pills down puppies throats without asking the owners consent.

Vaccines : Distemper-Parvo-Parainfluenza- Adeno-2-Hepatitis ( called a 4-way) Some Veterinarians prefer 3-way puppy shots and Seller approve of this.

Rabies: Rabies vaccine must be given alone and not combined with any other vaccines, nor should the Rabies vaccine be given closer then 1 month of any other vaccines.Most Vets will permit you to hold off on Rabies until your puppy is 6 to 8 months old or older.

We reserve the right to not warranty the puppy’s health if
1. the vaccines Corona, Lepto or Giardia vaccines are given during the warranty period.
2. Rabies is given before 4 months or administered with any other vaccines.
3. Bortedella is given within 4 weeks of buyer taking possession. Please hold off on this vaccine until the puppy is at least 5 months old.
Heartworm Medications- Brain and liver warranty will void if puppies are given this medication under 12 months of age. Often consists of a low dose ivermectin and some sensitive puppies and dogs can develop seizures or liver problems.

Expenses - Purchaser agrees not to hold the Breeder responsible for veterinarian
fees or medical expenses beyond any exclusively described and outlined terms within the confines of this sales agreement. Buyer is responsible for all medical bills he incurs for the puppy and agrees to not hold the seller of said puppy responsible for any such incurred expenses. Shipping and delivery charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Health Insurance- Seller encourages Buyer to purchase Puppy Health Insurance for non foreseeable accidents or illnesses that can result in financial hardship without health insurance coverage.

Registration: Breeding rights must be approved by breeder before sale of the puppy. Puppies are sold as pets with limited akc or ckc. Seller is not responsible for actions of dog registries. Papers will be completed and ready for you when your puppy is picked up or at time of shipment, but once in a rare while it may take 30 to 60 days to mail the registration to you once puppy is in your custody. Payment of full breeding rights may be done after sale of the puppy while breeder retains papers. If you require a certain type of registration, confirm with Seller that such registration is available before purchasing puppy, otherwise Breeder reserves the right to choose registry type, no exchanges or refunds due to types of registry.

Warranty limitations : We do not warranty non fatal and cosmetic defects such as but not limited to ear shape or size, color of coat, or quality of coat. Longhairs "drop coat" starting at around 12 weeks. We also do not warranty size, weight, skin color or condition, uncomplicated hernias, cosmetic defects, fertility of male or female including male’s testes. We also do not warranty against moleras of any type or size (open crease lines of skull called open fontanels, open creases of the skull usually close by 9 to 15 months of age) luxating patellas of 2nd degree or less or conditions common to the breed that are neither fatal nor proven to be fully genetic in nature. Luxating patellas over 2nd degree, exchange only upon return of dog. Never allow a small breed dog to jump up or down from furniture. ALL delivery and shipping is the buyer responsibility.Puppy credits or coupons do not apply to shipping, but to puppy purchase only.

This warranty of obligation from breeder toward buyer is only active while breeder is alive and breeding dogs. Upon death of breeder or incapacitating illness which causes breeder to be unable to keep and breed dogs, this obligation will cease and no obligation will exist to the buyer from seller’s relatives or heirs.

Disclosure: California law allows contract agreements between buyer and seller as long as reasonable options of resolution exist, should a health issue arise. Our options for resolution are contained within this contract. You must decide if our terms are reasonable to you. If you do not find our options for resolutions fair and do not agree to our terms then you must not send a deposit or payment to purchase a puppy from us. We refuse to sell to anyone who does not agree to abide by the terms, policies and conditions described in their entirety herein.
_________ Initials
Local pick-ups are done at Seller's Veterinarian's office unless other arrangements have been mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Nuvet Supplement: Required during the warranty period. You will find that close to 100% of breeders are now requiring this supplement and list the supplement requirement on their contracts. This dietary supplement is not found in stores. It is unique and unlike any other. Needed for bone, cartilage and muscle development as well as eyes, brain and organs. Proper nutrition is the key to optimal health. To order please find the link on my home page.

PRECAUTIONS UNTIL PUPPY is 7 MONTHS OLD: No greenies, rawhides, dried organ meats. Small breed puppies have weak immune systems made even weaker for a short period of time by monthly vaccinations. Small breed puppies can become ill in a matter of hours, from bacterial overgrowth of commonly found dog bacterial or protozoa flora, or normal environmental bacteria and viruses. During the first month at home keep your puppy away from places where dogs congregate like PetSmart.Do not allow puppy to walk on Vet office floor. Keep puppy off yard grass and side walks until shots are finished.

No disagreement is ever expected, but if any disagreement arises, it will be settled by a court in San Joaquin County, State of California.

Facsimile/Electronic Signature
The parties hereto agree that this Agreement may be executed by facsimile/electronic signatures and such signatures shall be deemed originals.

This contract is valid for the original purchaser of the dog from Seller. If the dog is transferred to another owner then this contract is null and void.Any part of the agreement that becomes void, does not void any other parts of the agreement.

Airlines shipping is available as the buyer's option and expense. The breeder is not responsible for the puppy once the puppy is handed over to the airlines. We do not handle buyers disputes with airlines over puppy shipping issues.

Any puppy or dog that becomes homeless may be returned to us for re-homing or permanent homing at our discretion, without refund, credit or replacement. All delivery and shipping charges are the liability of the buyer.It is the buyer's responsibility to integrate the puppy with any other dogs in the household, We do not guarantee that a puppy will get along with other animals in your family.

Seller requests Buyer print and mail or scan and electronically email a signed original contract to Seller and to retain a copy of the contract agreement for them.

Buyer agrees that upon sending a deposit for the purchase of a puppy the buyer will automatically bind themselves under these contract terms with the seller, regardless of the contract not being signed. Contract becomes active only after a payment is made to reserve the puppy.
N  25th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Contract looks excellent. Responsible breeder I have contacted for a puppy and plan to buy Mouse. Her ex buyer Lisa Nicholas looks to be unstable. Breeders can run into bad buyers and it would not be easy to unload one as this proves. If I were a breeder I would steer clear of Lisa. I would steer clear of Lisa if I was not a breeder.
N  2nd of Apr, 2011 by    -2 Votes
Debra you are not honest. I will be willing to send anyone the emails between you and I over a puppy I was going to buy from the same litter as Lisa. You now have my puppy up for sale form $3200 and I was going to pay $1400. You are in it for the money only. You also gave me the excuse of family medical problems but you wouldn't answer for phone or return my phone calls. Whats up!
N  11th of Jun, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I bought a Chihuahua puppy from Debra almost 2 years ago and have nothing but positive things to say about the entire experience. My Macy is the love of our life. She has always been healthy and grew to be 3 pounds, like we were initially told by Debra. Like the previous poster, we chose our puppy at any early age, put our deposit into Debra's account, and waited. Our puppy took a few extra weeks to grow large enough to safely ship out to Texas. We had no issues with any dishonesty or mix ups in shipping. Our phone calles with either answered or promptly returned, as were our e-mails.
I do agree that it would not be a good idea to place such a tiny puppy in a home with young children. No matter how careful children are, accidents can happen. These puppies are so tiny and fragile that one wrong step and you could seriously injure or kill them.

Again, I can't speak for anyone else, but I know that I would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from Munchkinland. Our Macy has been truly amazing and I have never hesitated to refer people to Debra. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to adopt our precious Chihuahua.
A  5th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I love how you say "adopt". Don't you mean "buy". The breeder sounds like a flake and probably is.
D  9th of Jun, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I too have purchased a chihuahua from Debra about 2 years ago. she is an EXCELLENT breeder. My son picked my puppy up from her personally. He was amazed how protective she is about her "babies". My "Holly" is the twin sister of "Tiny Tootsie" posted on her site now (in the "dam" section). I was originally contracted to purchase her, but when she grew larger than "Holly", Debra gave me the choice of which pup I wanted.
I can see why she would not sell one of her tiny dogs to a person who has small children. Her dogs are healthy and robust, but as in my case with my "Holly", too small for young children.
I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and my husband is an Orthopedic surgeon. We are not "business savvy", as we are medical professionals. I think Debra is like us. She spends most of her time producing quality chihuahuas, not trying to "make money" by changing puppy prices. I'm sorry Lisa, but I think there is more to your story than you are telling the public.
N  26th of Jun, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Debra Drury aka Amber Bourassa aka Maureen, these are just a couple of aliases she has gone by over the years. If you just run a simple Google search you will find that the owner of Munchkinland Chihuahuas has a great deal of history under her name(s): selling sick puppies, scamming out of state buyers, changing contracts constantly to suit her devious plots, and etc. There are numerous complaints about this woman and her practices when selling puppies. She operates on a cellphone and dare not disclose any personal information about herself. She doesn't even sell puppies out of her own home, she will meet you at a public place to do her dealings. I warn you all, before you purchase a puppy from this woman, make sure you do your research on her before you make your purchase. A 'sick' breeder only produces sick pups, which is evident in the many complaints about buyers finding out that their puppies have ear mites, mange, hydrocephalus, stage 3/4 crippling and many more. For example this poor costumer: /link removed/

In response to Debra's post above
Look at post #14 on this link: /link removed/
This is proof of you posing as someone else to defend yourself. Shame on you Debra, shame on you.
N  27th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Debra, I do not mean to offend you. Your actions only reflect the evidence of the foul actions you are accused of. Back in '05 you operated on the domain name of chidolls and after the case of hydro came about you changed your domain name and operated on a different contact information and soforth. I just don't believe it is coincidence.
D  6th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I was going to buy a chi from munchkinland, however due to financial constraints i could not afford the price. I did however speak with debra on several occasions about chis in general, found her website informative and helpful. Even though debra knew i could not buy from her she help guide my decision by giving sound chi advice, and i am the owner of a chi with a sound bill of health thanks to debra. You spund loke very sour grapes and kudos for not placing a19 oz fragile baby inany home with kids under 10. That is good sound critical thinking in my thinking.
N  23rd of Jul, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Yes I sold a puppy to a breeder 8 years ago and the puppy passed vet check before being flown. The breeder said the dog had hydro yet was alive at five years old. In the beginning she wanted a new puppy right away and keepmthemorignal too, before i even had proof of defect . She was in a panic because of having a puppy that may have a serious defect. But me, Without proof of defect I gave her a 3 year replacement warranty. Very next day I see an attack against me, online. I thought I did well giving the three year warranty. I had not received emails or a phone call from the buyer saying Anything was wrong, so I was in shock to see the nasty post. Let this be a warning to anyone who depends on email for communication. A year later I was to find that this buyer had sent me three emails in a panic saying she didn't accept the three year warranty. Since I never got the emails she panicked and felt she had a breeder that was ignoring her.she went online and posted. Here I am sitting at home thinking I did good giving the three year replacement and I feel betrayed when I see the post. I feel this Canadian breeder is lying about the hydro and I'm being scammed as she was demanding a new puppy and to keep the one she had before I had any proof of defect. Neither one of us used the telephone or we might have figured out the misunderstanding. I never got her emails showing her panic about refusing my 3 year replacement so I could not reply back. So she felt panic at thinking she had a breeder ignore her, so she posted instead of picking up the phone and call me. I saw the post and did I call her on the phone? Nope. Before you know it she has a few other breeders using fake IDS and posting fake stories on me. Yes you heard right. They posted FAKE BOGUS. Reports online pretending to be upset buyers of mine. I never scammed anyone yet those fake reports those breeders posted make it look like i scammed so many. While, psoing as buyers they even saynstatements like " im glad to see im not alone" so that it looks like so many buyers have posted.
Even though they posted so many fake Posts posing as upset buyers, when I found out about the three missing emails and found them in spam a year later, I refunded the breeder the full price of her puppy plus 1500 more . So I gave her $5000. My friends said that this was a case of cyber bully and I was a victim and the money would not stop these breeders from tormenting me. Once I paid the $5000 nothing stopped. The cyber bully attacks went on for another full year. I even believed the breeder when she said she had forgiven me as I had forgiven her and I was emailing her daily. One of the people who had Been attacking me online called me and said she was sorry. She told me to stop emailing the breeder I thought had forgiven me. She said as I emailed that breeder daily that the breeder had other breeders on aol IM and the breeder I was emailing was sharing my emails and they all were laughing at me.this woman who called and befriended me is the one who wrote the worst material on me on ripoff. Yet this woman called me and gave me the names of all the breeders attacking me ( you see I did not have their identities and how easy is it to post lies online about another when you are hidden? Cowards) . So this woman who had written the worst things on me came befriending me, identifying the breeders who had posted dozens of fake reports masquerading as upset buyers of mine. What did those breeders do once they found out that this woman befriended me? That this woman had decided to No longer take part in this online terror?
The breeders turned against this one. They attacked her online too.

i have never slammed anyone. Those reports online years ago are fake and posted by breeders. They stole my website titles, and made copycat websites . That is why I changed my website title only two times. All those other titles they made to just make me look shabby. All theymall did was a character assination online.
There are those of you who believe everything negative you read online about people. Why? If some humans will murder, shoot and rape little children and kill innocent adults like that idiot shooter at the batman premier, then doesn't it make sense that people can go onto these forums and LIE. How much easier is it to lie when you can do so hidden away. At least Lisa brown above top used her name when she posted. She believed all those lies from 2005 only because she was angry I would not sell the puppy to her, but people will hate you for no reason too. No matter how hard you try to please someone there will always be someone who will feel you have wronged them somehow and they will find a way and seek a course of revenge and may find a, forum like this one and come onto it to wrong "you".
D  2nd of Mar, 2013 by    -1 Votes
We got our second pup, Rex, from Debra about a month ago. I have had dogs all my life but these two are the smartest, healthiest and most well bred ever. If you want a quality puppy bred by a real caring professional then buy from Debra. I guess as in any business you can't please everyone, but believe me these are real sweet dogs.
The first visit to our vet, Dr. Firmin, quote " Rex is the perfect specimin of the chihuahua breed."
Sincerely, JD
A  19th of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I Agree that a dog in contract should remain with the buyer, regardless of size. As an owner of 2 Chihuahuas, I agree that Chihuahuas may not be the best breed for small children, but all children are different. I personally know many young children that are gentle enough to be in same home with a Chihuahua. If money wasn't the factor, but safety was, then the Breeder would not have raised the price or allowed the dog to go with an elderly person. As with children, an elderly person is just as much of a risk or even more of a risk to a tiny Chihuahua. An elderly person could accidentally drop, step on, drop medication the dog could eat, or not be fast enough to stop dog in danger. Just like children though, some 75 year olds can safely raise and train a tiny puppy Chihuahua safely, but I'd say more can't.. And even if the elderly person is Physically and mentally still sharp enough to handle a 2 pound Chihuahua, chances are health will decline rapidly when they are 75 years of age. Also, the average female lifespan is 79 years old, while the average Chihuahua lifespan is 14. Odds are that the dog will greatly outlive the new owner that the breeder placed in the home of, solely based on the best well being of the dog. We all know the personality of most Chihuahuas that are raised with 1 elderly person, they almost always tend to be very aggressive and highly protective of their owner. After their owner dies and leaves behind the orphan dog, it will likely have many behavioral problems that it will be unadoptable without rehabilitation, and may never be deemed adoptable and be euthanized. So in conclusion, I believe the breeder of Munchkinland breeched her contract solely out of greed and doesn't have the safety of the puppy as her #1 priority. Nor does she have the best interest of the breed in mind or she would not be breeding these tiny females with these tiny males just to produce tiny puppies. Go to your nearest Chihuahua breed club or AkC club and have them look at her site and her breeding program. I guarantee You won't find 1 person that thinks she is bettering the Breed. As far as her "studied" credentials, who cares. Without a degree, anybody can say they studied whatever they want. That mandatory nuvet supplement requirement for her pet guarantee contract is a joke too. That stuff is nothing other than an unproven supplement with no scientific backing whatsoever. She has the link directly on her web page for purchasing, just another greedy money ploy of hers. I could go on, but if your gonna buy a puppy of any kind, Please do much research. visit the home, ask questions, and research!!!

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