MultiPlan / I asked the agency Mr. Baren for full cover health insurance

August 26, 2015 I spoke with agency Mr. Baren stating to him that I want full cover health insurance, Mr. Baren stated that he found the best policy for me, which is full cover, I can visit any doctor of my chose, he also said that my co-payment will be $10.00, he offer the dentist and vision plan alone with this plan he through was the best plan for me. I happen to go to my doctor to find that my insurance did not cover my lab work, now I have a bill of $290.47 and I took sick (2) time and when to the emergency room a month later I received one bill for $1, 299.00 and another bill for $2084.27 why do I need to pay $108.00 a month for health insurance if I'm receiving bills like this, this is a scam on poor people. insurance scram need to be stop.

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