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MTC Management (Management That Cares Inc) / Wrongful Eviction from Landlord for refusal to comply with sexual demands and threats!

1 7578 Southern AveGermantown, TN, United States Review updated:

This is a public post I have recently removed Facebook that I received over 25 responses to, regarding the wrong doing of the property management company I reference below. I would like to ask for your reporters to tell this story on TV in hopes to stop this man from the wrongful doing of more potential victims including tenants, property managers, employees and investors!

Please let me know your thoughts.


I want to make a public announcement as to the wrongdoing of a local Property Management Company's OWNER by the name of Lade Thomas Conlee, Jr. located in Germantown, TN

The owners name is Tom Conlee and I have leased a home in Lakeland, TN SINCE May of 2010'. Beware of this MaN before you decide to rent any property from him as the owner has stalked and harassed me for the last time after reporting him to HUD, simply for refusing to have sex with him (gross) and now has found a way to have my children and I "evicted and thrown on the street" (his famous words)!!

While the General Sessions court ruled in his favor because of not allowing
THE TRUTH to be admitted into evidence/discovery, (emails from him clearly violating HUD for sexual harassment) I have appealed this decision and we now have a new trial date set in Circuit Court. I will fight this all the way to the Supreme Court House if I have to and I am taking this opportunity to get as far away from this man as I possibly can!!! I want to make it publicly known to future possible female tenants of Mr. Conlee's of his malicious and vindictive nature, when not getting what he wants!!!

That way, perhaps another female victim doesn't have to go through what I have!!! He has made my life hell for the past 4 years and after standing up against him, I feel good about it regardless if we have to move or not as this horrible experience will now be in THE PAST!!!

Here are the facts:

This consist of a property manager owner by the name of Lade Thomas Conlee/owner of a Germantown PM company that has been in business for over 30 years that has wrongfully retaliated against me for reporting him to HUD and we have a current investigation with THRC talking place, at present.

In summery, I lost in GS court on May 28th and the landlord won possession and cost against me but the facts are that I wasn't given the opportunity nor was my attorney to present the REAL FACTS INTO DISCOVERY and simply LOST BECAUSE OF IT!!!

Between online bill pay, money order paper receipts and cash I have paid over the years, he has always given me a confirmation email for my records, (when I ask)

I have all the proof I need as well as a matching general ledger for verification ALL but the last payment of $3300 which is unaccounted for!!! This was also paid in cash as I have always been instructed by Conlee to bring to his house since its a mile down the street from me instead of taking to his office in Germantown. This case consist of a property manager owner taking full and complete advantage of a single mother, myself, while in a venerable position back in 8/2011'. My income has always been inconsistent and I requested to have a talk with him to ask if he would work with me as sometimes I go up to 60 days without any income, he agreed; however, took it upon himself after meeting him just one time, to prey on me like a lion in the safari looking for something to eat, and I am not kidding... He would DEMAND ALL MY TIME, when my kids were at their dads house which is every Wednesday. That is usually when I would make my weekly payments but after a while he expected me to make him a priority even over my KIDS! He got very aggressive, controlling and even began to stalk me... Tom is a charmer (gross) and gave it everything he has to pretend to be my friend, my "accountability partner" (he called it) anything he could think to call it but in reality, it was all fake just to get very close to me!! Over time he began to put things on my front door, but me gifts, plan "out of town trips even" without my permission!!! Just insane! And when I rejected his proposals to steal my time, he would get VERY angry and not talk to me for days or weeks...

In other words, Tom pretended to be my friend, help me with starting my business, get it off the ground, never with money just with encouragement, advice and council. He is a business man and I learned a lot from him but that's was all (in my mind) our relationship consisted of!!

I never had a father so I looked up to him as an elder, an advisor, COMPLETELY PLATONIC! I never had any romantic feelings for Tom and he couldn't stand it.. Since he is a master manipulator and controller, he intentionally made it his goal to one minute act as my advisor and "father figure" showing concern, compassion and acted very empathetic as to the ongoing problems I've had with my ex husband (divorced since 2008) then in a matter of rejecting his demands to "take it all away" by taking me out of town, etc, it was obvious he wanted a romantic relationship, but I was clearly uninterested. He put up with playing the friendship card for a while then things got very bad because I was never attracted to him and he knew it... Tom is 64 years old and I just wasn't romantically attracted to him. I am a job agent and getting my business off the ground was my primary goal and all I had time for. I unintentionally pushed everyone away from me and was so focused on building my business he was the only person I ever talked to other than my kids and clients. Meaning, he is the person I ever talked to other than my kids or clients..

I must tell you that this case involves coercion, control, obsession and even rape. Tom is a whisky drinker and would have at least 2 glasses of jack every evening and when I would come to visit, he would always offer me vodka or wine, or whatever. Sometimes I would reject his offers but usually I would have a glass of vodka cranberry or wine. In the beginning, after getting me to trust him, and Liquored up, he would make baths and tell me to relax with him that he wouldn't try anything weird on me and he didn't......yet.

Thats when he became very obsessed with me, aggressive and one evening after discussing business and his typical persuasiveness he had convinced me to allow him to give me a neck rub, involving alcohol of course so I let him massage my neck, the next thing I knew I was completely covered in oil and completely naked. This is when he forced himself on top of me and raped me. But I was so drunk I was very impaired and didn't have the strength to make him stop. The thing is, I remember all of it...

After that, things were weird for a while and I never spoke of it, completely ignoring this horrible situation as I just wanted to push it down and pretend it never happened as again, I needed his business friendship to guide me, help and advise me, not to mention he was my landlord and I thought, at the time, that I needed him. Come to find out, I never needed him or his fake vindictiveness to use his power to use, abuse and control me... That is all he did. It's sickening but that is the gist of my case... After telling him to leave me alone and to stay away from me and that if he didn't, I'm calling HUD on him... Well, I certainly did report him to HUD as he freaked out on me for making that statement and not too long after my last payment, I left the normal cash envelope at his home after cashing my client check, when he was not home, I didn't want to see his face so I put the envelope in between the storm and wooden door on his front porch, which I had done many times before, and this time, no confirmation receipt of payment at all, after asking him to let me know he received it, he denied it was there and accused me of lying!!!!!! about leaving the money there, even tho I had always done this, (I provided the judge a copy of my clients check I had just a cashed) as that was the only credibility I had to show, it was $3500 and I paid Tom $3300 in cash as I was behind and had been waiting on a client check for 3 months!! My business took a turn for the worse after my son had a tragedy happen to him back in Nov, Tom knew all about. Business was very slow the first 3 months of this year but I always caught up and he knew it, so it was never an issue...

This was a perfect opportunity for Tom to nail me and he most certainly did.. He claims to have never have received my envelope full of cash I had placed in between his door and because I had no receipt, AS I HAVE ALWAYS TRUSTED HIM, even though he has mistreated and coerced me for the past 4 years, I still trusted him with my cash money because he had always given me an email confirmation after receiving it... But this time he didn't... And this is when he immediately filed an FED to have me evicted!!

Number one he NEVER GAVE ME WARNING OF TERMINATING MY TENANCY!! He simply filed the eviction without giving me any warning or chance to pay what he was asking for which was $3700 but since I had just gave him practically everything I had, I could not pay him more money so I was stuck in a bad position!! Judge didn't care that he erred and violated the ULTRA law by not providing me proper notice!!! I received a letter in the mail that he fraudulently stated he "hand delivered to me" instead no, he (opened my mailbox and hand delivered it that way) ILLEGAL BY THE WAY. The letter was delivered on May 1st that gave me 10 days to pay or get out! It also stated to leave before the court hearing so he didn't have to end up throwing my things out into the street!!!

The simple fact that he OWES ME $14, 000 in recruitment fee's he never paid me for placing two employees at his office!! When I asked him when I would receive my money, he told me to take my invoice and shove it up my a@@!!

I attempted to pay May's rent that he and his lawyer refused to accept. I have appealed but only the money judgement and even that is not enough to prevent the eviction but hey, as long as this wrongful eviction and money judgement is removed from my credit, I am okay with it.

Oh, I received an email from him last night that was threatening and intimidating as to him filing suit in chancery court but didn't say what for... He will use his money and power to destroy people as that is what he does and that is exactly what he is doing!! A woman on Facebook even told me he would do this!!! However, he does not scare me anymore and his day is coming....

Jun 9, 2015
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      12th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Now the owner at MTC MANAGEMENT wants to fraudulently charge me bogus and made up "damages" to steal my deposit!!

    The attached letter is from MTC Management/Mr. Lade Tom Conlee, Jr. attempting to charge me for the most part "normal wear and tear" and the rest of these ludicrous fees are simply made up and untrue! I also have attached a picture of the electrical outlets the home FAILED CITY COFE INSPECTION and refused to fix any of the electrical problems the home had over my entire 5 year tenancy. See below!

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      12th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Picture of failed Electrical Inspection by City Code enforcement

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      12th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Dangerous Electrical outlet MTC MANAGEMENT neglected to respond to any maintance request.

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      12th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    List of fraudulent "damages" MTC MANAGEMENT and signed by the owner, Mr. Lade Thomas Conlee, Jr. attempted to charge me. Picture below.

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      12th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Fraudulent "damages" the owner attempted to charge me so he didn't have to return my deposit!!

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      12th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Picture of "damages" that are simply ludicrous, made up lies totaling $10, 500!!!

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      26th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

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    4 Reviews that are Not Recommended

    Curt C.
    23 friends 5 reviews
    I hate to even give them 1 star. Do not rent from these crooks. Will not fix anything. I had a 12" hole in my roof from critters for 4 months. Once I finally threatened to have it fixed myself and take the costs off the rent, that it finally was fix. They will make up damages and costs to keep your deposit. I informed both MTC and the owner of the house that I would be out on the 8th of April. House was spotless and yard mowed. They didn't send someone out to inspect the house till the 21st!

    Tried to charge me $350 for the overgrown yard (not my fault you wait two weeks to inspect.)
    Tried to charge me $120 for missing window screens. (Only one window in the entire house opened. Screens were never there)
    Tried to charge me $150 for professional cleaning. (House was spotless when I left)
    Tried to charge me $5 per missing light bulb in the chandelier. (it never worked)
    Tried to charge me $500 to fix the peeling paint on the ceiling of the bathroom. I had requested the peeling tub and paint be fixed for 5 months!

    Here is the kicker... They tried to charge me $35 for pictures taken during the inspection. It's 2014! Use a digital camera and download the pics.

    Do not rent from these folks. If you do, video record a COMPLETE walk through inside and out with their rental agent present or they'll try to nail you when you move out.

    Only good thing the have going for them is Cindy in the rental office. Very nice lady.

    Karen R.
    0 friends 1 review
    Do not rent from this company! They are so nice and polite when you speak with them but they can never get hold of the owners to get items repaired that we were told would be repaired when we first rented. I am thinking the owner would have responded to them if he had to come in and pick up his rental check. Then if there is a maintenance issue, when they do respond they tell you the repair costs $48, the renter is responsible for any repairs $50 or under! I don't believe you can get any AC repairman to even come to your house to look for under $50 but this company makes sure it is this amount. Then when it is time to leave they can't find the time to come and check your property but when they do get around to doing it--they and the owner will come up with all kinds of issues and reasons to not give you your deposit back and want to charge you for additional things. Very sad as we loved the home and it was a beautiful property but the landlord did not maintain it and the MTC did not follow through in making sure they did.

    Joanie L.
    1 friend 1 review
    MTC is the worst company ever! I gave one star, but really they are a negative 100!!! I am pretty sure you will be unhappy too!

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