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My extended auto warranty "; A.K.A. Automotive Warranty Services of Florida, The WARRANTY GROUP, etc." Refuse to repair, my 2004 Dodge Durango with 62123 miles, engine, after it ran HOT and blew the heads. My Warranty ends 12/29/2009. I know that they are trying to wait me out, so they do not have to pay for repairs. MRCLAIM's state; since my truck ran hot they are not going to fix it.

I told MRCLAIM; that the truck never indicated the engine was hot. The temperature gauge never moved and the check engine light never came on. The only time, I notice something was wrong is when it would not start. I got it to started and that is when I notice white smoke coming of the tailpipe. MRCLAIM, Then I had it towed to Napleton Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge dealership in Kissimmee, Fl. for repairs.But,, just flat out refuse to repair my truck.

Since MRCLAIM"s would not pay for the repairs; Napleton charge me $635.00 to find the problem, deductible and towing. Napleton and Chrysler refuse to help me, in anyway, in getting MRCLAIM's to pay for repairs on my truck or cover the tear down charges, Deductible and towing charges. Chrysler, co. Could have written a letter requesting MRCLAIM to work out something with me; But Chrysler refuse to do that and that is a total lack of customer service.

These companies are an extension of Chrysler; and if Chrysler let their Dealership's and Extended Warranty companies abuse their customers, these companies, will soon will run out off their customers. The Dealership can keep your customer or run them off.

Right now I would Just; settle for MRCLAIMS to pay for the "dianogstic, deductible, and towing fees "$635.00."

I will "NEVER EVER" BUY ANOTHER EXTENDED WARRANTY AGAIN. NOR will I buy another car from; NAPLETON, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealership. in Kissimmee, Fl. and I hope neither will anyone that reads this complaint.

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  • you are dumb for buying the extended warranty to begin with. Everyone knows that these warranty places say they are an "extension" of what ever dealer your vehical came from just to get you to buy their policies. You are dumb for falling for it. It s the oldest trick in a good salesmans pocket. Hats off the the guy who ripped you off!

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  • Mi
      Oct 19, 2017
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    @asdfasdfasdferhnwe5rgzsdrhaseedf You are rude and ignorant. Buying extended warranties have saved me lots of money. In fact, if I had not had my extended warranty when my car overheated on me, the bill would have been over two grand and instead I paid a three hundred dollar deductible. Wise up [censor].

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  • Da
      Feb 18, 2010 has nothing to do with this complaint, the person is referring to who sells automotive extended warranties.

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  • La
      Sep 13, 2014

    I had the exact same experience with MR. All same details except I have a Lexus. The engine ran hot, melted the manifold, refuses to pay and Lexus charged me $500 for the diagnostic. Further, they gave me back my car without putting the engine back together.

    Beware and Mcgrath Lexus .

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  • No
      Oct 24, 2017

    I also just had a bad experience with MRCLAIMS.NET
    My check engine light started blinking on my 2011 Honda Pilot. Turns out I have bad coils. I need to replace 6, but the Platinum warranty I paid for will only cover 4 because the other 2 are "not that bad" and totally denied coverage on the other maintenance that needs to be performed due to my coils going bad. So I basically paid $1, 241 for the Platinum Warranty, the shop quoted me a total of $1, 152. My claim is only covering $232 of my total cost leaving me with $920 I'll have to pay out-of-pocket. Total waste. Will not recommend this Mechanical Repair Coverage to my worst enemy. A very expensive lesson learned.

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  • Ap
      Nov 28, 2017

    This company is a disgrace to the car industry. The comments above that say dont by extended warranty, CARMAX shame on you for representing this company. I had an issue that occured in March 2017 and after (estimate) 30 hrs of phone conversation and having Carmax follow up also, the check was in the mail in June 2017. I followed up, approximately 3 more hours with concern of not getting the check. Just got the check $176.00 today November 28th 2017. I am convinced that the people are trained to lie to you and if you get a check, God Bless. I wish I could do more than complain but... good luck and if your reading this to decide to get the coverage DON'T!

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  • Ma
      Apr 01, 2018 is a mechanical warranty company also, and they are just as shady as the rest of them. CUNA Mutual in the company that the fall under. I purchased a extended warranty contract from them on my 2010 BMW 750LXi and the first 2 times I've tried to use it they have found a way to talk their way out of paying for it. the last time on a broken transaxle that started clicking as I drove down the street. I took it in and mechanic says you need new trans axle $1900+ I look at my contract, drive train parts and trans axles are COVERED parts. but in the end they choose not to pay for the repair saying that the 'point of failure' was and uncovered part therefore my covered part would not be paid for. watch out for these folks and save your money do not buy mechanical repair service from CUNA Mutual WATCHOUT!!!

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  • Le
      Jun 27, 2018

    this is the worst warranty company on earth dealers should be ashamed to even sell it

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  • Cr
      Sep 13, 2018

    I have personally been in the automotive repair field for almost 50 years. I now run an independent repair shop and have never had an issue submitting claims to (AKA The Warranty Company, TWC). I have only had to tell one customer out of 50 something is not covered. It is usually things that are not covered like a key with a dead security battery or a car that was in a bad wreck and a mechanical part failed after the the body work was completed. I first blame the shops for they way they have submitted it and not looking out for the customer. For the person who wanted all coils I agree with the company, if its not bad why replace it. If your windshield broke would you replace all the glass because it might break in the future? Coils can be stress tested with modern test equipment. Car Max sells thousands of cars and they built their reputation on customer service. Again if a claim is submitted with the customer in mind there should not be an issue getting something rightfully covered. There are also customers that buy the cheapest power train plan they can find and then complain because the Ac compressor is not covered. All warranty plan companies sell different levels of coverage. They are in business to make money. I suggest you call your auto insurance company and buy one from them. That way at least they are likely to still be in business when you need them. When I owned a new car dealership there was a very large aftermarket warranty companies fold leaving customers with a worthless piece of paper. As a dealership, morally I had to make good on it even though we only made a commission for selling it. But that was my choice. As a rule of thumb a car dealer sets the price on any plan. Some mark their cost up 100% some as low as 25%. Considering they only make $100-$200 profit on selling a $32000 new car they are forced to make it up elsewhere either by selling warranties, financing, parts or service. MrClaims.Net is no better or worse then any others I have dealt with.

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  • Je
      Mar 22, 2019

    @Cross Auto Hi, I just read your comment. I bought an extended service agreement from a Subaru dealership that sold me a 2015 Kia Sportage. I thought that the warranty was for the life of the car but now see that the expiration mileage is 90, 000. I believe I paid $2, 400 for the warranty, it doesn't seem worth it since I would hope major repairs would be after 90, 000 miles. I called the 800 # and they told me to get a copy of my warranty online. My concern is other people's comments, and not having any coverage for something going wrong. I can tell that the window motor is going to go on the drivers side and heard its super expensive to fix. Also, something is going on with the front end, it rides bumpy like something may be wrong. I'd like to get it checked out to at least see. I only have 52, 777 miles on it.

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  • In
      Jul 03, 2019

    @Cross Auto Where's your shop?

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  • Do
      Sep 19, 2019

    Same issue here. Had an engine that needed to be replaced due to low oil, which I never had a check engine light or oil light, the car just stopped running while driving. I had all my receipts for getting it serviced, had purchased the platinum plan that covered the engine and they still denied the claim. I was advised by them to send in a dispute letter, which I did through an attorney no less and they still didn't respond to that. This company should be out of business

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  • Sa
      Oct 03, 2019

    I recently had the worst experience with this company. I simply took my car into Nissan because I had a Nissan Maxima and took it in because it's overheated and hope that it would be repaired since I got the gold plan. But then for whatever reason they decided to deny my claim I'll still have me paid for the diagnostic and the car rental fees. I totally regret getting this extended warranty because I feel like it was a waste of money. I really do hope they step up their game or go out of business because when it comes down to customer service they are the worst. They are literally just stealing people's money it comes down to it they won't even help you pay for the shop fees and diagnostic which can get very expensive.

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