Motorist Assitance Plan / Not paying for covered items

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I bought an additional Motorist Assistance Plan (MAP) warranty from a dealership when I bought my vehicle. This Plan indicates on the contract brochure that it covers gaskets and wiring harnesses however, my truck is needing repairs of those specific items as it will not start and MAP indicates that there is an exclusion line in the contract. I do not have this piece of information nor have I EVER received any information from them in reference to my contract. All I have is the original brochure from the dealership including a one page service contract agreement. I have contacted MAP several times and requested the full coverage brochure to be overnight mailed to me and email however, they have denied me as they do not send it that way. According to my records, the papers I have indicate the items in question are covered under the plan. However, MAP indicates there is an exclusion to those parts. My paperwork does not have the exclusions and shows that the parts are covered Items which is why I bought the extra service PLATINUM plan with MAP. Had I known they were a fraudulent company, I would not have bought the additional insurance.

Motorist Assitance Plan

Apr 28, 2014

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