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MorEnergy / hotwater tank rental

1 Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Well we got taken. "MorEnergy" aka Enbridge Gas aka Direct Energy
We were told that Mor Energy was working in co-operation with the
Hydro distributors ( in our case Wasaga Distribution ) to replace their
old hotwater heaters. The one they would sell us on a monthly rental/
payment to own plan would be much more energy efficient and save us
money in the long run etc. They would remove the old tank on behalf
of Wasaga Distribution and notify them of the change over.
I expected in the next few weeks to get a bill from MorEnergy for the
agreed upon monthly fee. Instead I recieved my Enbridge Gas bill with
an amount for the hot water heater on it!
Meanwhile my Wasaga Distribution bill continued to come in showing
my hotwater tank heater rental amount of $11.00. I assumed this was
just an oversight and would be cleared up soon. When this did not happen
I contacted Wasaga Dist. and was informed that this was a scam that has
been carried out over and over again in the area. They said as far as they
are concerned we still have the tank and so must pay for its rental.
We have been told by MorEnergy that to buy out on our tank will cost us
$1, 797.58
Can anyone help me???

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  • Pi
      7th of Sep, 2012
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    I dont know about other salespeople for this company but i just recently purchased a house and im a new home owner. The salesperson came to my door and said because im the new owner for transferring purposes he has to check my water tank to make sure its working. I asked what company he's from and he said he's from enbridge, my current gas company. He told me theres rust on mine so its going to be a free upgrade. He told me the free upgrade would not increase my payment and i would actually save more money with the new water heater because its a newer model. He also said my rental rates would stay the same and i wouldnt have to pay for installation. He told me to sign for the free upgrade due to rust and i did. Someone else came and took the old water heater and brought the new one. After a month a realized my gas bill went up significantly because of rental rates. I called enbridge to find out why and told them the situation and they told me that it was actually morenergy that came to my door and not them, enbridge also told me that i owned my previous water tank. Right now im in the process of making this a legal dispute with morenergy, i keep calling them but their supervisors and managers have been either on vacation, away from their desk, or in meetings for the past 2 weeks. (go figure).

    This company is completely ridiculous, they know themselves they are crooks and they try to run away from problems. There are lots of vulnerable people out there such as myself being a new home owner and not knowing about door to door sales. I'm a salesperson myself and i know what this salesperson did was unethical and misrepresenting. Nowhere on the contract does it show a set monthly payment or anything. It disgusts me to know that with all of these complaints out there the government allows them to operate such a business.

  • Mr
      19th of Sep, 2012
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    There are good water heater companys and there are Bad ones Morenergy is Bad Period !!

  • Mo
      7th of Dec, 2012
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    They did the same thing to me as well, but I wonder if my wife can cancel get it removed because the house is under her name not mine. Does anyone know if we can remove it because the owner of the home did not agree to any contract.

  • Lu
      2nd of Jan, 2013
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    I called MOR Energy to find out how much is the buy out price for my hot water tank which is under a rental agreement for 10 years and they gave me a price of $2, 973.67 which is the total remaining installments to be paid after the expiration of the rental agreement unfair and illegal way of calculating the buy out price.I complained that this is not fair market value as stated in the Rental Agreement and they have to take in consideration the 4 years depreciation and cost price because it was purchased in october 2008.The first time I called they told me that National Homes Services took over some business of MOR Energy and because Maximum is the company who issue the bills I have to speak to them about buy out price...and if you don't now your rights and read carefully the legal agreement does not make sense because MOREnergy is the company bind by the rental agreement.I am waiting for a response from MOREnergy to give me a fair market value for the buy out as estipulated in the Rental Agreement if not ..I'll be filing a complaint to the Miinistry of Consumers Relations.

  • Bi
      13th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    I am in same situation and got same answers from MOR energy. They are not following original agreement. They are also raising the monthly payments yearly. SCAM

  • We
      22nd of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    More energy is a scam.
    They increase monthly rental rate every year and the reps
    are very unprofessional. Such company should get punished.
    Don't ever use this company!!!

  • An
      23rd of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have very bad experience dealing with morenergy. They rise the water tank fee without notice, and when I called in ask why they said they can rise the fee whenever they want and it's signed under contract. Of Cause I didn't read all those little words on the back of the contract, I am totally pissed off with such dishonest document. Just want to get out off the contract but they bill the fee on my gas bill which makes me crazy, I do not want to pay morenergy, as the contract is a scam. Can anyone help?

  • Gu
      30th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    Just received notice from morEnergy, 25 Sheppard Avenue West as of Feb 1, 2014 increase of $0.70 for my hot water tank rental and $2.08 increase for furnace rental. I have never heard from this company since the installation over a year ago which was a total nightmare with 0 service since then. I smell a fraud all over this transaction.

  • Fe
      30th of Jun, 2014
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    Morenergy also known as Blue Power (and many many other aliases) have not changed their shady practices, just the name of the company. Morenergy was taken over by National Home Services; they have quite a horrible reputation on the BBB site as well.
    We are currently in a one million dollar lawsuit/counter lawsuit with these guys because they are scamming us with the solar panel project we have on the roof of the home we purchased. There are many others in lawsuits with these creepy characters. The OPP even investigated Blue Power because they use forgery, lies and any underhanded criminal tactic they can to "make the sale".
    Blue Power/Morenergy has scammed seniors and the vulnerable yet again with this product because they keep getting away with it.
    I have personally met dozens of families (mostly seniors/widows/etc) who are caught up in the same scam with this solar panel company. Google OEB, BBB and any complaint site... Blue Power/Morenergy is infamous.
    Buyer beware do not do business with Blue Power/Morenergy/National Home Services or whoever they happen to be this week. We are not being protected from these nefarious, repeat offenders by our government so we the people will do what we have to get them off the street once and for all.

  • Fr
      21st of Oct, 2014
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    We were scamed also, yes it is a total scam! This salesman came to our door the day we were moving in, a tactic that I now no they have used this often. He told me he was from Enbridge and that he need to inspect the hot water heater, of course it needed to be changed. He told me that this was free of charge and he told me that nothing would change on our bill. Now, just moving that day with all the confusion of movers and boxes ect... and not ever seeing a bill before I was not even sure what I or how much I was paying or to whom. This all happened 2 years ago. During this period I received a call to witch I had to release the old water heater. At this point I thought something was up but I didn't real know and then almost to the day a year later I received a phone call from a women that told me that thier company bought morenergy. I asked her to send me a copy of the contract because I did not recieve one. She said if we send you one by mail that there would be a charge of $5. So I gave her my email but I never received anything. And now year after that they send me a bill for the 2 years. And now in the past week or so if been doing some research on the whole water heater and morenergy. And like all of you I am very mad that these companies can get away with these scams, then even if thier caught they can just sell the company to someone but still collect the money? If someone has any suggestions on how to get out of this scam, I would be greatful!

  • Fe
      22nd of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    Hello Frank,

    Morenergy was charged at least three times so far by the OEB. They had to pay heavy fines as well as send a letter to all the folks they ripped off with their water heater scam (including you) giving you the option to switch back to your previous provider at no charge to you. This DID NOT HAPPEN in your case (and others) and the OEB needs to know about it. Your contract was not confirmed if you dont even have a copy of it. You need to push to get a copy because chances are they forged your contract just like many others. Or simply changed it later.
    I have been watching these guys for quite some time. Morenergy is not allowed to enter into any new contracts with low-volume customers for a couple years. Not sure they are adhering to that either. Morenergy was sold to National Home Services who are just as criminal and shady according to their history... their parent company is Just Energy they are just as bad according to BBB, and all the consumer complaint sites.
    John Nassar and Denise Persaud are the key players and as far as I am concerned should be serving prison time for major fraud.
    But instead of being in prison where they belong they have started a new solar company MorSolar... located in the SAME office as Blue Power. Their rating on BBB and OEB and pretty much anything you google re: Morenergy/Blue Power aka John Nassar/Denise Persaud is ridiculous and criminal. So to fix their bad reputation they simply change the name of the business or start a new one... they dont even have to move their office.
    They have done this right under the BBBs nose. Look up Morenergy/Blue Power and see the same two names John Nassar and Denise Persaud... same names and same address as their new company MorSolar who now has an A on the BBB site because they are new. Nice tactic. How can John Nassar go from an F to an A overnight with the BBB when he has not corrected any of his deceptive practices or helped all of the folks (mostly seniors) whose lives he destroyed with his scams thus far.
    We will be lodging a complaint AGAINST THE BBB for enabling the criminals to continue this long due to the gaping, dangerous hole in their useless system. You would think someone at the BBB could pull this together. Many OPP depts have been involved and have investigated, their excuse is, even though the OPP found Blue Power guilty of fraud/forgery they did not have the resources to convict. I have met many others in the same boat (solar panel rip off scam). Although our fight is with their solar panel scam it is identical to the furnace/hot water tank scams we have read about over and over for years.
    Guess it was time to switch commodities in order to continue making money off the innocent and vulnerable.
    Frank, I highly recommend you call the OEB and report morenergy's failure to comply with the charges set against them in the final order... read it here:

  • Fr
      8th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Hello and thank you for all the info, but is there a specific department at the OEB that I need to talk to? Or do you think I should write an email?
    Thanks again for your response, it bothers me to know that in a country like ours their are people that cannot find an honest way to make a living! And what bothers me even more is the people that work for these criminals, can you believe that yesterday a young women in her 20's came to my door a said she needs to inspect my gas appliances. Really at 20-something years old she has the experience to inspect ! There must be away to stop this type of soliciting just like the phone calls!

  • Fe
      10th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Not sure exactly who but here are the names associated with the Blue/Morenergy lawsuits so far:
    Rosemarie T. Leclair (Chair & CEO)
    Cathy Spoel
    Ken Quesnelle

    Here is the news release:

    At this OEB site, you can click on the top right hand corner to "file a question or complaint".

    If you prefer to phone there are numbers on both of these links.

    Good luck Frank, sure sad to see people still being affected by the same culprits.



  • Fe
      12th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Hi Frank,

    Rosemarie T. Leclair is the Chair and CEO and probably the best person to properly answer your questions. If not Ken Quesnelle might be a good person to speak with..

    here is the contact link for OEB:

  • Am
      5th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Wow. It looks like everything is a scam. There is a reason why over employed people find jobs at this company. It would probably make the top 100 worst places to work. A lot of disrespectful ### work there. Not all are really old.

  • Am
      5th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Denise and John are stupid. They know nothing. They don't have the power, which is probably why it folded. I'm glad John is getting to old that he had to quit. I hope his bank account became NSF along with Denise.

  • Tr
      7th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    This is not helpful because it is not specific at all? What is your complaint?

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