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I was listening to KMLE Country (Arizona) in August 2010, when I heard an advertisement for a $1000.00 grocery card. I called the number. I was told that I would have trial periods with "partner" companies to evaluate their services, and that I would have to cancel the memberships so as not to be charged by the companies. When I got the initial "$1000.00" card, it was not for any groceries, but said that I would have to log on to and join the site. The letter I received from MOR Marketing says to visit this site and after registering "You will start receiving the coupons you request almost immediately!" I did not request coupons. I called in for a gift card with money on it for groceries for letting them see by use of the card what name brand groceries I was buying and for giving feedback on the partner companies programs for health related things among others. I can't just go buy groceries with this card. I am guilty of being stupid and trying this out. However, I was mislead by the advertisement and I now, since I gave them my debit card information to process and initial fee...I am afraid that my account has been compromised and I am worried. When I called the "customer service" number a young man "Joe" answers the phone EVERYTIME. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said "Michael" was not available, nor would he ever be. When I asked for the names of the associate companies, I was told that he did not have them and I would have to check my billing statement or my bank account statement. SCAM!!! Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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  • Su
      Sep 28, 2010

    I was guilty of the same thing. I heard the same advertisement on the radio. I am a single mom, a third year college student, and a divorcee and I am pretty financially strapped right now. I was told the $27.00 and some odd cents would be for shipping the cards to me. Again, I received a card with a memebership number to a website. AND that was just to get coupons, in which you had to pay a "cutting" fee and a shipping fee per coupon. UNBELIEVABLE. Lesson? Dont tust anybody saying they will give you something for nothing.

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  • To
      Nov 13, 2010

    Wow they got me too. I am so angery about this. I wonder if it is possibible to dispute credi card payment. I filed a complaint with attonery general in ME

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  • Ti
      Jan 11, 2011

    I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I'm too a victume in this scam and it cost me a great deal on not falling for this type of advertistment. I heard about it on the radio and at that time I was needing food for my children (5) and myself. It's sad when your a single mother, unemployed, and a college student thats on a very tight budget, and you hear this adversitsement that would help put food in your family's mouth; that brung me relief and hope. What a waist of time, energy, hope, and appriciatetion. This false advertisement is BOGUS. Its a sham to use Food to lure your victums in that way. Shame on the company. Thank you for your services, now I can WARN others about the advertisement and will be reporting this issuse to the BBB.

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