Mor Furniture / Poor Customer Service / Defective Merchandise

My purchase from Mor Furniture has been an extremely unsatisfactory experience. When I walked into the store no one greeted me or offered to help, I had to ask for service. When my merchandise was delivered it was defective. The delivery guys delivered it at 6:45 pm after customer service was gone for the day and left before I opened the drawers of the TV stand and discovered they were broken. I ran out to the truck to stop them and let them know about the problem, but they drove away. I left a message for customer service, but did not receive a return call on Monday. I went to the store to return the defective merchandise, but they can’t help at the store. I called Customer Service and was told the manger was too busy to help me that day and to call Tuesday. I left a message but again did not receive a return call. I called “Customer Service” again, and they said a tech couldn't come until next Monday, and he couldn't guarantee he could fix the problem. The tech called me on Monday and said that some one had made an appointment for me but Customer Service did not inform me of it. So the tech came out the following Tuesday and confirmed that the merchandise was defective. I called customer service again and left a message for a manager, but after no return phone call, I went back to the store so they emailed the manager to get him to call me. By Friday, I still had not received a phone call. The tech failed to write any comments about the defective merchandise so they were not going to do anything. I called customer service again and they finally said they could exchange it, but I would have to wait until next week. The customer service I have received is woefully inadequate and the merchandise from Mor is still defective. I need to return this defective merchandise, but the poor customer service I have received has made this problem extremely difficult to resolve. I will never buy anything from Mor Furniture again so I can avoid the hassle and headaches.

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