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Montronics / Fraudulent billing!

1 Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 773-445-9577

This company continued to bill me after several calls and letters to discontinue service. I canceled the service FOUR years ago but the billing stilling continued. The product was lousy at best and the customer service was about the same. A reputable company would not have to resort to the billing tactics that this company uses.


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  • Ro
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    I believe this gentleman has mistaken our company with another. We have never done business with Mr. Purvis, though he claims he has. I believe he has a right to be upset over the billing fiasco, but clearly has named the wrong company as the perpetrator. I would be more than willing to discuss this with Mr. Purvis, and prove our innocence in this matter.

    Bob Montalvo

  • An
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    A Siren Home Alarm rep under GE has told my family that Monotronics is going out of business so we canceled the service with Monotronics and signed up with Siren which is not yet on the stock market. My father has been unable to contact the rep Frank Brown and has tried to call the direct line as well and received no response. What is going?

    Thank you,

  • De
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    they wont stop billing long after they have been contacted then when they finaly get u the old passward they still wont stop there billing until u pay there back billing that they cotinue to do! dont use this company u will be billed for life !!!

  • Sn
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    We had a 3 yr contract with this company as well. They told us if we wanted to cancel to send a letter 30days prior to end of contract otherwise we would be billed month to month. Well we sent the letter once, twice & even three times and of course they continued to bill so we cancelled through the bank the auto payments. Then Monotronics started sending us paper bills & eventually reported us to the credit bereaus. Now we have a negative report b/c they wanted to keep billing us after we did not renew our contract with them or want the month to month with them. Really wouldn't recommend this company at all. Customer service was horrible & the service techs installed alarm sensors on doors & windows unsecurely- all fell off within a month.

  • A1
      6th of Nov, 2009
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    I am in the same boat as snjllamas. The tech installed the back door alarm incorrectly and the police showed up telling me my alarm was going off. I called the company and they said they would send a replacement piece. I never received the piece, I did however recieve an additional bill. The customer service rep told me the tracking showed it was delivered. When asked who signed for it the rep replied no one. They then sent me a letter stating they were going to draft an additional $80 from my account. I called and told them no and we agreed on a $40 payment which was paid at that time. They then turned around and took $109 out of my checking. This company is trouble. BUYER BEWARE !!!

  • Tr
      13th of Aug, 2010
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    While Mr. Bob Montalvo from Montronics may be right as Montronics may be different from Monitronics (spelled with an i), I too have had trouble with Monitronics' organization. Twice in a 30 day period they did not respond to tripped alarms. When I called them they were clueless and did not know why they did not respond. When I told them that I did not feel safe with their alarm system or customer service and I wanted out of the contract due to failure to provide services promised in the contract, they refused. The only way to get out of the contract was to pay it out for the remaining time left.

    The funny thing is that during my conversation with this woman she said she would send someone out to look at my equipment at the tune of $75 then $35 per hour after the first hour. For what??? If they show my equipment is functioning properly then it is their customer service that did not respond to the alarm!!!

    I just sent my cancellation letter today (required 30 day notice). I am nervous as I have seen on multiple websites that they still continue to bill for months after you cancel claiming they never received your notice. They will not give me a physical address to send the letter certified or overnight. If they charge me again after September 15, 2010 there will be trouble. I have already reported them to the Better Business Bureau and am trying to find out which regulatory agency oversees these services to report them there too. I thought it was the FCC, but can't find any information. Any help would be appreciated!!

    Buyer beware of Monitronic! I have three friends that will be cancelling their contracts at the end of this year due to the same service they received as I did!! That's gotta tell you something!!

  • An
      10th of Jun, 2018
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    I called several years to cancel my services because I sold my home they said too bad because I had a contract I had to keep paying. This year when the contract was up I called several months ahead of time to be sure I would no longer be billed and to cancel my service. They said my service was up on May 9th and the service would be canceled. I received a letter today to let me know that they changed their name to Brinks and that I would be continuing to receive great service.. I called their number and said I had canceled services and the gentleman said they have no record of this. He said there was no cancellation letter. I was never told to send a cancellation letter. I am an elderly women living on my SS check and they keep ripping me off! I think I need to get lawyers involved

  • St
      6th of Nov, 2018
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    Montronics is/was a horrible service, I am now learning they have switched over to BRINKS and I was not notified my automatic billing was increased without notice. My account was drafted for $56.31 when I was originally quoted $49.99 but was billed for $53.31 for 19months. I cancelled BRINKS over 5 yrs ago for their higher billing only to be placed back in their expensive arms. Montronics has never called to follow up when my alarm went off the two times police never showed up which believes me to believe I was paying a monthly bill only for products and no actual monitoring service. I attempted to cancel today only to be told it takes 30days to cancel and I would be billed again yet I could not speak with a manager as they say none were available. If I am cancelling today why would you bill me in 30days and I initially paid billing upfront for two months with Montronics.

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