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Monterey Financial Services, Inc. / Unethical actions by Monterey Financial Services

1 Australia

Monterey Financial Services, Inc.

I live in Australia, and had never heard of Monterey Financial Services.

What follows is a copy of a letter I have sent to the principal of a company with whom I have a financial agreement:

"I am concerned by the unethical actions of your collection agency, Monterey Financial Services. When we signed with you on March 7, it was agreed that monthly debits of $173.88 would be charged to my credit card commencing on May 20.This was also confirmed in writing by Monterey.

They did not charge my card on the agreed date. What they did, however, was charge a double payment on July 21, and again with the addition of a $50 late fee 2 weeks later on August 8. This means firstly that they messed up and had to play catch-up, and that I was charged over $800AUD in one billing period on my credit card. Not funny!

When I phoned them to discuss the matter, they were rude, arrogant, and intransigent. Of course I am liable for the account. What I am not liable for is their mistakes. Since I am still paying off the tuition, finances are a bit strained to say the least.So being hit with not only 4 payments but also a late fee has got my blood boiling.

I told Monterey that they had acted improperly, and that I would bring it to your attention. They said, "go ahead". So I have."


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