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MonaVie, LLC / Monavie, LLC Threatens a Family with Personal Harm

1 10855 South River Front ParkwaySouth Jordan, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

Sadly, Monavie, LLC is encouraging its distributors to engage in Mafia type behaviror. This distributor goes by the name Just the Truth, Stuff, Stuff Stuff, and Mr. Stuff in public forums and is making threats on behalf of Monavie, LLC, an exampl of which is as follows:

Hey Xxxxxx

Ok here is how this is going to go down. It's taken a while, but all of the emails are put nicely together. Full details including all the routing for the ones that passed through the xxx server.

The first batch will go to you wife just in case she doesn't know what you're up to, but I doubt she doesn't, I hear she's as phycotic as you are. And then email copies to your old buddy Xxxx just for good measure. Then copies will be sent to the regulatory agency that pressingly licenses you. Just making sure I have the right info.

Cert. No










Xxxxx, xxx, x.


x, United States




And to top it all off all of your neighbors will get a hard copy of the emails mailed to their homes and all of your family members will get the same. It will be a very cool Christmas don't you think Xxxxxx? Here's a list of your neighbors, let me know if I missed anyone.

Chad & Corina Xxxx

Steven Xxxxxxxx
Chris J Xxxxxxx
Bill Xxxxxx
Saundra Xxxxxx
Mark & Sandy Xxxxxx
Joseph Xxxxxx
Joseph Xxxxxx
James & Laurie Xxxxxi
D Xxxxx
Ollie Xxxxxx
Nels R Xxxxxxx
Stephanie & Kraig Xxxxxx
Jeff Xxxxxxxxx
Ed & Tammy Xxxxxx
R & N Xxxxxxx
Drew Xxxxxxx
Kerry Xxxxxxx
William Xxxxxx
Cindy & Tony Xxxxx
Deshawna Xxxxxxx
L Xxxxxxxxxx
Chris Xxxxxxxrf
J Xxxxxxxx
Mark Xxxxxxxxxxx
Preston Xxxx

So there you have it. Have fun explaining this ### to the town of Xxxxxx.


Hey Loser

I changed my mind. Here's a better idea to get your info out faster, let's use an automated online service and we can send a voice message to each one of the neighbors. What do you think, good idea Xxxxxx??

Chad & Corina Xxxxx (xxx) xxx-7536
Todd & Tina Xxxxx (xxx) xxx-6785
Steven Xxxxx (xxx) xxx-9282
Chris J Xxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-9874
Bill Xxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-0131
Saundra Xxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-4730
Mark & Sandy Xxxxxx (xxx) xxx-1204
Joseph Xxxxxx (xxx) xxx-5394
Joseph Xxxxx (xxx) xxx-4490
James & Laurie Xxxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-3285
D Xxxxx (xxx) xxx-1558
Ollie Xxxxx (xxx) xxx-3340
Nels R Xxxxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-7871
Stephanie & Kraig Xxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-0532
Jeff Xxxxxxxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-5632
Ed & Tammy Xxxxxx (xxx) xxx-4698
R & N Xxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-4633
Drew Xxxxxx (xxx) xxx-8053
Kerry Xxxxxx (xxx) xxx-8386
William Xxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-6578
Cindy & Tony Xxxxx (xxx) xxx-0844
Deshawna Xxxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-3982
L Soderberg (xxx) xxx-3231
Chris Xxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-2640
J Xxxxx (xxx) xxx-8353
Mark Xxxxxxxxxx (xxx) xxx-4044
Preston Xxxxx (xxx) xxx-4040

and of course...

Xxxx Xxxxxx (xxx) xxx-7810 and cell (xxx) xxx-xxxx
not to mention that we need to leave a message for the wifey on her cell (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Oh ya, and Xxxx (xxx) xxx-xxxx or (xxx) xxx-xxxx, which one is the best do you think?

Anyone else you can think of? Do you have any family numbers handy, that might work well?

I think we need to let everyone know what kind of a pervert they're living next to, plus I also think using the phone is more effective don't you think Xxxx??

Have a nice day Xxxxxx boy.

Just The Truth

Just The Truth/Stuff/Stuff Stuff/Mr. Stuff recently made the following public comment:

First of all, I am defiantly not an (Monavie) employee, I haven’t had a job in more than 15 years. I’m just a regular Distributor. So why would they give a rip about what I say, hmm, because they care I guess. I’ve visited the MonaVie offices on many occasions and have seen Dallin Larsen, or Randy Larsen or Henry Marsh sitting in the MonaVie café chatting with Distributors and potential Distributors touring the facility. I’ve had lunch with all of them and spent time chatting with them on more occasions that I can even remember.

Also, there are more than just 19 Black Diamonds, the IDS only goes up to June 2008, you make it sound like that’s all that have ever been. There are now 44 Black Diamonds and above that have received their Black Mercedes. There were also 47 Distributors (up to last September) that have earned a total of $1million or more since they started doing the MonaVie business. That’s nearly one $1million earner every month . The IDS is usually out of date by the time it’s generated, the most current one is to the end of June 2008, but they have to use historical data to create it. Not too shabby considering the that it started in January of 2005."

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