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I believe my spouse posted a [redacted] on Modify Loan Experts and Pasquale Longordo but I am not sure so I am taking the Liberty of reporting the details of our experience with Modify Loan Experts. We were guaranteed due to the relationship Modify Loan Experts supposedly had with our lender that they were certain we would be able to save our home. They were very quick to collect upfront fees from us and then they went dark on us for almost a month. We were told not to make our payment in order to secure the loan modification from them. As we became further behind we grew more and more concerned. We spoke with the owner Pasquale Longordo who was very curt with both of us and in fact stated that we were calling too much. Our lender at this point had sent further notices making known that they would foreclose on us. We pressed hard on Pasquale and let him know that we would take legal action as they were unable to deliver what they promised. He quickly fired back that he would be suing us. Pasquale even sent us an email with pictures of my husband and I stating that he knew people that lived in our area and if we didn't stop he would be sending someone to our home. I have never in my life experienced anything like this. Be very careful if you come across Modify Loan Experts as they are not just fraudulent but dangerous as well.

We did more research and found that someone also had a similar experience.

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Modify Loan Experts

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  • Di
      4th of Feb, 2010
    Modify Loan Experts - Ripoff
    Modify Loan Experts
    United States

    My wife and I were struggling to make our mortgage payment when we were contacted by Modify Loan Experts. We were told that in order for them to help us we would need to stop paying our mortgage. We were told that we would first need to be in default before they could work out a loan modification. We were told by Modify Loan Experts and Pasquale Longordo that they had a special relationship with our lender, this was not true. After we became in default of our loan and paid Modify Loan Experts $3, 000 we were strung along for another 2 months. Things got worse obviously over time. I spoke with Pasquale and he told me that we were being pests calling him all the time and that we just needed to be patient. We lost our home because of Modify Loan Experts and our money. Our sales agent was nice enough to let us in on some info before they quit working for Modify Loan Experts. They told us that they are running a fly by night shady operation and that they had taken advantage of people struggling to make their mortgage payment in the past. They even told us that Pasquale associates himself with some pretty shady characters. One example is his partner whom we were told was arrested on several counts of drug trafficking.

    My heart goes out to anyone else who has been through the same ordeal we have. I can't believe that one company did so much damage to our lives.

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  • Sa
      12th of Feb, 2010
    Modify Loan Experts - Rip off
    Modify Loan Experts
    United States

    Modify Loan Experts took my money and ran with it. I was called by them to help me with my late payments on my mortgage. Instead I was taken for a ride by these people. Why do companies do this. I just needed help.

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  • Ri
      15th of Apr, 2010

    sounds like my story, they took my money back in July 2009, told me to stop making my mortgage payment, then 3 months later said, oh you should've been making those payments. in Dec i started asking for my money back, and i have been getting the run around since then. i am not sure what to do, i complained to the BBB, but that has not resulted in anything. i am not sure who to complain to. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Rw
      21st of Aug, 2010

    pasquale longordo is living with his parents at 19631 smock st in northville, mi, 48167. the phone number is 248-349-7920.

    he has his money (our money) at the birmingham branch of chase bank and the manager there is david wynn.

    there is a detective papps to contact at the troy police dept. his # is 248-674-6990

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  • Ji
      4th of May, 2011
    Modify Loan Experts - Don't use these guys
    Modify Loan Experts
    United States

    Don't use these guys you are going to be very sorry. They say they have an office but when I went in to see if it was their real address it was not. I would like to extend my hand to help anyone who has been had by Modify Loan Experts. Please respond to this if you can and maybe we can form an alliance.

    Class action law suit!!

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