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Moda Furniture / Dishonest sales practices

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I just bought two rugs from Moda Furniture. They are closing their store on 23rd Street in Manhattan, and had advertisements for a huge sale. When I got to the store I was shown several rugs. The retail price of these rugs was stated to be $2,149 each. The salesman explained that they were closing the store, and therefore were selling all the rugs at 70% off. He offered me the rugs for around $650 each and mentioned that if I took them today, he would give me an additional $100 off each rug. Then he mentioned that if I bought two, he would give me the two rugs for $1000. But this offer was only valid today, they were closing for the day soon, and all sales were final. After giving me the full pitch, on how I would save over $3000, I was finally convinced to buy the rugs, for which delivery was offered.. within 5 blocks of their store.. for the low, low price of $100 each. Under pressure to make a decision, I decided to buy and the salesman suggested that I take the rugs in a taxi and save on the delivery fee. I now understand why he wanted them out of the store at that very moment.

After arriving home, I looked the rugs up on the web. They are Andy Warhol rugs, so they are not difficult to find. I found that they sell them at Macy's for $314, free delivery, and at almost any other store for $299, free delivery. I feel totally scammed. I believe honesty in retail is vital for any business to flourish. I now totally understand why the business is going under. From what I've seen on this website, many customers were pressured into buying under prices offered "today only", only to find that the sales price is actually a very steep mark up.

Don't buy from these people. They dont have a Manhattan markup. Its daylight robbery!

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  • Su
      6th of Mar, 2007
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    It has been frustrating experience dealing with Moda Furniture have been dealing with them for months now, trying to resolve the issue for the furniture I purchased last year. And not delivered completely yet. Authorities should jump in and help out the consumers here. They are a rip off. I have yet to resolve my furniture.

  • St
      7th of Mar, 2007
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    Caveat Emptor!

    I saw a great sofa in MODA (route 4 paramus)... I took a couple of measurements, left... when I came back an hour later, they had raised the price of the sofa from $3999 to $6328. The salesman said "I'm as surprised as you are." I left, disappointed and suspicious. I subsequently found another store not too far away that could special order the same piece, same fabric, for $2100. The thing is, I would have paid so much more, if MODA was willing to negotiate (which they weren't). Anyway, I have the sofa, for half the price, and they are going out of business. Nyaa-nyaa!

  • Ke
      8th of Mar, 2007
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    Moda Furniture has the best scam operation going on in broad day-light.

    I purchased Furniture December 2006, I paid in full because they told me delivery would arrive in 2 weeks. March 8, 2007 I'm still waiting.

    They "released" the accessories from my purchase in February but continued to stall on the bulk purchase; sofa, chair, and 3 ottomans and a bar with 2 chairs. Each time I call it's another load of crap. My last call they said the quality was substandard and I should go to the store and pick new furniture with my credit.

    Now I'm dealing with the store and corporate office; neither is complying and I have a float of 3k out there with no furniture to show!

  • Jo
      26th of Mar, 2007
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    I purchased a mattress set from Moda on 11/16/2006 in Queens Branch.

    I made a payment of $500 by credit card on 11/16/2006, but Moda called us saying mistakenly credit us $500, and asked us for credit card # then charged us again for $1000 on 12/12/06. ( *which we will confirm with the credit card company soon to see if you really mistakenly give us credit $500 on 11/16/2006; and you are charging the right amount on 12/12/06). On 12/16/06, I made the final payment of $699 by credit card again. The delivery date should be on 12/24/06.

    Moda salesman, Bob called me on 12/23/06 and told me that he forgot to put my bed in the truck and asked me if I wanted to cancel the bed. We were shocked, and we went to the store in Queens on 12/24/06 and filled out a cancellation / refund request form. We are told that the refund would soon be made after the New Year (1/1/07) within 2 to 3 weeks.

    After the middle of January, we didn’t receive any feedback / result about the refund . Then, we called Moda many times since then. But we didn’t get any result . Instead, the refund manager, Maria always put us to her voice mail, but never get back to us.

    We waited for almost 3 months, and finally Maria returned our calls after 3months on March 22, 2007 telling that the bed was discontinued to be sold, and that the owner of Moda would only give us the store credit .

    We were very disappointed about the refund result and the inefficiency of your refund process. We turned downed the offer since we didn’t need any furniture from them after all these disappointed and upset experience. How can they made us waited for 3 months for the refund result?? How can we trust your their customer service again?? How can we trust that they are going to deliver any item on time again??

    They don't care how we (the customer) feel, and we are not fairly and not properly treated. We are going to use the legal way to slove the problem, we are going to sue Moda and get back our money.

  • Ja
      29th of Mar, 2007
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    What the ungrateful complainer failed to come back and tell you was that I put my job on the line to get her a refund of the difference between what she paid and the price she saw on line. I called her within 36 hours of the sale asking her to come back in to the store to credit it back to her card. She never even as much as said "Thank You" for my help in the situation. The situation is not as she portrayed it. The facts are that the rug manufacture flooded the market with these rugs on the 20th anniversary of the designers death. My company had bought the rugs before that had happened and took a loss on these rugs that she bought. I still have my job for now, but the relationship is strained. The other most important factor is that she signed an agreement fully knowing that all sales were final, no returns, no exchanges, for any reason. This is a "Going Out of Business Sale", not business as usual. The only pressure she was under was the pressure she created for herself. The facts were that these were the last two rugs that I had of this design. Every one should do there homework before buying anything. I pulled the rest of my stock by that designer, off the floor, so as to avoid any more conflicts. If anyone is in the market for "Quality" rugs, I challenge them to find them at a lower price. With all due respect, Rug Dept. Manager, MODA Furniture, 43 W 23rd St., NY, NY 10010

  • Me
      8th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Jack is right. I went into the store to show them all the ads I had found on the internet (at $300) and they gave me no solution. It was a very frustrating and tough day, since I also wanted to file a complaint, and they claimed not to have the necessary number.

    Mysteriously, I did receive a call the next Monday, offering to refund me the difference. I had no idea why the mangement had changed their minds. Jack, I wish you would have told me. I had no idea if you were working for me or against me. So, to you, I truly say "Thank you" for the refund. I did and do appreciate it. It made me feel there are some honest people out there.

  • Ja
      16th of Oct, 2007
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    Moda is horrible company. I had all of the same problems as all the other complaints. I ordered new furniture and it came damaged after the delivery was late about 3 months. Then, they said they would fix the damage. I did not want it fixed. I wanted new furniture that I already paid for. Finally after 7 months of hassle, headaches and lies. I filed a compliant with BBB. Then, they finally delivered my furniture. I don't recommend this company to anyone.

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