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We purchased 3 show/breeding girls from the kennel. The first developed auto-immune thyroid disorder. The third developed Legg Calve Perthes disease. The breeder refused to assist with any treatment or operation money for our girls as s refund from their initial cost. Please go to for more information about our dogs. Thank you for posting this review.

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    This comment is filled with misinformation. Interesting how reality becomes fantasy in the mind of someone who really has no concrete information.

Sep 15, 2016

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  • Mi
      Feb 03, 2017

    The first dog was NOT purchased as a show/breeding girl, she was purchased as a Pet, as she was from a new import line. IF all testing was done and certified, then the breeder would have let the owner breed a litter as she wanted pups for her Grandchildren... Unfortunately this dog was a carrier, (NON AFFECTED), but a carrier of thyroid disease, and the breeder being a very good breeder said, NO BREEDING. She was purchased as a pet. The breeder also spayed the Entire litter and parents.

    The 3rd dog, developed LCP after an injury. The breeder refused to assist with any treatment or operation money, as the owner refused full disclosure of the VEterinary files for the dog. She did give a discount on the dog, and the dog was approx. 1/2 price. NO Breeder anywhere, would ever offer a refund, if they are refused access to the Vet files.

    This lady has posted lots of Misinformation on her site, for the other side of the story, (and there is one), just ask.

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  • Bu
      Feb 10, 2017

    @Miss. T Whoever posted this comment has been sold a bag of goods. First, Girl 1 was a carrier. end of story. Her parents were not spay because of this disease. Her mother was not even tested for the disease nor was a litter mate from a prior repeat litter. Nor would testing have shown that the Sire and Dam carried the matching haplotypes required for the disease to express. A thyroid test can show clear for a dog tested and the dog can still be a carrier. Maybe take a genetics course? Second, pet dogs do not have AKC/CKC breeding contacts. Third, you need to learn about LCP. OFA and the Havanese Club of America both recognize this diseases as genetic in nature. OFA now has a database for Havanese found positive for LCP; it includes the names of the parents and siblings as parents are considered carriers and siblings can also be carriers. A breeder can put his or her head in the sand and continue to say that every puppy that has expressed LCP from their kennel has been dropped in their bum, but this kennel blindness only sets up a situation for the same thing to happen over and over and over again. Fourth, no breeding dog from this kennel is ever sold at 1/2 price. The breeder gives a discount for second and third dogs purchased from the kennel; however, every breeding girl is worth far more than the cash transferred as the contracts include puppies back (2 pick pups for litters for the third girl) and stud fees for every breeding.

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  • Di
      Sep 28, 2018

    I'd stay clear of this so called Madter Breeder She was in a dog magazine but is not listed on the Canadian Havanese Fanciers
    Anyone can rhyme off numbers, data, diseases tested etc etc Its not hard to find and paste onto a site She refused to return my deposit even though she had no puppy of my choice When I told her this she suddenly had the colour I wanted - notbin any of her puppies but from some lady that I could get it from She sells these puppies like they're a dime a dozen There eyes look unhealthy and their faces are not the true look of a Havanese Tbey are laying on old blankets with poo on them Sometimes the puppies are dirty
    They haven't got a distinguished cloud collar so you know that's your dog Rather a coloured mat that sometimes doesn't relate to the dog you thought you picked Eg Pink girl Red girl
    How do I know that that's the same puppy For all that I know she could switch them if they are similar in colour Hoe does she keep them separated when off this pad
    No nice soft Sherpa padded mat for her newborns No they're on old hospital flannel sheets
    She's nasty in her emails if you decide to change your mind She accuses you of hearyrumours dromnadty nellies
    Find a reputable Breeder who doesn't have 40 puppies a year Every month she has breeds planned She Kees them at different locations as there's no way anyone could look after that many newborns for 9 weeks when they are popping out every month
    So who are these other people
    Are they Master Breeders too??
    Stay clear and avoid tears and perhaps a sick dog

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  • Ka
      Apr 16, 2019

    Hello, I have visited 4 of the Elite Breeders homes, that work with MistyTrails Havanese. These breeders are on the UP and UP.
    and NO, new puppies, do Not wear collars, as that is dangerous, and they can strangle themselves. YES< new breeders have to put collars on their pups, as according to the Vets, majority of breeders cannot tell their pups apart, as they work full time, and never truly get to know them.
    It is impossible for pups to get mixed up, every pup is born with a unique trait, no 2 puppies are the same. And as for accusing one of mixing up the collars, Collars fall off, and are outgrown. A good breeder knows the difference. As for NON refundable deposit, this breeder takes, $250, all other breeders we checked with take a $500 non refundable deposit.
    This breeding group, is AWESOME, and many jealous people in this world.
    They are SPCA and Animal Approved, with a Stamp of approval, up to date.
    They have the correct business licencing, and revenue Canada approval.
    Their home is open, Their Vet files are open.
    WE have questioned the BuyHavanese site, as it is full of 1/2 completed Stories. YUP Stories. ONLY Slandering MistyTrails. If you Dare to comment on the site, or question, your comment will be taken down, and you will be blocked. The lady that writes the stories, is very good at leaving out key information, and posting out and out lies, like the Parents of that puppy, WERE tested, and the Dam was immediately removed from the breeding program. Another problem, that just came up, BOTH parents, were immediately pulled from the breeding program, and the owner given a Refund.
    This group of Breeders Was Nominated, Voted on, Judged, with a home visit, and was awarded CANADA"s TOP breeder of all breeds, as they do things VERY well. Even their Vet files are open.
    There is a reason, this breeder is not a member of the Havanese Fanciers. Many of us, refuse to join a club, that has taken out mandatory testing and Certification. NOW< they only require eye certification, and do not require, Patellas or Heart to Be certified.
    The Elite group of Breeders, Certifies, Cardiac, Patella's and Eyes, bi ANNUALLY, and posts all results online.

    I also asked about the lady above, that bought 3 sick dogs. First one was from a Breeder named, Rena, in Vancouver, second with LCP was MistyTrails, and 3rd one, with social difficulties, was from Lynne R. MistyTrails gave the lady for the LCP, the standard $1000 towards surgery, and $300 towards Pathology, to find out if the ailment was caused by Trauma. Vet records show it was Trauma caused. This owner, refused to disclose ALL health records to MistyTrails Thus, the support stopped.

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  • Na
      Aug 16, 2019

    Oh hi Bev, I can tell this is you trying to provide a "review" for your own business. Nice try.

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