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  • Na
      Oct 19, 2010

    I totally support anti-lollipop... Sonam wateva girl is no where near this beauty pageant..tsk tsk...If this continues, then the future looks BAD!
    Anti-lollipop, u rock!!!

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  • Wo
      Nov 01, 2010

    If someone doesn't get what she deserves, it's a shame and if she gets what she does not deserve, its a shame too...

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  • Gi
      Dec 02, 2010

    ### you u mother ###ing ###...the organizers can kiss my asss...zanday di su...all the contestant in miss bhutan were all ugly...this whole class 10 pass thing was ###ed up..all the pretty girls were ashamed to compete with 10 pass qualification should atleast be class 12 pass..i mean did u see the girls who came for the audition...and that organizer pem c or whatever was a pain in the ###..the whole competition n at the end too..if she thinks she's too preety than she should have competed in the paegant..i really hate this father ###ing bith...u r an complete ###..n for ua information ua nt preety at ### is prettier than urs..hahahha:P..
    n that ungrateful tibetan ###er..who the ### do u think u living in a country who gave u a home n ua trying to ### with this same country..ja za lab cha...i think it will be best if the government organized the next miss bhutan..n yeah i agree with guy who has a job..sonam choden retty's face is full of hey u beta have a plastic surgey if ua going to compete in international events..hahha

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  • Th
      Apr 09, 2011

    When one is not at all aware of "Magic Johnson"- The famous American Basketball legend, either the person should be one living in a cocoon devoid of any communcation or one who never laid the hands on internet and least interested to browse Television channels.
    Becoming the heartthrob and a nation's best girl, it is not beauty all that is associated to win the title, the most deserving candidtae are the ones who are versatile and well-versed in many of ways and one who is "Jack of all trades".
    I don't think beauty without brians are worth for the game of title, as the adage says, fool and his money is soon departed.
    Logically, Bhutan has to act transparently and give out vivid reasons. Bhutan must understand the polling of public and the majority as public is the biggest judge.
    The First Miss Bhutan has proved beyond boundaries that she deserves the title as she hast the taste of every modern ethics. Seducing people with nudity and forcing people to claim themselves as hot is real absurd.
    So Bhutan, do you think you should really nod in rapport to accept her as Miss Bhutan or should you be claiming back the title? Judge must be unbiased to select the right candidate and so qualified to do so...

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  • Th
      Apr 09, 2011

    It is so sad how people of Bhutan write critics, they make it a personal issue eventually. Ain't all of us stabilizing the Miss Bhutan issue? We are writing about it not a game of Verbatim.
    What is there to use profanities?
    If you want to give your critics, make it formal, readeable, worthy of words and tell what change you can bring, I mean suggest.
    You don't need to write, "trust me people". People writing here are not here to trust you, they are here to read what fellow contrymen has written and finally they too want to contradict you or accept your words.
    Don't make it personal here please, let it be compaintboard not a battle field.

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  • No
      Sep 04, 2011

    Is this true or some loser trying to pull her...any ways she became history and she deserve to fly like any other miss

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