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Mira Aesthetic Medical Center / Dr. Sid Mirrafati / Dr. Sid Mirrafati botched breast implants!

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Last year my wife went ot doctor to get breast reduction and a lift, she is in menopause and had gained a lot of weight, she went into surgery for a operation that usually takes 2-3 hours and it took almost 8 hours, we know know that something was wrong and this doctor was in over his head, he put in larger implants i guess to fill in and skip the lift, we went back a few days later and he said to just wait to heal and he would correct it but never did and just blew us off, this happened a year ago.

Just a few days ago my wife went to a very well known newport beach doctor and had it corrected and was told not only was the first job a bad one, but the implants were even larger than my wife was told, we have been lied to and my wife had to go 1 year of agony and pain of what had happened, the first surgery cost $10,000 and to correct it cost another $17500 which was worth it to help my wife get back to normal, and not cry and get upset about how this doctor had maimed and disfigured her, by the the surgery a few days ago was perfect and she is doing well and it took less than 3 hours, now that has been done we will be contacting an attorney to get justice and in hope that another person does not have to go thru this.

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  • Da
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    Hey 'Susan Wallace,' your comment above sounds exactly like the trashy commentary of Dr. Sayed Mirrafati himself. (See other complaint, where the Dr. says "Go stand on the highway naked and see if anyone notices" about a flaw from his work.) So you're not just a dangerous surgeon, you're rocking the IQ of a goat. If you'd talked to my wife like that, your paracriminal joke of a career would be over, Greaseball. Enjoy your lawsuits.

  • Ma
      6th of Aug, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I wish you all the best in your law suite. He should not be practicing medicine. He is not a surgeon nor a plastic surgeon. I can't believe that he is doing what he is doing for so long and not gotten sued ealier...

  • Ex
      16th of Feb, 2010
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  • Mo
      29th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    waaaaaaaow!!! My situation is no where near this, but I'm trying to post everywhere so people don't skip it as one bad situation. This morning they are telling me to pay for a touch up because of their own mistake!! "everyone i s different"!! Obvious to me, but not them that one muscle is stronger than the other, and needs more injection!!! ??! (dysport between brows)

  • Oc
      23rd of Apr, 2011
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    Dr. Mirrafati license is rovoked due to negligence causing of April22/2011

  • Gg
      29th of Sep, 2010
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    The statement about everybody needs something different to get the result they are looking for is correct. Some people get rid of a headache with tylenol while others need something stronger and for others they need prescription strength relief. I would rather have the least amount of something to do the job instead of way more than I need. You can always get more, and you can' t g ive it back once injected.
    I have had Dr. Mirrafati do Botox and sometimes I need more and sometimes very little. I have had wonderful results with fillers and surgery in his hands. I come from a long distance to have my procedures done by him. I have had many friends and family members become grateful patients as well.

  • Sw
      7th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    There is only one reason why people would resort to website and that is the fact that their legal and civil fight have gone nowhere!!

    So basically since your real fights in life have gone nowhere and/or you have lost the case against a doctor you then chose to come online to trash him/her.

    This is completely obvious! No one would spend so much time on writing their life story if they had the option of fighting in real courts and have the chance of winning money that they are so obviously after.

    But what do I know, I'm just an observer here!

  • Tw
      8th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Oh my gosh! I just discovered all these postings when I googled "mira aesthetics reviews" (I have never written a review about anything before but I just felt compel to do it this time, for some odd reason).

    When I first starting going to Dr. Mirrafati's current place of pratice in Costa Mesa last Spring (2010), I had so many bad (unprofessional) experiences, but I am pretty easy going so I just let it go every time, thinking sometimes things just happen and because it is conveniently located and the procedures that I have had were done with the nurse or office manager (she is an older lady and I have a feeling it may be the good doctor's mother).

    My scheduled appoitments were overbooked and/or mis-scheduled almost every time. I had to wait for over two and half hours for a 5 minute procedure the first 3 visits. I must say, they are the biggest product pushers and wanted me to commit to pre-paying for packages and everything, but what I was most frustrated and unhappy was that they kept telling me one price and just right before I am about to have the procedure done, they tell I have to pay more for one reason or another. I always felt pressured to pay more and have more stuff done than I wanted and it made me feel very uncomfortable, but again, I went along with it, partly because it is my fault that I am such a push over; I trust that they would advise for the best results.

    I have noticed that there's always different/NEW staff working there every time I have a visit ever since I have started going there. I just think it strange and that I have never seen such a high turn over of staff working at one place ever, that it was worth mentioning.

    I I have had a consult and met Dr. Mirrafati recently and had two simple procedures done by him (total of 3 times, I had contact with him) and immediately I sensed, that some (people) doctors are in the business they are in because they love what they do and want to make their clients happy (beautiful). I discovered that Dr. Mirrafati is the biggest product pushers of them all (now I get why his staff are such sales people), and the doctors is more of a SALES MAN than a doctor! ( I don't have anything against sales people if they are honest and know what's best for their clients and not just looking out for their best interest or pocket book.)

    I consider myself to be a great judge of character, and there's just something about Dr. Mirrafati that I don't have a good feeling about (I don't feel this way about anyone else, really), it's not really his skills as a doctor (because I haven't had any major/surgical procedures performed on me by him to comment) but it's more of him as a person. It really takes alot for me to say this about any person I do not know very well, and I feel bad about what I have said in this review, but sometimes you just get this feeling.

    The Dr. Mirrafati tries to be charming and nice but it just seems so contrive and fake and I don't think he is a person I can trust. Thank you for the reviews because I will definitely be more careful. I thought of having a breast lift procedure performed by him and now I think I will have to do some more homework/research!

  • Su
      3rd of Dec, 2007
    -5 Votes

    You sound like you are lawsuit happy. The agony and pain is a joke. Maybe the surgery took longer because your wife is a fat-### like you say. Just because something takes longer doesn't mean there's a problem. She gained a lot of weight, how about liposuction 1st. Your wife wasn't maimed, just unhappy. Things need to heal to let swelling go down before another surgery whiner. It i obvious you are after money to send your wife to Jenny Craig or sooth your B.S. attitude.

  • Be
      17th of Jul, 2017
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    @Susan Wallace You are right! It is not all about money. In 2011, I had a really bad experience with this doctor (I had pictures to prove it) that I didn't want to take my case to court because I though it will be painful to express my feelings in front of people who probability would care less and because I gave him a second opportunity to fix his mistake. He redone the scar; however my breast was uneven and the implant was moving to the side of my arm. One side looked bigger than the other one, deformed. You were lucky and good for you. Please! Don't talk for others. In my case, I was in pain for more than 6 months with open cuts under my breast and around the ariola (lifting breast surgery). All the scars didn't heal and opened up that they looked like skin burned. When I called Dr. Sid, he blamed me for not following his instructions. He told me, I wasn't a good cadidate for surgery which I responded I wasn't doing nothing wrong other than resting at home, I took 3 weeks off from work and I also had a previous surgery with no complications. The agony and pain that I had for months I wouldn't wish to you and anybody. All the process, took me more than 3 years, shame on me because I didn't search about his credentials and reputation in the industry before I went to his office. I had spychological therapy to accepted the results and live with it. Finally, 2017, I had my reconstruction and everything when fine. When I felt strong, I did call a lawyer, but it took me too much time that there is nothing they can do against this doctor, but I am hoping this message can help others to take their final decision when it comes to choose a doctor. Always! Check if your doctor is certified by the Medical Board.

  • Ju
      11th of Oct, 2011
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    Court Docs

  • Ay
      22nd of Oct, 2011
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    I am wondering why OCpro said his negligence caused death. I couldn't see anything like that in the court order. All I saw was negligence due to poor documentation, or something to that affect. Do you have more info?

  • Do
      21st of Jan, 2012
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    If you read all of it it talks about how the patient went brain dead and 911 had to be called.

  • Ha
      26th of Feb, 2012
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    Wow...this is all alarming to me. I was just doing a basic search so that I could write a good review of Dr. Mirrafati. I had my first surgery a couple months ago by him and it was a breast aug. I am so very pleased with it that I wouldn't change a thing. I have seen a ton of breast augmentations since a lot of my friends have had it done and it's amazing to me how many turn out not looking so good. I went to him because of the low cost...even though this is a horrible reason to choose someone to do surgery on you, I simply could not afford to go anywhere else and I put my trust into it while holding my breath that it comes out well and to be honest, I LOVE the results. Reading all of this scares me that I didn't see these complaints before I went. I searched a few times on the internet about him to see all I could before I scheduled and I couldn't find anything bad. Now that I go to write a review I found this. I probably would not have gone to him had I seen this. All I can say is that my experience was wonderful and my husband LOVES the results too. I never thought I would get that procedure done but after a couple kidlets and nursing both, they needed a renovation and they are now better than I ever thought. I am sorry for the people who had bad experiences =/

  • Sa
      19th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    I got breast implants at Mira aesthetic and I would never ever recommend getting surgery here. I'm shocked that this place is still in business. I'm 19 years old and my implants are uneven and one is fuller than the other . after my surgery this doctor didn't even call me to follow up nor did his nurses. It was as if I never existed once I walked out the doors. I called myself and showed up at the office due
    to the way my implants looked, and the doctor pretty much blamed it on my body. Even if a surgeon can't make something perfect, they should make it dam close to perfect and this doctor definitely did not Even come close. It was my first surgery I've ever had and it was honestly the worst experience of my life. Even if the doctor was at least comforting about the situation Iit would have made me feel a little more at ease. I tell anyone who' asks me that I would never trust this doctor to touch me again, even if he would do it at a low cost!

  • Be
      30th of Dec, 2016
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    wow!!! I went in for the iv therapy since hair loss and still no follow up. I scheduled one and was told yes ok to come later and DR WAS GONE... now they want 75$ for a one visit copy of my records. WT[censored]

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    Just to play devils advocate, how do you know the second surgeon wasn't lying? How do you know for a fact that they pulled out bigger implants? Did they record the surgery?

    Here is the thing, I am also a patient of Dr. Mirrifati, and I am also a little unhappy. However, I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. For instance, I don't know how much I weigh because if I did, I'd decide that I was fat and go on a diet, and I'm really thin.

    Another scenario:

    I get fillers done, and my nurse made fun of the previous work I had done. She told me you need like 6 syringes of Juvederm and told me my entire face was completely off center. I knew there was something seriously wrong with what she was telling me. So the next time, I went to that office, I saw a different nurse and she made her recommendations, which were nothing compared to the other nurse. She couldn't believe what the other nurse said. Now, these guys are making a commission right? One Nurse is willing to stoop super low to get what she wanted and the other nurse wouldn't dream of it. However, I still see the first nurse for fillers because she is the bomb! But I don't do follow everything she recommends because I know she is out for herself. Moral of the story, proceed with caution, people are trying to keep up with their lifestyles by doing cosmetic surgery. You have to do your research and get second opinions.

    Also, I may decide to get my plastic surgery fixed because I am super picky and the flaw is going to bother me. In addition, I don't think anyone can tell you what to expect. Second, people complain about the wait. I will tell you that they are fully staffed and the reason people are waiting is because they are busy and that is a good sign.

    Another, thing people that are over weight do have a harder time recovering. When people get older their metabolism slows but then, your eating habits should slow down too. I.E. she shouldn't be as hungry. Maybe, she can make healthier food choices. I don't mean to be mean but I'm going through the same and I'm completely not as hungry.

    I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm so opinionated!

    Good luck with your lawsuit. Do post the results of what happened! The negativity online doesn't help things!

  • 0 Votes

    The Doctor should sue you for defamation of character not only for the loss of business this complaint is causing but the distress, you are causing his patients.

  • Ci
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    I went in for a free consultation Dr. Sid J. Mirrafati told me if I didn't leave a deposit he would have to charge me more if I decided to go with him. I did, after doing research on this doctor I found out he is not a plastic surgeon or is he board certified. His site coordinator Monica also does a consultation for the doctor before he walks in, Monica has no credentials to do this. I had bad vibes about this place and have decided to pay double the price for my breast augmentation. I'd rather be safe then sorry and remember you get what you pay for. Best Wishes Ladies.

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