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Minimax's statistical consulting was very bad. They make it seem like they are very knowledgeable, but if you ask more questions, the whole facade crumbles.

I was using a model that they recommended. By the end of the process, I knew more about this technique than they did, and was shocked at how poorly they had advised me. They never looked at how well the model fit, they didn't care. I ended up having to redo the entire empirical analysis due to huge errors on their part.

Do not use them if you care about the reliability of your empirical research. They will always have an answer, but 50% of the time, this answer will be wrong and it will be your butt on the line. And then they will stop answering your emails or your calls, and you will be SOL.

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  • Fr
      30th of Apr, 2010
    Minimax Consulting - Run from this company, and do not pay them any money
    Minimax Consulting
    United States

    I turned to Minimax when a series of personal problems kept me from devoting time to completing a fairly complicated analysis using SAS. The first write-up they sent me was a total joke and full of errors, and I insisted on a phone call to try and straighten things out. My "personal statistician" did not even know how to interpret odds ratios correctly, and completely botched a logistic regression analysis. I ended up having to re-do the entire thing myself, and barely completed everything in time to graduate. I am out $2500, and am wondering if there is any way to get my money back. Run from this company, and DO NOT pay them any money.

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  • Ar
      14th of Jun, 2010
    Minimax Consulting - Do not send minimax any money - you have a better chance of winning the lottery
    Minimax Consulting
    United States

    Minimax sales representative promises that an expert will review your thesis, 3 chapters, in 5-7 business days for a fee of $1, 800. After 3 weeks, I began calling every day as I received no work. I received 5 emails stating that the 'analyst' was working hard on my project and it would be completed any day. Any day became 35 days. When I questioned the delay, I received an email from a Director stating that the work was being reviewed by a senior editor, and that I needed to submit $1, 800 more as my project was actually completed, 100 pages, 10 chapters. I was shocked - asking how could the analyst complete my master's thesis without any input from me. The Director assured me that the analyst was so good - he/she completed my work and all I had to do was send in another $1800. I continued to question this and after several emails, the 'Director' admitted only 3 chapters were done, and they would honor the initial agreement of $1800 for 3 chapters. The 'Director' further stated that a senior analyst was reviewing the 3 chapters and I would receive them soon. (Wow - I was impressed, the senior analyst was reviewing my work again!). To my surprise, on a saturday morning I opened my email and there was one chapter, chapter 2. No mention of missing chapters 1 and 3. I sent another email asking where the work was, after all, a senior analyst had reviewed it twice. I received a short email "We will check with the analyst". It has been 2 weeks. Either the analyst is on vacation or the senior analyst needs to review the work a 3rd time. Either way, its been over 40 days, I am out $1800 and the owners of Minimax have cheated another customer. Read the reviews about the owner and his previous scams. Do not send minimax any money - you have a better chance of winning the lottery.

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  • Lo
      15th of Jun, 2010
    Minimax Consulting - Save yourself the heartache of being 100% duped
    Minimax Consulting
    United States

    How it works: They promise you the world, build you up so you believe that the money you're investing is really going to a good cause (your dissertation - and blood, sweat and tears) and so you western union them $3000 to get your analysis. You wait for 6 months thinking that they must be putting in the extra effort - especially since it was only supposed to take a couple of weeks - you call and call and call, email after email until finally you get it...the biggest piece of crap you could imagine. And they say they've held up their end of the bargain with unverified results and shady (at best!) methodology. Refunds? Not here! Save yourself the heartache of being 100% duped. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS.

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  • Mc
      26th of Jul, 2011

    After $2017 of false editing and false claims, I finally find the reviews that state I'm not alone :( I highly urge against this company that literally STOLE my money and delivered me an APA edit that my dog could've done better. Visit to get information on how to file a complaint with the Rhode Island Attorney general and USPS if you mailed in your payment. These thieves have to be stopped. They are changing their name to MCG International to mislead other unsuspecting grad students.

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  • Kn
      4th of Aug, 2011

    I paid $3800 to Minimax for the organization of chapters 4 and 5 of of a proposed dissertation. After I got the result after a month of bothering them, results did not meet the standards I am expecting. The organization was very horrible. I am not sure if the reviewers had a degree or specializations or not. The results they provided was very poorly organized. So much issues to deal with them but I regret paying them the big amount for the horrible job they do. I do not recommend minimax at all to any vying doctoral student.

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