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Minima Eyewear / Poly Eyeglass Lenses / Eye glass lenses crack

1 4525 San Fernando Road. Unit # EGlendale, CA, United States Review updated:
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I paid over $700 for frameless eyeglasses. Both lenses cracked at the screw near the nose rest, at just over 3 month after purchase. Glasses were used and cleaned very carefully, never dropped or bent, and worn all day. I purchased the glasses at Glen's Eye Care in Manalapan, NJ. I was not told the glasses have a 3 month guaranty. Glasses are bought for use of at least 3 years. Glen's Eye Care said I must call Minima USA to get the problem resolved. I called Minima USA and was told the Poly lenses I bought do crack and that they have other, more expensive lenses that will not crack. I spent over $700 and was not told about the possible problem or that there was a better alternative. MinimaUSA said I must deal with Glen's Eyecare. I went back to Glen's and after a major argument, he agreed to exchange the glasses for framed glasses. I now have framed glasses that are strong and fine. These are much less expensive glasses and I was refused a refund for the difference in the price of the glasses.

Do not buy eyeglasses manufactured by Minima USA. Do not buy Poly frameless lenses - they will likely crack. Do not buy eyeglasses without a warranty that is as long as the glasses should last you. You must ask about and get proof of the warranty time and details.

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  • Jo
      19th of May, 2008
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    This has more to do with the lens maker and less to do with the Minima Frames. I have been wearing minima's for several years now (I own 5 pair of which 3 are sunglass lenses), however I purchase them in Germany when I travel. My optician is expert at properly preparing lenses for these glasses and I have only had one pair break over the years due to mishandling by me. However, they must be assembled and tighened properly. I would be upset if I had to replace lenses after three months as the other person has described, but this has not been my experience at all.

  • Tr
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I have also worn the Minima rimless eyewear. I still own three pair which I regulary wear that are approximatly 6 years old...none of which have ever had broken or cracked lenses or even broken frames. I am aware of the risk of polycarbonate lenses being far more likely to crack and break. These lenses are no longer the most recommended lens material choice.

    The gentleman's issue is not the frame. but is the concern of the material, and the capabilities of the lab working with drill mounts. This complaint speaks more to the optician/owner of the shop where the eyewear was purchased than the frame manufacture which is not the company/lab (lensworks) in California.

    Minima frames are made by a very reputable and family owned business in France and distributed here in the USA. Minima's only fault is not having more control over the expertise of the Optician's selling, fitting, and manufacturing the lenses for these highly durable frames.

    My advice is seek a Licensed Optician who is willing to share ALL lens material options with you for your lifestyle even if it is something they don't offer in their establishment they can tell you who can help you with your optical/fashion needs. You are paying for their expertise and quality products.

    Sincerely Submitted,
    Tre' Miller, Licensed Optician, Board Certified Florida
    and long time wearer of Minima (fr)

  • Al
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    If your prescription will allow i recommend using trivex as the lens material. This is a more suitable material for drillmounts than polycarbonate.

  • Al
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I recommend using trivex as the material for drill mounts. This will work much better than polycarbonate if your prescription will allow.

  • La
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    I agree that the material of choice for ANY rimless frame should be Trivex. If your prescription is one that thickness (or thinness) is an issue on, 1.67 would be the next choice. Poly is not on our fave materials list.
    Janet-Laramy-K Optical.

  • La
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    P.S. - You gotta love all the adds for cheap glasses online... The optician should be willing to go through the options when making a purchase. That's their job. This is one case where an informed buyer could have made a better and more cost effective choice.

  • Ta
      29th of Jun, 2010
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    I purchased a pair of Minima green titanium rimless frames two years ago and a pair of Minima rimless sunglasses a little over a year ago. I find them to be of high quality. I purchased at Nasa Vision Center in Webster, TX. There customer service is terrific which I appreciate even more after reading the above complaint. I have a strong perscription and alway get the thinnest lens made at the time. Not sure if that is Trivex or Polycarbonate. I will inquire as I am about to purchase the same frames in a different color because I love them so much.

    I am always complimented on my frames. Not just the frames but the lens shape that my optician picked out for me. So focus on the lens shape as much as you do the frame. strangers walk up and inquire and my friends as well.

    After two years, my green titanium glasses have a little area with the green worn off by the bridge of the nose. I realize that I must frequently handle them at this point. I plan to inquire about this at my optical store. I'm a little bummed because I could see myself still wearing these for many more years. And still may because it is not noticeable. It just looks like a shadow. I will inquire about how to avoid this or how much a new nose bridge piece would cost. Has anyone had this problem and have you inquired or found a way to prevent it other than the obvious - watch where you touch them or wash your hands frequently?

    I had them adjusted once because they had gotten loose. Recently the nut by the nose bridge had loosened and was lost. My optician replaced it while I waited for free of course and I was good to go. There are lots of cheaper glasses. But these are of high quality and give years of enjoyment. A little more money for a quality frame that provides longer enjoyment is so worth it!!

  • Re
      21st of Jan, 2016
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    I have had the Minima 3 for 3 years and had the lenses changed 2 years ago. No cracks in the lenses. The glasses do get abused at time but have done well.

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