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This company engages in fraudulant business practices. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MTAP OR THE COMPANIES THEY PROMOTE. I am hoping to locate enough people who have had business with Millenium Travel and Promotions to start a class action lawsuit. Their promises and promotions are designed to be so difficult to complete that very very few awards are ever actually presented. I can not believe that it is legal for them to operate. If I conducted a business as misleading and deceptive as MTAP I'd be out of business in Oklahoma.

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  • Ok
      Jul 30, 2011

    I just received a promotional certificate from them. I haven't redeemed it yet. I am hoping it works out. May I ask what happened? I would like to be aware of their practices. I didn't purchase anything from them. Thanks for your help. -Oklahoma

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  • Ge
      Aug 13, 2011

    What a silly complaint. What are you actually complaining about? The incentives offered are given to QUALIFIED individuals (read: those who actually HAVE a major credit card...not a debit card) and attend an event. MTP is the industry leader in travel certs and promotions. Only idiots who can't follow their terms and conditions do not travel (like trying to book over major holidays/peak seasons).

    Refundable deposits mean just do have to request the refund; which is clearly stated in the terms and conditions. Don't enter a legally-binding contract if you don't intend to fulfill your end of the deal.

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  • Mt
      Feb 11, 2012

    GetaGripDipshits: you are the idiot. Do some research online about this company. It is a huge scam. They send everyone vouchers that they won a free trip just to get everyone to send in deposits. You're the idiot. This has scam written all over it. This company has been pulling this crap for years. Thank god for the internet...Pull your head out of your butt and try reading...or maybe you work for MTP. Kinda sounds like you do...Screw off...You scam artist...

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  • Cc
      Apr 06, 2012

    I actually did travel with Millennium, I followed all the terms the first time. I got my 3rd date but that's fine. And it ended up being cheaper then Expedia. So its really all about reading and if you call they help you. Come on people its 2012 nothings free!

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  • Ke
      Aug 01, 2012

    When u did travel with them after u sent in the initial refundable deposit how much additional was required in taxes and fees I too followed the instructions but am getting nervous because I'm reading about these taxes and fees?

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  • Le
      Aug 03, 2012

    yes this company is a SCAM Newport c.a, me an my wife went July 2012. don't do it its a sure bet you are not getting plane tickets not true, you send the deposit in, you been had, please don't trust them, they almost got us. something told me too check them out. don't fall for them its a big L I E.

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  • La
      Sep 11, 2012

    I suspect that any positive comment you read is generated by Millennium Travel employees. Their whole approach is to get your "deposit", hold it as long as possible by drowning you is a sea of paperwork, ask for more money (port charges, govt. taxes, etc.) then lead you on until your time has "expired", keeping your deposit and anything else you have sent them. I also suspect that a good many people just get tired of the run-around and give up, forfeiting their money. Yes, a lot of their conditions are spelled out in their paperwork, but it is designed to be confusing and most people don't take time to read it carefully enough. I do believe the state of Florida should come down on them harder. If anyone wants to start a class action lawsuit, I will be glad to participate.

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  • Mu
      Sep 13, 2012

    did anyone check the better business bureau?

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  • Sm
      Sep 24, 2012

    I too was scammed! I read all the fine print, knowing that nothing is free these days. I followed all the instructions, sent the mail certified, even when i didn't have too. Picked my dates, sent the form in. A month and a half later, I received a letter from Millenium stating that my 1st date was invalid, that I had to pick three more dates. Now I am into July. I received the packet in February. I picked three more dates, having to wait 60 days before the first date and 45 days in between each date. August came and went, September (which one of my dates was in this month) is almost over. So I called Millenium, they told me that they sent me a letter telling me that again, one of my dates were wrong! Come on! So they told me that I would have to wait 60 days again before the first date, why! By doing that, i would not be able to squeeze in three dates with 45 days in between, before February, avoiding the holidays, a week before and a week after, which really is eight days before and after the holidays. I am done! I asked for a refund of my deposit! This is bull****! I believe we should start a class action suit

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  • He
      Nov 13, 2012

    hahahaha You guys crack me up. Its like signing a contract with a gym or anything else except with MTAP you get your money back. Read before you sign duhhh, how is it a scam if you get your money back. use your brain a little it will go a long way. Ok so of course you cant travel within a holiday and you have to pick your dates just like everyone else because its based on avail. n 1st come 1st serve. (LIKE THEY TELL YOU) Just amazes me how dumb people in this world really are!

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  • He
      Nov 13, 2012

    btw they do not give out the certificates they only fulfill them n they have to follow there contract

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  • Bu
      Feb 09, 2013

    I have just started dealing with these people and if it goes the way some of you are describing I will contact the attorney generals office and raise a stink. The person that mentioned a class action lawsuit is on the right path. I will let you know what happens.

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  • Wi
      Mar 03, 2013

    I wish I had been more inform about consumers complaints and f rating by the BBB. My wife and I took the bait march 2 (fri) and will make attempt come Monday morning to stop payment on a deposit of 366 dollars as an initial down payment on a time share purchase I hope am not to late. Does anybody know if I am able to stop payment from my credit union ?

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  • Un
      Apr 08, 2013

    I am calling attornies today in FL to inquire about a class action lawsuit. I have read the contract, and done a ton of homework. I expect my name to lead on the lawsuit. I am a prelaw student, I save copies of everything I sign, I found the cruise/flight online for less that what MTAP says it requires in fees/taxes/payments, and I am driven like you wouldn't believe with oodles of time to burn. If you have not sent MTAP money, DO NOT SEND THEM ANYTHING. The fix is in. If you have already sent them money and you want to join a lawsuit, please email me at UNTOUCHABLETOO at yahoo dot com.

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  • Tk
      Apr 20, 2013

    We attended their 2 hour seminar in July of 2012, in exchanged we received 2 airfare and one cruise certificate. Once we filled in all the paper and submitted the dates all together. They told us one of our certificates was not valid. Then they kept sending us letter asking us to verify the dates several times. Each time I filled in the paper and sent it in. Our certificate expires in June of 2013. I received a call in mid April saying we have your airfare leaving out of a city (that was not part of the original request), then when we inquired about the cruise, they said we never received your dates. That is not possible as I sent in all three of the forms in together. How could you receive two and not the other. So, our cruise was cancelled :(. I was little upset as we didn't plan our vacation waiting for this certificate. Then once I called them back to verify the air line tickets they had our tickets leaving from a city that will not be possible. When I tried to explain to the customer service that they have the destination wrong, she was extremely rude and said "this is a promotion, this is what we have if you don't want it we will cancel." and that is what they have done. I have spend over 10 hours dealing with this people, filling in the forms and now I have no summer vacation planned, will have to pay a higher price to book a last min vacation. Not to mention the stress this has caused. I even had my mom takeoff time from work to watch my kids so we can take the cruise. This is very unethical and their business practice definitely needs to be investigated. To think me and my husband were considering buying their membership for future vacations. It looks like there were a lot of complaints and there response is similar to what they have done over the phone with me. Which is being a Bully? I will never deal with Millennium Travel and promotions Inc.

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  • Pa
      May 31, 2013

    We received a letter in the mail saying that we qualified for 2 free round trip airfare tickets for travel anywhere in the continental United States from any major airport. The retail value of this award is up to $1398.00. All we had to do was call Dana Kline and as an extra bonus for calling we were also going to receive a complimentary Caribbean cruise for two. I called and was told all I had to do to receive these gifts was to go to a local travel agency to pick them up. I inquired if this was some sort of timeshare presentation and was told absolutely not! I made the appointment and the next day I was called back to confirm the appointment and was then told that my husband and I had to attend and that we were required to stay for a 90 minute presentation for a travel club. We attended that meeting today and fortunately since we have been time share travelers for many years we realized that making a $6000.00 dollar investment was definitely not worth what they were promising. We declined to purchase a membership in their Island Trader Vacation Club and asked for our promised gifts. After waiting about 10 minutes for someone to get back to us we were finally given a voucher for 2 free air tickets and another voucher for an 8 day cruise. The only problem was they wanted us to send them money, in the form of a money order, and then to select travel dates that maybe you would get tickets for! Complete scam!!!
    Residents of Spring Hill and Brooksville Florida beware. We only lost our time, , hopefully, we can save others from wasting their time and money. May 31, 2013
    Millennium Travel and Promotions is just scamming the public to attend these presentation.

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  • Ch
      Jul 03, 2013

    We are having the problem. Went to a presentation and was promised free airline tickets. When we sent in the voucher with a $100 deposit, no tickets were sent. When I called, they said since it had not been received certified my money would be refunded. When I didn't receive the refund several weeks later, I made a phone call. I got the story that they would have to put a stop payment on the check and then resend. Still haven't seen my refund. This company is a scam.

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  • Tr
      Jul 22, 2013

    I have read all the comments posted on this website and we were in the same boat as many of you; however, by being persistent and keeping after them, we finally got a full refund of all the money we had sent them. Here's our story: My husband and I attended a presentation in Fayetteville, AR put on by A2Z Vacations and like all the rest of you were promised free airline tickets and a free cruise. We followed all the terms exactly as stated, sent in deposits by certified mail, etc. They were unable to accommodate our first 3 date choices for a cruise (conveniently I suspect) and sent us a sheet to choose 3 more possible dates and return to them. Because we had a hard time choosing dates for a cruise that best fit our schedule, we decided to forego free airline tickets and did not choose any dates or send any money for those tickets. After sending in the second set of dates for a cruise, many weeks passed and we never heard from them so we decided to not pursue it any further and ask for a refund of all the deposits and fees we had sent. My husband called them and the lady he talked to said no problem and they would get our refund right out to us. Three or four weeks went by and no refund so he called again and was told their records showed it was sent and they would void that check and send it again (I have my doubts that it was ever sent after our first phone call). Another month went by and still no check. My husband placed a third call on July 11, 2013 and that time asked for a supervisor and talked to a lady named Brenda. He told her that we had still not received our check after two phone calls and he wanted her to send us our check by certified mail, the same as we had been required to send money to them. She got flustered and advised they only send checks out by bulk mail, but he insisted she send ours by certified mail and told her to deduct the certified mail cost from the amount of our refund. She agreed and said she would get it out within 5 business days (being July 18 or 19). Our refund check arrived today (July 22, 2013) by UPS. Hope our story is helpful to those of you currently dealing with MTAP.

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  • Un
      Aug 19, 2013

    I want to thank all the people that have emailed me about a class action lawsuit. After carefully considering my options and contacting multiple attorneys in two states, to include the FL attorney general's office, I have elected to NOT press forward with my case. The reason for this is twofold: 1) Most attorneys want a hefty retainer (5k+) or 40% of the settlement. Since the value of a claim for cruise and flight for two ranges between 3k-5k, the best attorneys want a minimum of 50 folks to file a class action (50x5k=250k). It is also worth noting that MTAP has set up "shell entities" to protect assets and has hired a big shot Miami firm to help sue others that "infringe" on their shady operations. Reason 2) After much hard work, pestering, and nasty grams I did get a refund of my $600 deposit from MTAP, despite MTAP getting the benefit of holding the cash for a year.
    MTAP is an evil company that deploys deceptive trade practices, consumer fraud, a semi-complex Ponzi scheme, and illegal contract wording to manipulate people all while collecting money from their business partners and unsuspecting victims who are baited into presentations and deposits with little hope of a long delayed recovery. MTAP depends on people simply forgetting or just getting lazy. I encourage everyone who reads this post to remain active and get after these clowns as much as possible, and maybe someday in the near future we can band together to dismantle this conglomeration of evil and do a great service to all humanity.
    Sincerely, [protected]

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  • Ca
      Jan 25, 2016

    It is a scam. Any award that sends you follow up letters with hoops to navigate to continue qualifying takes the fun out of a trip to say the least. We got an Award letter and a letter waiving the deposit from a 2 hour presentation. I would encourage people to google bbb's for any company before waisting your time. All we lost was time but your time is precious. There is government action currently involving this company. I am embarrassed that I went to the presentation.

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  • Se
      Jun 16, 2016


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  • Se
      Jun 16, 2016

    I sent the claim but was voided because it was sent regular mail instead of certified mail.
    But does it really matter, regular or certified mail?
    Another tactic for Millennium Travel to not honor the award!😡

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