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Mike Dolev and Josh Black / eCom Momentum - DFY Shopify store

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It’s a sad fact, but true, that many of the so-called deals you are offered online are nothing more than some scammer looking to prey upon your dreams, looking for a way to part you from your hard-earned money. I hate to admit it, but I fell victim to one of these scams. I feel like a fool, but it happened. I’m writing this to hopefully enlighten some other trusting soul… before it’s too late.

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. I’ve worked my whole life, been responsible and tried to treat people fairly in any of my business dealings. I retired two years ago and soon found that I could not live on Social Security, so I decided to pursue one of my life-long dreams of having my own business. The Internet seemed the perfect way to accomplish my goals.

I took courses, tried to educate myself, tried to become proficient at technology (met my first computer when I was 40, so this is all foreign to me) and set about becoming an online entrepreneur. Although I had a little bit of success, I hadn’t gotten to the point I wanted when I got an email from Mike Dolev and Josh Black inviting me to an online webinar shortly before Christmas last December. I reserved my place immediately, as what they were offering sounded like exactly what I needed.

After the webinar, I emailed them and received a very nice response telling me to “sign up” because they could definitely help make me successful. I liked these “kids” (Mike Dolev and Josh Black). They looked like sincere young guys who had obviously cracked the secret to this online marketing world, so I paid them $495 (the lowest level package they had available). Unfortunately, as soon as I paid the fee, my emails were no longer answered.

Within 3-5 days, they were supposed to have built a site for me, and loaded it with hot selling products. They were then going to advertise on Facebook and had even offered to refund up to $300 in Facebook advertising themselves if I didn’t have immediate results . As each step happened, they were going to teach me to do the same thing so I could become independent and eventually run my own business. NONE OF THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

A week after the site was supposed to be completed I emailed wanting to know what was happening – where we stood with this project. Nothing, no response. I emailed again… again no response. This went on for almost three weeks. I then emailed telling them that I needed an answer or I would have to go to PayPal and file a complaint because I feared they were not what they proclaimed themselves to be. Still no response. On January 19, 2017, I opened a PayPal dispute.

As it turns out, I was one of the lucky ones. On February 4, 2017, PayPal decided the case in my favor and I received a refund. Others have not been so lucky.

During the time PayPal was looking at my dispute complaint, I received a rather ominous Facebook message from Josh Black. Here it is verbatim:

“Because you opened a dispute you will not be eligible for a refund and we will fight the dispute and win. If you want the chance to get a refund and you believe you deserve a refund by the terms, cancel the dispute and then you can actually go through the normal way of getting a refund through us, if not you will not get a refund and this is final. Now I understand that you might be scared to close the dispute, however, if you do you will receive either an option for a refund if you’re eligible OR a compensation, we guarantee either one of those. However, with that being said you will not get ANY compensation or a refund if you keep the dispute up and we will win.”

This is NOT the way reputable people do business!

So the moral of my story is – no matter how “nice” these guys seem in the beginning… THEY ARE NOT. They are NOT the boy next door or your grandson. THEY ARE CRIMINALS WHO ARE TRYING TO STEAL YOUR MONEY. They are almost impossible to stop since they operate across International borders and no one really knows where they are at any given time. Mike Dolev and Josh Black have stolen thousands of dollars from people who honestly want to build something… from people, like you, who have a dream and need help making it come true. They are the lowest of low. They take your trust and destroy it for easy money so they can travel the globe and live off the toils of others.

Like I said, I was one of the lucky people who received a refund by using PayPal, but many, many others did not. They are out hundred upon hundreds of dollars, while Mike and Josh are sending out a new round of email trying to entice people like me (and you) to hand over their money.

Mike Dolev and Josh Black
Mike Dolev and Josh Black

Mar 9, 2017
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  • Jo
      27th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    Yes--I bought into this program too and even scheduled a call with Mike early this morning. I had heard nothing from them and was getting frustrated so when I scheduled the call, the guy, Mike, called late and said he tried me on Skype. He was very curt and didn't say anything that helped--he said that they had their payment processor block them from their money so the process has to start all over. He then asked me, "Do you have $500???" No salesman approach. Just straight up, "Do you have $500??" I said, "I already gave you that money and you're asking me for more?" That's when he told me of the payment processor issue. Which is probably a lie. He then said he'd send me his PayPal account and when I sent him $497, THEN he would refund the first transaction. THAT was not okay in my book. So I did some more research and even though I thought I did research before I purchased the program, I didn't find anything bad--or maybe I just didn't look hard enough. Now I'm finding your post.
    So...on this note, have you found any legit person to help build your Ecomm store?

  • Ta
      27th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    @JodiT Hi Jodi,
    Sorry to hear you fell to these scammers trap. pls join the FB group for more info...

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