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Microsoft Lottery / lotto scam

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 801-870-6050

----- Original Message ----- Microsoft Word Lottery Team: Your Email Has Won 5.5 Million Pounds:
Microsoft Word International Promotions Department,
Mword Lottery, United Kingdom.
Phone: +44-[protected]

Today, we announce the winners of the MICROSOFT MEGA JACKPOT LOTTO WINNINGS PROGRAMS, your company or your personal e-mail address, attached to winning number [protected], with serial number 674432, consequently won in the Fifth lottery category.

Do contact the email address below for further Clarifications and to Claim the Award Sum of 5.5 Million Great British Pounds which was awarded to you in a Personality Test Program held to Honor our Customers. Your email address emerged as one of our winners through our Microsoft Random Email Balloting System.

Microsoft International Promotion
Hilary Stones
Director Microsoft Promotion Team.
Contact Email:

Do email the above email address at once with all the claims requirements below, in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications.

Full Name:

NOTE: You are to contact your claims officer immediately by email (

Copyright © [protected].
From: Hi-Speed Freight Delivery Firm
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 8:07 AM
Subject: RE: Msword Lottery Delivery Status


Donald Hardy is our accounts officer, he is the one in charge of our accounts and also will be the one coming down to your country with your winning check to help you cash your winnings to make sure there will be no hitches.

Try to understand that you have to take my word and put your trust on me, that once you are able to effect the payment, we shall duly dispatch your parcel for delivery. We do not operate deliveries on COD. You will have to effect the payment for the delivery of your parcel before we can dispatch your parcel for delivery. I swear to you that once you pay for the delivery of your parcel, you shall receive less than 24 hrs of you making the payment. I am a family man and I can’t lie to you.

Just take my word and give it a try and I assure you that you will not regret it. Its a life changing opportunity. Every sensible person would ask the same question you are asking. Please take note that you are NOT paying for the lottery you have won. Microsoft Word Lottery is absolutely FREE. However, let me explain some of the reasons why you are required to pay for the shipping of your winning cheque...

Firstly, There was an agreement between the Lottery House and the courier company as to who shall be responsible for the delivery of winners cheque before the license was issued by the British government. As a result, winners were meant to be responsible for the delivery charges of their respective parcels. And that is why we the courier firm is one of the Chief sponsor of the Microsoft Word Lottery.

Secondly, All Lottery winners are required to pay administrative/Tax charges to the British Inland Revenue Board before the courier company will be allowed to dispatch your cashier cheque and your winning certificate to you. So, if you want your winning cheque to be sent to you via the address you have provided, you must pay for these charges before the courier company will have a legal right to dispatch your duly won cashier cheque of 5.5 million pounds to you and these Tax charges have already been paid by the Microsoft Word Lottery.
I want to inform you that we are aware of this unholy act perpetrated by lottery imposters who make use of our name and Trade Mark to lure victims into their nest. But we have created links with the general public via internet web pages to be wary of these scammers not to fall victims. These and many more steps Microsoft® 2008 has adopted to enlighten the general public to curb this menace of internet fraud but if you suspect any of such, you are advised to report any suspecting mail you receive pretending to be us and we shall recommend the appropriate authorities in charge for actions immediately.

I want to authoritatively inform you that this is not one of those scams out there, for the fact that they have abused our program does not mean we will stop our responsibility to the general public who we are meant to serve. I will advise you to contact me your allotted verifying claims agent for more information as to how to have your legitimately won prize remitted to you. I have been mandated to act on behalf of this organization as an external special agent to give you directives and assist you to file your claims by following the due process to have your legitimately won prize remitted to you. This is the job I have been paid to do by this organization and you are advised to work respectfully with me by adhering to my instructions in order to complete the process of your prize remittance within the limited time approved.


Your personal e-mail address brought you this unexpected luck. Microsoft® has decided to embark on this online Lottery to promote this office. The program is aimed at promoting or encouraging the use of E-mails. You are through this medium being encouraged to continue with the use of Microsoft® and if you are not yet a Microsoft® user, you are encouraged to embrace its utility as a result of what your personal ID has brought you this unexpected luck via internet Microsoft® Offices. Over Billions of personal e-mail addresses all over the world were randomly selected by the most powerful recent Microsoft® software and your e-mail address was luckily among the 15, 000 participants from an initial database of 150, 000 emails and zoning all participants by their respective continents from across the globe, we produced an extensive list from which you have emerged as one of the winners of the Promotional Grand Draw prize. Besides, you were the 2nd winner among the participants. So you can see how extremely lucky you are to have emerged as our winner. BE INFORMED THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO ENTER THIS CONTEST AS A WAY OF BUYING TICKETS BEFORE YOU ARE ELIGIBLE. For the fact that you have a valid e-mail address automatically qualifies you. And you are therefore been approved for lump sums of £5.5 (FIVE MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS). These funds are in cash, Credited to a valid cashier's check, with REF NO: M154S/WL04, CHIP NUMBER: 9465021 and BATCH NO: MIC006. Be informed that your prize has been insured and ready for pay out to you.

Note; Legitimate won cheque and certified certificate bonded in parcel has been taken to a reputable courier firm here to handle its delivery to you. I your claims agent has been assigned to monitor this delivery to you pending when you contact the courier company and observe relevant delivery formalities after making payment of the cost of shipping and their service your parcel containing the winning cheque and your winning certificate confirming you a winner to you.

I want you to be rest assured that the Microsoft Word Lottery Team has actually liaised with these correspondences to have the cost put at a minimum rate that will be affordable by you. Also, as a way to guarantee that your legitimate prize will be delivered to you, Microsoft Word Lottery has mandated the delivery firm to take an insurance cover on your cheque. Lastly, Your Microsoft Word Lottery cashier cheque of 5.5 million pounds and your winning certificate bonded together in form of a parcel is sealed to its real level and no one can have access to it unless after dispatched to you by the courier firm.

Am sorry we do not deliver parcels on COD. We are the Chief Sponsors of the lottery you have won so you have to make use of our services. Also note that we can not deduct the amount needed from your winnings because, your winnings has been insured to its real level and sealed. No one can not even you can authorize the deduction. Please just try your best and try to effect the needed payment for the delivery of your winnings. Be assured that once we are in receipt of your payment details, we shall duly dispatch your parcel for delivery immediately according to the delivery status you have chosen and made payment for.

Upon above captioned, I will advise you without delay observe the necessary delivery formalities to have your cashier cheque delivered to you. I hope with all this, I have cleared your mind from all negative doubts.
I know it is difficult for you to believe in this but this is for real and not a joke.
Awaiting your urgent response in this issue.



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