Michael Turner / Beware of faulty goods

1 11410 FM 1826, Austin, TX, US
Contact information:
Phone: 512-364-4860

If you are considering buying used FEMA trailers and mobile homes from this guy, you better think twice. Let the buyer beware!

You see, Mr. Turner is a seasoned con artist who has scammed numerous businesses and individuals whom have purchased trailers from him that he acquired from the government either via auction or gift for resale purposes. Turner misleads his buyers into thinking they are buying trailers that are in good condition and that are properly titled. They aren’t. Unfortunately, Turner is only in it for himself and has been selling a bill of goods to trusting buyers.

Turner stealthly operates behind a wall of shell corporations and non-profit organizations so that his buyers have no personal recourse against him, are unable to sue him, get their money back etc. Turner's companies include Affordable Housing Solutions, Double Yellow Equipment Co and best of all……..Silver Lining Foundation, a 501 C3 non-profit company.

Turner had the nerve to accept a donation from the government of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of trailers in the name of his non-profit organization under the guise they would be given away to poor people. Instead, Turner sold these trailers for a huge personal gain, allowing he and his family to travel the world, while his buyers were left holding a (damaged) bill of goods. Turner has set up these illegally operated companies to scam innocent buyers, businesses and government officials. When he returned to the United Staes, he continued to refuse to make good with the buyers of his trailers.

Born Michael Posnac Tuner, this carpet bagger fled New Hampshire and New York for the warm weather of Texas, where he set up shop to prey on the unknowing buyers he ultimately would get tangled with. This Ivy League educated mastermind now is allegedly under investigation by the U.S. government for some of illegal antics.

Mr. Turner is nothing but a smooth talking snake oil salesman. Do not be taken in by this con artist!

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