Michael Lance Sierra Denver Colorado / stole 1000 for a tattoo that didn't happen

1 Denver, CO, US Review updated:

I really should have known better and did my own research. After looking more into this I found that Michael has tons of bad reviews in Pueblo Colorado for stealing. I found him from word of mouth and wanted to get a full back piece done with color. We agreed on 1000 so I gave it to him in one payment to get it out the way. We scheduled out for two weeks after he was paid. The day of my appointment he didn't return any messages to confirm the time. I called over 5 times through a span of hours with nothing. I had no choice but to sit there practically all day waiting. By the evening I was livid and called more. No answers while also resorting to email him. My last hope, I called him from a different number because that's what people he ripped off did. Sure enough this fool answers the phone. He says he was with a customer and would set me up the next day. I honored his word and waited. Then the next day he did the exact same thing. He isn't answered nor returned any of my calls. If you are looking for tattoos and find this clown Michael Lance Sierra from Pueblo Co then go the other way. He rips people off hard and rips them off all over Colorado.

Nov 26, 2017
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  •   Nov 26, 2017

    Did you file in Small Claims Court?

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      Dec 31, 2017

    @SubSquirrel She has nothing but lies, I’m sorry this person is wasting time making up stories she has made all of the accusations of Michael Lance Sierra on this site, must not take rejection well. Mike has not tattooed for years only a small group of family and friends. So getting $1, 000 for a back piece a month ago is laughable. I have told this person how to contact me and they do not, they just pop up every year or so with a new false complaint..
    To whoever it is that is doing this I have told you how to contact me sent messages made comments with nothing back from you. I would love to go to court about these issues you have.

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      Jan 28, 2018

    @TroseT Huge lie and attempted coverup. Michael has ripped off dozens of people. I’ve known him for years, he ran his mouth to everyone growing up and now it’s biting him. He has so many enemies + everyone he has screwed over I definitely believe this review. His name is mentioned in news archives on the pueblo chieftain mentioning gang activity.

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      Feb 12, 2018

    @Nonamelame NOPE yet again you, very sad how much time you put in making new emails, new accounts trying so desperately lol wow please get a life already you’re wasting yours being worried about me @Nonamelame @michaelsierracolorado @aubreedoesremember @wewontbackdown @nomorebackingdown

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      Feb 12, 2018

    @TroseT BTW This IS Michael Sierra! So let’s right this wrong I supposedly did to you... refund, tattoo...
    doesn’t matter does it because you will never reply back to this comment you’ll just make a new complaint. It shows that I have made attempts to cooperate to every account you’ve made and you never respond hmm plans not working too well is it..

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