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I was approached by telephone by Meridian Business Consulting. He explained that this company offered complete training and individual support until I had a web site up and running and and I had made all the money back that the course cost. - which was some $4, 500 which I charged to my credit card, which was already some $20, 000 in debit. But i was persuaded that this was a way that i could pay my debts off. I subsequently had 9 training calls on the phone over several weeks with a coach, during which time i had to work on the content of my website which would consist of selling affiliate products in a niche market which i chose - new inventions. I was required to use their website builder which which cost me an extra $39 per month. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by Ameritax Financial Services saying that I had to register as a corporation to satisfy the terms of the IRA since I would need to file income tax. This also was a $59.95 monthly charge to maintain my account at their office as well as another $2, 000 for reqistration of my corporation. So this was an extra expense on top of all the others. I found that i was struggling to carry out the requirements of the course and all that it involved due to me having to look after my ageing parents. I made my coach aware of my predicament and large credit card debt and asked her to arrange a refund as i couldn't continue. I sent more emails saying that i was on the verge of bankruptcy but had no response from them, even though i asked them to sell my tuition to someone else even at a discounted rate - no refunds were ever made. Their promise of me making about $25, 000 a year and that they would be there to assist me every step of the way was an empty one. Except for my contacting them I have never heard a word from them offering to help me. I was definitely misled by this company an they did not live up to their end of the contract. I have fallen for money making scams before but they cost pennies compared to the thousands of dollars that this one and another called Thrive Learning has cost me.
If anyone reads this that has had success in getting any money back I would appreciate you letting me know. If anyone knows someone who could assist me at a reasonable rate, that would be terrific. The company itself now appears to have gone out of business but it merely may have closed down only to start up again somewhere else as their site builder website is still up and running. Be careful of similar schemes ... i also had signed up with Thrive Learning shortly before Meridian Business Consulting for an equally large amount with the same result apart from having ongoing access to their e-learning library which is at least something. I'D REALLY LIKE TO RECOVER THE MONEY THAT THESE COMPANIES HAVE COST ME SO PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN ... THANK YOU.

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  • Da
      5th of Aug, 2012

    I am also have been taken advantage of by this company. I told them I was in great financial stress and they assured me that they could turn my situation around in one to three months as I would be making an extra 3-5 thousand dollar per month in that short time. I told them that I do not have much knowledge of internet or computer programs. They said it was idiot proof. They would provide me with all the knowledge needed to get my buisness off the ground and on my way out of possible forclosure on my home. Since then I have not had help from their teacher's just assignments, they don't know the answeres to my questions, they say check with your state revenue office. They promised web building and once ready they wanted to hand me off to another company who wants more money to build my web page. I am left with empty hands and pockets. I would love to get back my $12, 000.00 [protected]

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  • Ch
      20th of Sep, 2012

    These guys at Meridian Business Consulting almost ruined my life. I am a 65 year old widow on a fixed income. I do not know how they found me, but they talked me into their program. They originally offered me this great deal! I was going to be making thousands of dollars a month. HA, that is a joke. They first scammed me out of $7, 500.00, promised me that the leads would just come into my lap because they are that great! Well, a couple months went by and I still hadn’t seen anything. Called and was told “That’s because you need this additional package to make this work. It is just a small fee of $12, 500.00 but this is what you should have gotten in the first place along with the basic stuff.” I was so hesitant and didn’t want to but was told that I basically threw away the $7, 500.00 if I didn’t include this other package. I did it reluctantly and, boy, I must really be a stupid old lady. Now, the total amount of $20, 000.00 and I feel as though I was taken for the worst ride of my life. I was depleting my savings and I almost lost my house. Luckily, I was given information about this company, FIAD Services, and spoke with Luke Daniels. He assured me everything would work out and, of course, after being made such a fool by Meridian Business Consulting, I was hesitant to trust anything. A month went by and I was desperate to save my future. I called Luke back and told him I wanted to try this out. Well, a month and a half, later I couldn’t be happier with their services. They didn’t pressure me and they held my hand the whole way through this nightmare. The recovered all my money from the SCAM artist at Meridian Business Consulting and required no upfront fees! This is how companies were supposed to be when this country was founded and I am glad to learn that some do still exist. I swear by them and would encourage anyone to talk with them. They have a great website with a ton of information and all contact of their contact information. They can be reached at (800)753-6724. Thank you FIAD Services so much.

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  • Di
      14th of Dec, 2012

    OMG! My husband and I found us in the same predicament with Meridian. Although, we were contacted by another company who told us that our website was going to be shut down because it was based on fraud, etc. We worried about all the money we had invested so we started to make contact with Meridian to find out if it was true and no one would return our calls or emails. We finally got in touch with a company (I think they found us) and they helped us get most of our money back. We're trying to get the remaining amount but Discover is now playing hard ball with us and being very difficult. I think in the end we will prevail but it's just frustrating that Discover is now siding with Meridian all because we don't have a contract to produce. As you know, Meridian didn't furnish a contract, it was done by telephone but the big credit card people don't get it. So... I'm not letting go of this fight. TO NEEDINGHELP! you're not alone. There's 3 of us that commented, I'm sure there are more out there. Contact Internet Business Resource Development, Stephen (775) 574-8262, he held our hand through this and even took on some of the calls for us. He's a wiz!.
    Good luck!

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  • Zm
      19th of Feb, 2013

    O my!! We are in the same boat as you all! In Feb 2012, My husband and I enrolled with Meridian Institute to try and start a e-commerce business. We were contacted by a coach by the name of Ben E.. He talked us into signing up and paying the 12, 000 dollar fee.. Really? This was our first mistake! We decided to sign up to try and make this e-commerce business a extra income for me and my husband. Which in no way shape or form did he Ben Ellis ever tell us not to buy anything other then what he had told us. We then was contacted by the Tax Club telling us that we needed all theses different services to make our business successful. Hahaha if only we had known this was a big scam!! after 40, 000 in credit card debit and no services ever rendered here we sit. Trying to get a hold of people to ask questions about where our web page was or why Product Power doesn’t work or why all access books didn’t work was Impossible. The only time we heard from Ben Ellis is when they wanted more money. Really?? It seems that when we were contacted by the Tax Club each time it was someone new trying to get more money for something else. I really think the Meridian Institute needs to be investigated for getting people into this business and then taking them for large amounts of money and then never calling when they say they are going to and basically never having any intentions of ever helping the customer after getting customers to max out credit cards.Does anyone have any ideas where we can go from here as to trying to get a refund? How do we do charge backs on credit cards? The tax club or Meridian Institute may say that there is contracts in place and no refunds are due but how can a contract be fulfilled if there is never any services rendered from the customer? Here we sit with 40, 000 in credit card debit and trying to help 3 of our four kids through college. Its sure is sad how the Tax Club and Meridian Institute has preyed on so many innocent people that are trying to make a living for their families, only to find they have been scammed!!! Yes you say you will work with people to make the situation better but how is it better if you wont refund the whole amount spent on this? we are and have been “dead in the water” Yes we did sign contracts but when we as customers never received what was purchased then we should get back the amount we put into this.. We are very unhappy with Meridian Institute and The Tax Club. We sure would like to talk to someone about a refund!!

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  • Oh
      21st of Nov, 2013

    I agree. I have experienced the same problem. I even had promises made by the own Mike Adamson that I would not be let down as I previously was. Their website affiliate - Ignite Web is an absolutely waste on money. I am now hosting and built my own site for free. Please don't accept there course - you can find everything on the net how to source, sell on ebay. I wish I read the above reviews before I signed up to Meridian Consulting - another learned lesson

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