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Merchant Referral Solutions / Investment Scam

1 3104 Camel Back Rd. #606Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-304-6970

This company calls you about merchant accounts for credit card machines. They then ask you to join and that its s one time offer and pressure you into joining. They tell you that a "trainer" will call you and help you with your business and getting merchant accounts. When the "trainer" calls you, he doesn't give you advice... he is "trained" to convince you to start a marketing campaign with them to help you get merchant accounts. They say that you will for sure get merchant accounts from there campaign if you do one with them. Well 3months later after starting a campaign, nothing. NO merchant accounts whats so ever. Yea they still call me every week to ask me for more money and to do another campaign... I have been contacted repeatedly by David Larson and Ralph. I fell for there scam and played there game but now its my turn to play my game with David Larson.

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      24th of Feb, 2010
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    I got a call fromj a Scott Davis at MRS who told me that I would get a packet and a list of leads of merchants who wanted to install their credit card machines. I was told that I would get a call from "coach" who would wali me through my first transaction, which was to be Big Lots, which had agreed to install 3 credit card machines and for which I would receive $500.00 per machine or $1500.00 my first w2eek. They weere careful though to make sure they charged my credoit card fpr their Liscensing fee, Mr Davis called it. in the amount ofr $495.00 and a monthly web fee of $19.50.

    I then got a call from a Mr Tyler Thompson, who verified that he was not my coach and I would never talk to him again. His job it seemed was to soften me up to go along with their sales of credit card machines, using examples of income potential for Walmart for instance which might have multiple terminals.

    I mentioned that I had understood from Mr Davis that he, Mr Davis, said that my first check would already be calculated for $1, 500.00 for a specific company who had already agreed to have machines put in. I would just have to call them to arrange a time for the card reader delivery. According to Mr Thompson though, the specific company was not on my schedule and that Mr Davis had mis spoken.

    Mr Thompson said that I would receive a call from my "marketing" representative. I have not received that call and have cancelled my credit card number and disputed the charges from these people as I feel their practices are deceptive and dishonest.

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      27th of Feb, 2010
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    The BBB has warned consumers about Merchant Referral Solutions. File a report with the Arizona Attorney General, the Phoenix area BBB, the FTC and the US Postal Inspector General (if you received items through the mail), and tell your credit card company you have done so when you file a dispute on the charges. This is how we got our money back. We also dealt with the hang-ups, the avoidance, the misdirection - they will NOT willingly refund your money; you need to go through your credit card company to get it back.

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      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    I become victim of Merchant Referral Solutions (MRS) and lost $30000. If you lost any of your money, Can you send me your contact info at ingorala at yahoo dot com. Delete extra space. I'm making a list of peoples that got affected. I am a company plant and I will report your names to MRS so they can sue your ### off!!!

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      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    Oh scam for sure lol I used to work for them, it's boiler room get a deal any way you can style sales. The "coach" like you said is just there to sell you advertising. You won't get support, and even if you send a referral to them good luck having them contact them, I'm in no way sticking up for the company but I do know 1 person personally that has made some money, not alot but about 1100 per month. They have a great business idea if they would just focus on being a legitimate company. People I'm sorry to hear you lost your money but if your going to invest into a company, especially 30, 000 DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! BBB/[redacted]/google... Anything. Sorry about your losses but the Internet is your friend, do your research on the company that you might be working with.

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      10th of Apr, 2010
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    Anyone reading this who wants to know more about Merchant Referral Solutions, please see the thread on this site entitled "OSC LLC."

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      2nd of Aug, 2011
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    Merchant Referral Solutions has stolen more than $10, 151.79 from me by deception which is illegal and yet they have gotten away with it, thou they will NOT be fairing well when it comes to Gods judgement day. In Nov of 2009 I received a call from a Bryian Davis telling me that I could make money at home, by ordering a kit from them, the kit cost me $151.79, when the kit (folder with sales cards) arrived I realized it was a sales job, so I just laid the kit aside as I knew I was not able to get out and sell as I was wearing pins in my foot that looked like turkey skewers. I am NOT a sales person sever have been. Then I received a call from a Michael Anderson on November 10, 2009 telling me that by Dec. of 2009 that would have $25, 000.00, and by May of 2010 I would be getting $50, 000.00. I stated; sounds good, what do I have to do?" Michael;"virtually all you have to do is go to your mailbox and collect your checks". I stated;"sounds good". Michael;"do you have any credit cards?" I stated;"yes, I have four". Michael:"get your cards". I got my cards and Michael chose my Sears (Citi) card and my regular Citi card, and he inquired as to how much I was allowed to charge on the cards, and he went the full limit. He charged $5, 400.00 on my regular Citi card and $4, 600.00 on my Sears card. Then I received a call from Natasha a day or two later (I have all dates among my papers) telling me details of entering their library to get my training to be able to get out and sell, I informed her that I cannot get out and sell, but remember it was suppose to make me able to make momey at home =s a FAT LIE. I did not know that Michael or Natasha was connected as they had came at me under different names, then I happened to see the folder and suddenly I realized the phone numbers were the same on all three phone callsl I immediately requested a refund of my money and was denied. I have went around and around with (Robert?) Greene trying to get my money back. They do NOT have papers signed by me in a legal way so as to make it legal for them to keep my money, and in the voice recording agreeing that there would be no refund of my money there is a BIG IF = the fact that I agreed IF I got the money of whicg they claimed I would, well I have NOT got one penny of the promised money.I have learned that the only way I could get my money back is to get out and sell credit card machines to earn my money back, thus I paid more than $10, 151.79 for a sales job. I can do better than that IF I wanted to sell. They sent me a schedule of a full weeks job of getting out and selling, thus Merchant Referral Services totally lied to me to obtain the money from me putttin me in a dangerous debt. My husband and I gave our property away to try to keep from being homeless, by the credit card companies. I have fully explained to my credit card companies about the ripoff (scam) by Merchant Referral Services, and they will not help in any way. Instead the credit card companies have sued my husband and I. We have been in court three times on one warrant and we have got to go back to court on Aug. 3, 2011 being sued by Sears collection agent. Every penny owed on the Sears card is owed because of the money that Merchant Referral Services got from me by fully LYING to me. The Sears bill is now $6, 036.37 as late charges and interest has been added, and legal fees, court cost and etc. will be added onto that. My husband and I are retired and barely getting by on the little retirement check. The payment on the regular Citi card was to be $500.00++ per month = half of our income, then the payment on the Sears card was suppose to be $3++.++ per month. We had had the credit cards for years and in good standing. Merchant Referral Services has ruined our credit. I have tried in every way that I know how to see to it that the thieves of Merchant Referral Services be made to refund my money, and I have just been beating my head against the wall for nothing. Put Merchant Referral Services out of business and see to it that peoples money be refunded. I want to say to Merchant Referral Services:" you may get away with your thievery here and now, but you WILL have to face God with money on your hands that does NOT belong to you, and you can sue the hell out of me and that is just fine, I will fight you to the very end.

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