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I began to be suspicious immediately upon joining. Within 1 - 3 days of posting my profile without a picture, I received several email on the website from attractive, scantily clad women wanting to meet me. After sending out literally hundreds of emails, I started to see a pattern of replies, often getting the same reply from different women to different emails, and they were identical right down to the same misspellings. I began to get the same emails from the same woman; after starting a conversation, they would send two or three random replies, not addressing any questions about themselves I would pose, and then the cycle would start again, with exactly the same email.

The next thing I noticed that when I would hit REPLY to an email I received, I had to type in the subject line. Then I looked at my inbox. EVERY EMAIL, underscore EVERY EMAIL THAT I RECEIVED after about 7/25 with very few exceptions had a subject line that started with RE: and the exact subject line I had sent and then a basically random, non-responsive reply. AND THOSE EXCEPTIONS, THAT DID NOT HAVE AN RE: IN THE SUBJECT LINE, most of those messages were from webcam hostesses or women who were out of the country and / or looking for money.

Finally I started to notice that there are numerous duplicate identities, something I started to look for after seeing pictures of women I had chatted with who were listed in different states with different addresses and ages. Some of the ones I have seen are Snoopyb and Twinklestarr, bambilee and sassylips, MissTigress and sexqueen84, and there are others that I am relatively certain are dups but I didn't write them down and I don't want to waste the time sourcing them. What is interesting is that with missTigress and Sexqueen84, one is dissing me after I raised my question about the truth of some of the profiles (in my email I raised NO doubt about the reality of the person to whom I was writing) of how I can tell if she is real, while the other is responding with random replies! Here is the message I sent out: -----------------------------------------

Just the idea of getting together with you makes me hot! And, I really hope, I really hope a lot that YOU ARE for real! The issue is I have real questions about the integrity of this website. I have received the same message from the same woman I have sent a message to I have found images of the same woman with different names in different cities with different ages - check out twinklestarr and snoopyb! There are multiple posts on the internet about this, and I have seen posts of the same pictures with different names on the web as well, and these are people who have sent messages to me before I sent them messages. I know I am not the worst looking guy in the world, and I do not harbor any illusions that I am the cutest either. I sent you a message before you sent on to me. How would you feel if after you sent me a message and I replied and asked you a question and you sent it back to me with a direct answer to my question, and then you got exactly the same message you received the first time - a generic "hello, I am ..." message identical to the first message, right down to the misspellings and punctuation! I mean, if you are real, you know that this is a real message, because the people who are running the site would have no reason to fake you out with a message like this. But if you put yourself in my position, they want me to stick around and pay money and the only way to do that is for me to have - conversations - with women on this site who look like they might want to meet me. So it looks like they might be - manufacturing - these messages. Once in a while, a woman will send me a message saying lets get together, I reply great, when and where sounds good to you, and the next message I get is the same message I got the first time I sent a message. Frankly, I am feeling so skeptical about whether anything I am seeing on this site is real, I am looking at blowing the whole thing off. AND the possibility that YOU are real is why I am giving this one last chance. I would like to chat with you outside of this site, somewhere the messages do not go through the MeOnYou server. Please reply to this message to my e-mail address at <my non-MeOnYou email address> . I am a really nice decent guy, with a high level of integrity. You are an attractive woman; you are well worth this aggravation of this site if I can get to meet you and we really click. I would like to meet you. So, if you are interested in meeting and possibly going out with me for a date, please write me outside of this site. You and use a completely anonymous yahoo or msn address for the message so you can protect your safety, and you will know that no one is playing with your messages and that I am real. So the ball is in your court. I really hope you are a real person and we will get to meet. Have a great day and a great life, and a wonderful holiday season!! Remember, <my non-MeOnYou email address>, OK?!


Not exactly what you would call a disrespectful message, nor one that could be interpreted as saying YOU ARE A FAKE, rather is is saying I am beginning to suspect some of those OTHER profiles look like fakes, and YOU don't and that is why I am writing to you! However, many of the responses came back saying that they were tired of people calling them fakes, etc.

Also, when I would go into the chat room, the overwhelming majority of women I saw there were webcam hostesses who could not reply to messages on line, and who were there as a matter of business, working to get guys to sign up for Dating IDs or to get access to their webcam sites or to vote for them for their modeling carreer.

I have pulled my profile, done everything I can to get my pictures off the site, and am now on OK Cupid. Looking at doing Facebook as well and just looking for friends. The online hookup stuff is just too easy to scam, and when someone charges me to meet people, their motivation and mine are not necessarily aligned; they want me to stay and pay my monthly, I want to find someone to mess around with. If the site cannot deliver what I am looking for, I leave, so they have a strong incentive to make me think I may be able to find a hookup! I would say avoid MeOnYou like the plague!!!

So, guys,

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      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I joined this site first on a free membership and recieved an average of 3 to 4 messages from hot women that apparently lived close to me and wanted to hook up or get together with me. I became excited about this and joined as a paying member and sent messages back to several of the profiles of women that had originally shown interest in me, and that's when the correspondence stop coming. I had sent emails to several of the women that had sent me messages but did not receive a reply back from any of them. I figured something wasn't right, so I decided to investigate this company and discovered a high volume of complaints by members being taken advantage of by this scam. I contacted this company's customer service line and not only asked to cancel my account but also demanded a refund of my money, and threatened to have them reported to the proper authorities if they made any unauthorized transactions on my credit card. I am a college educated guy and was very appalled and disgusted with myself for falling for this scam. It should have struck me as odd when, two days after becoming a free member, I was receiving emails from so-called interested ladies when my profile was incomplete and did not post any pics of myself. No real woman is going to want to hook up with or get together with a guy that she does not know or has not met before. I should have used more common sense. Now I hear that a former employee of this company is willing to testify against the shady people that run this online dating scam. I am just amazed and appalled by the number of dishonest people that operate scams like this, and I do not know how these bloodsucking ### can live with themselves taking advantage of other people and ripping people off like this.

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      29th of Mar, 2009
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    To give you a good idea about how bogus the female profiles are on the MeOnYou site, there is one profile named Bihot4fun, and the picture on this profile is that of porn actress Amber Michaels.

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