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Memorex DVD-R discs / Almost half of pack has scratches

1 Bristol, TN, United States Review updated:

Last year I purchased a 100-pack of DVD-R discs from Office Depot. The Memorex brand was on sale for $20 so I couldn't pass it up. I never needed these discs until now, one year later, because I was still using up another spindle of another brand of discs. I put my faith in that the unopened pack was perfect...

The 100-pack was perfectly sealed and had never been tampered with. When I finally opened it I noticed a few on top had small and LARGE scratches on the burnable surface. Upon inspecting the entire pack, I found that 44 discs were scratched! These are the kinds of scratches that will ruin a movie or any files I might try to burn. They are worthless.

Remember, this was from about a year ago, so I sure as heck didn't know the whereabouts of the receipt.

I contacted Memorex directly via email and I was told they can be replaced... I just needed to ship back the defects at MY EXPENSE along with a copy of the receipt, which I didn't have, and told them this bit of info to begin with.

I asked again if something could be done without the receipt, but still got no help. They wanted me to call on the phone. Why waste a phone call if they're gonna give me the runaround about the stupid receipt.

I filed a BBB complaint, hoping that would help. Again, through the BBB this time, I was told by Memorex that I needed to send a receipt copy.

They'd been told 3 separate times that I didn't have that stupid insignificant little fading crap piece of paper. These discs have "Memorex" printed on each one, and they all have serial numbers too - WHICH IS MORE THAN ENOUGH INFO FOR THEM TO TAKE ONLY THE DEFECTIVE DISCS BACK AND SEND ME NEW ONES.

Even if I had the receipt, they still wanted me to pay to have the 'scuffs' sent back. They're not getting me to spend another penny towards getting more of their terrible products.

By the way, I forgot to mention that one of these discs did have a distinct fingerprint which was not my own - I handled each with great care during my inspection. I bet they had one heck of a day in the factory when they were being made.

And now I'm stuck with a bunch of COASTERS.

I'll never try Memorex again - or any other products made by Imation. And there's absolutely nothing they can do to win me back. Thanks for helping me add another careless, greedy corporation to my boycott list.

I hope my situation will help dissuade others from purchasing Memorex products.

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  • Sq
      29th of Aug, 2010
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    One defected pack out of a million? I've had no problems with Memorex DVD-R and in fact have used -a lot- of them. But like all corporations, they're not going to bother with one minor problem. If it costs them money, they will make you pay for it. Corporations are greedy profiting ### - nothing new.

  • Al
      30th of Aug, 2010
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    Here's how to fix any disk. The simplest is to take them to a video DVD movie rental in your local neighborhood that has a machine that polishes out the scratches. They usually don't charge much of a fee per disk.=, and it can be used on CD's also. If you want to do it yourself, just keep in mind that each disk has a metal strip encased within the plastic. Get some brasso or the equivalent and put some on a soft rag and gently go in a clockwise circle in a circular motion all the way around the disk in an even stroke for several minutes. Then wash and dry the disk and try it in your computer or your DVD player. If it doesn't work, then repeat the process. This is how to manually repair CD's that get scratched an error. Be patient, becaue you can slowly polish all the way down to a fine thin layer of plastic without harming the CD. Just a miniscule of plastic over the metal strip prevents harming the metal strip. If you have important info on a CD, after you get it to working again, copy to a new CD in case the metal strip should become damaged in the future, depending on how many layers of plastic you've removed to remove any scratches.

  • Ji
      24th of Sep, 2017
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    I agree I bought a pack of 100 d.v.d.'s and out of that 100 about 40 were no good, scratched or were defective when recording and since it has been about 4 months or so since I bought and did not keep receipt, there is nothing to be done but eat the product !! As always learned a lesson and will no longer buy memorex !!! But since all stuff like this is pretty much made in the same factory with just a different name on it !!! AS ALWAYS ;;;; BUYER BEWARE !!!

  • Gl
      21st of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    My Memorex DVD experience was so astounding I could hardly believe it myself (and I was there!). First, I should note that my wife likes to archive tons of home improvement show episodes on our Magnavox recorders, and will not let me buy any media brand but Memorex. That said, we purchased two identical 50PAQ Memorex DVD-R media containers on sale from Walmart in February 2015. The wife likes to buy plenty of media in advance, especially when there's a sale on. Anyhow, she did not need these discs until today, but when I stripped the factory 50PAQ shrink-wrap off the first PAQ, I found 29 discs, with a binder clip on the post at the bottom of the stack to make it look full from the top. Then when I opened the media container, I found (in order from the top) 1 DVD-R on top, then 2 DVD+R, 1 unknown brand DVD hand-labeled "Comeback Dad, " 4 Galaxy brand CD-R, 1 smudged disc without identification, 3 smudged Galaxy brand CD-R, 6 recorded and hand-labeled DVD-R of various brands, 3 Memorex DVD-R, 5 Galaxy brand CD-R, 1 smudged and scratched disc without identification and finally, 1 Galaxy brand CD-R. The entire hodge-podge in a new, factory-sealed package.

    The second 50PAQ did contain 50 Memorex DVD-R. For the bizarre first one, we have a receipt, but Walmart won't accept a return, and I can't figure out if a Memorex optical media division actually exists anywhere. The Memorex CE support page sends you to PNY, and PNY has no product support option for optical media.

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