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1. She got my website of 8 years taken down and I could not get it restored,
2. she hacked my email and sent disparaging letters to all my friends and customers, she wrote letters to my neighbors telling them to complain to animal control that I was a kitten mill,
3. she wrote to all the local vets and told them to let her know when a person with a kitten from me came that was sick, came in.
4. She constantly posted her defamation with links to her website on my friends Christian e-card site guestbook. My friend would remove them but then started changing them to say good thinks about me, so the crazy had the guestbook suspended.
5. She would take out adds on the then free classifieds provided by YXXXX AND axx, AND ON lXXXXXX she would post hateful lies on their feedback and the ad would have to come down.
6. She harassed anyone running an ad for kittens trying to find out if they had cats out of my line. Then they were told they had to kill the cat or be ruined on her site.

My 20 years of working with this line had just started to pay off and I had most of the best chocolate and lilac cats in the world and lots of catteries were coming to me. Well that all stopped.
1. She harassed my cat breeder friends, on their website guestbooks,
2. and by calling animal control on them,
3. making complaints to the BBB and CFA. Posting numerous slanderous complaints on forums and chat rooms, complaint boards etc. She so harassed these websites and the people using them that they all changed their format, or removed them entirely. I got many emails every day threatening me with ruination if I did not pay her. She fabricated more complaints and put them everywhere. She never sent those emails directly tho, always from one of my ads so they could not be chased.
1. Some of those claimed she was best friends with Henry Hills brother "Mikey" with a link to the movie review of "Good Fellas" which I was not familiar with. But they were mobsters in New York where she is from and they killed a lot of people.
2. Then she hunted down every breeder that had a website with pedigrees up with my cats in them and demanded that they kill the cat or she would destroy them by claiming that they had FIP infected catteries. All this time she also demanded to be paid to stop her harassment.
3. When she started destroying others because of me .

I decided something had to done so I looked for a lawyer. I called everywhere, contacted the bar, looked up attorneys online. When I could find one to listen, they would look up what she was doing online and decline to help, citing that she was mental and they wanted nothing to do with her and thus me. That was always the answer I got, or they would review the material and get back to me. Most never did, and a few returned everything stating they did not have time or they did not want to deal with a crazy. Finally an attorney who was a friend of a friend in another state, told me to take her to small claims court myself. That it would probably be my only option. So I did. San Diego court case. I sued for harassment, copyright infringement for the websites she made using my cattery name, defamation, libel, and I cannot remember all the rest. It took 2 years to get her to finally show up. All the lies and harassment to the court (they actually new my name and case number out of 4 million because of all her harassment) She gave 22 false addresses.

Claimed she was to sick to show up. I won a default judgment which she challenged and appealed. Then she challenged the venue, appealed that decision. Claimed she was not served properly, returned the certified letter cards unsigned which the judge challenged because I got the post office to provide the orange slip she had to sign in order to get the letter. Then she went to the post office and caused a problem and had to be removed by the police. She wrote exparte letters to the judge slandering me, he recused himself. When the judge saw the amount of of paperwork he was stunned. He said because it was small claims and monetary only he could not tell her to stop, but he advised her to, he could not give me a restraining order either. I tried to get one on my own but they would not even give me the paperwork. When she ignored the debt for a year I filled for debtors examination and brought her back to court. She hid and I had to contact her thru and ad for one of her kittens, the process server set her up for a kitten buy and served her. When she showed up she was dirty and claimed homelessness. The judge sent us out in the hall to work out payment, she claimed she was homeless and had no money and no computer, etc. When I told the judge she was not cooperating he advised her she need to do that and she agreed, so back out to the hall, same thing. So once again I advised him she was refusing so we were sent down the hall to a criminal judge who grilled her for 3 hours. She kept telling him she lived in abandoned cars in parking lots. Where was her license, she left it at home, well where was that since she claimed she slept in abandoned cars???? Which car did she feel it safe enough to leave her purse. No response. He had the bailiff try to find her drivers license in the system, no luck. He asked her what name it was under, she didn't know. Had she transferred any assets lately if she did she was in trouble. No. I provided him with her car license but it came up in a different name. She refused to give her SS number til he threatened her with jail. Sadly instead of throwing her in jail like I had hoped he gave her 90 more days to comply, if she did not return with all the requested documents she would be incarcerated, did she understand? Yes. He told he he did not believe anything she said did she want to change her story so she would not be perjuring her self. NO she did not. I received a check from her mother in NYC a week later for the full amount of $7500.00. She did not pay the court costs or the interest

and when I went back to the judge to request that and to tell him she had not stopped her harassment, he refused to come out and talk saying well you did get paid. That is where it was left as of Aug of last year until she started up again about 3 months ago. And when I went to the police numerous times they would not even listen but showed me the door and told me to "work it out". Until the 6th time when I was threatened with an investigation. Well, in this county you cannot be legal with a cattery, they won't let you get any of the permits they require...sooooo he said if there was one thing out of line he would arrest me. I of course gave up Now to the recent emails posted by the complaint forum owner. She posted that same complaint several years ago and I tried to get it down like I do all of hers. Most all of the boards will take it down if you prove your case. Not him he forwarded all my emails to her which she posted everywhere and some are still up. Then out of the blue a year later he advised he had taken it down because of fraud on her part. Now of course he has done the same thing again and refuses to acknowledge any of the court info, or anything else I have forwarded him, claiming he is not responsible for what others post. I know that he is and I would like to go after him. He did not have my permission to send those emails on, in fact I asked him not to, reminding him what she had done before. I also pointed out on the court judgment d ocument that the judge wrote in that he found that I had been harassed by this person.He ignored all of that claiming no responsibility. Isn't he ultimately responsible especially once he has been notified? This is the third time she has destroyed my name and my life and my reputation. My business has dropped off 100% in the last three months, I know some is due to the economy but not all because I was doing ok before. I do not feel that all of this is worth a cat that she did not even take care of. Do I regret selling her a cat, absolutely. I m horrified that my sweet little kitten ended up where she did. A News reporter was even going to do a story on this whole thing, but they could not find her and after three weeks her boss made her give it up. HELP, I want my life back please. It has been 8 horrible years, I thought I had got it stopped and yet here I am again. Have I stated all this clearly enough for you? I sometimes worry that I forget things that would clarify. If you have any more questions please let me know. Everyone keeps giving up on me, or clearly backing out because they think she is crazy.

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  • FYI Ms Zizzo did not post the above complaint. But CFA Cattery Review did post this info about Catinallity Cattery
    please go to html#melanielowry
    This will give you a birds eye vieweof the complaint history of this breeder Buyers becareful do research before you buy online

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      Jul 03, 2012

    CFA Cattery Review is RoseMarie Zizzo. Zizzo hides behind many names and websites, but she's just one poor, deranged woman posting from her son's basement.

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