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I been used my email more than 6years and never got junk emails.
After i sign up premium account with MEGAUPLOAD.COM located in China, few hours later i received many junk emails, day after day, all emails contains with stupid language, all subject and body contains with small square boxs couldn't read it. They break their own policy, this is china ways! after i emailed to complained i received more junk emails. Finally, i unregister my email account :-(. is better s*ck they r personal business not a company.

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  • L
      Mar 15, 2010

    It IS a scam! I signed up for a three-day (trial) package and was charged $99.95 for ? and
    $40 for a weather update service (what the...?). My credit card company is working on this
    in their fraud department.

    Note: They also go by

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  • M
      May 08, 2010

    My acc got suspended after i download a couple of episodes over the web. Suspension indicated 6hrs and yet after 9hrs straight still suspended. What they put on my email stating was i abuse my acc and yet what i do was just straight download right onto my pc. Doesn't it mention unlimited bandwidth and why is there restrictions to download. Paid for a premium but get limited and yet simply stating account abuse.

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  • A
      Apr 14, 2011

    I purchased a 3 month premium membership and was charged $29.99 which was taken off my account, then the next day I receive an email from them stating that the payment was reversed or reimbursed to my bank account and that my membership is cancelled. However, the money did clear and I complained via email and got a response 3days later stating the same BS. We'll see what happens, but this site is very shady. I made sure I paid through paypal so that they don't have my information just incase it turned out to be scandalous, which so far it is.

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