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Meganite, Inc. / Unhelpful customer service

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I had questions about the new kitchen counter top installed in my new vacation home and went to Meganite's site and emailed my questions. They replied and told me they needed more information. I replied on 4/16, right away, and that's the last I have heard from them. I sent three more emails asking for help and they have not replied.

My original question was why this kitchen counter top which Meganite claims is so durable scratches so easily. Just sliding a plate with nothing on it leaves a scratch which has to be fixed with sand paper.

Meganite Inc.
1254 Lexington
Pomona, Ca. 91766
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  7th of May, 2007
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Dan - I am not sure how I offended you, I got cut off cellular and called back right away to continue and to apologize. I got in the office a few moments ago and see your most recent e-mails.

I understand that this is important to you, from your first e-mail on 3-12-2007. But as you know Erin Husser had some difficulty determining who the supplier of your tops were. She received that information in mid April

I see that there has been another e-mail chain from "Foust" at the same address; one phone the same, another in Wisconsin. Should I call Foust?

I am not sure about the phones you searched, but I did not call you previously from the cell phone we were on earlier today. And Erin had another phone also.

As I suggested earlier today, our salesman in Wisconsin and I would need to inspect the top with Cornerstone to offer any possible suggestions. My salesman is has been in the process of contacting Darren for an inspection report. His input might be useful.

As we were getting disconnected earlier today, I was in the process of asking when you would be in Eagle River. I also believe I asked in the voice mail message immediately afterwards, if there might be someone there to let us in for the inspection.

A physical inspection is the only way we can determine causes or remedies.

  1st of Aug, 2007
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I also have Meganite in my new townhome. It scratches, as the above person commented, even by sliding a plate across it. I have placemats and trivets scattered all across my counter to prevent this, but it is very bothersome to have to remember to always put something under any container just in case it might scratch the counter. I have lived here 8 months, and already the countertop looks bad. What will it look like in a year or two.

I also emailed Meganite, but got no response. Have you had any recent success with them?

  30th of Sep, 2007
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I just put in a Meganite counter top and I wish I had read these comments before I did it! This is the WORST material I have ever had in any home I can only be thankful I didn’t go for the sink I am currently trying to deal with the company who installed this product (Andros Kitchens in Mississauga Ontario Canada) with little success.

  19th of Aug, 2008
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I'm in ontario and have a Meganite counter top in which I don't like as above. I did try to get information on the product before having it put in but wasn't very successful. I wish I would have found these comments before I did it. However, I contacted the company and got a response right away. They are coming to to check it and fix the problem. I'll keep you posted how it goes.

  6th of Feb, 2009
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continued from above:

I had someone come in to re sand the countertop in Nov. Of course it looked super but as soon as we started using it... it marked up immediately. I really don't like this product and would not recommend it! It doesn't look clean and it seems that if you sneezed on it it would mark. As stated above an empty plate marks the surface. The fellow that sanded the top said that stone ware dishes are not good for the surface but that doesn't help me now. We've had the top in just over a year and unless it's freshly wiped it looks like we've used it for ages and not looked after it. The distributer in Ontario was very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately their product does not stand up to the promises and just daily use. Save your money for a better product or choose laminate so if you don't like it you're not out of pocket too badly.

  29th of Jun, 2009
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I would agree with the above comments. I wish I would have read this before I had these counter tops installed. I can touch the counter top with my finger and it would probably scratch. I had my counter tops resanded by the company that installed them and within days it was scratched again. I was wondering if anyone had any luck getting them replaced? Or if anyone has a cleaner that they would recommend? If you are thinking about getting this counter top, don't do it!!!

  18th of Jan, 2012
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So agree with everyone else. I had a kitchen renovation done back in March 2009 for my vacation home in Florida. The contractor pushed Meganite over Corian (what I originally wanted). I selected color "Tiger Eye Gemstone #821S". First thing I noticed after the work was completed was how my counter tops were not as shiny as the sample. Now I have moved permanently in my Florida home and the wear and tear on these counter tops is terrible! Just sliding a plate causes bad scratches! This product stinks and would not recommend.

  31st of Mar, 2012
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Totally agree with everyone above. This surface should not be intended for a kitchen countertop. Unfortunately I opted for the sink as well. As you can see in the photos, just pouring water from pot after cooking vegetables (with cold water running of course) will severely damage the surface. The countertop damage is the result of my son's first attampt at cooking. He placed the fry pan on it while cooking pancakes. Still trying to have it evaluated for repair. Now I'm wondering if it's worth it. PROBABLY NOT!

  23rd of Jul, 2012
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We had Meganite counter tops installed in April 2012... not happy with them all the scratches and we have been so careful. Over 5, 000 dollars and they are beginning to look like crap..Was told this was a great product...not so...Would tell everyone to stay away from this product..wish we could do it over..I think the company should make it right with the people who spend their money on this thinking it was a great product

  11th of Oct, 2012
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Absolutely an issue w/scratching! Have had for about 4 yrs and as a single person who is very careful w/the countertop, it will scratch if you just slide a cat food container across it! Anything and everything scratches. And yes it was pushed over corian. Makes you wonder.

  8th of Jul, 2014
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I see all these comments are somewhat dated. Has anyone had any experience with the newer Meganite. have any improvments been made?

  30th of Sep, 2016
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Not only have I experienced the scratching everybody mentions, but I have cracks in three different counters and from the installer to the distributor to Meganite they consider this "normal wear and tear, " and are unwilling to honor this as a warranty issue. Drilling through the counter seemed to take all the strength and weight of the installer to get through the material, but cracks four and five inches long that go right through the material are just "normal wear and tear." I have had nothing but headaches and disappointments using Meganite, I do not recommend it!!

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