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Mega Download Pass / Rip off

camby, IN, United States Review updated:
I signed up on maga download pass just last night even pulled up a program to download.
It just kept saying error so i thought it was just my internet connection.
I typed in http: / / www. Megadownloadpass.com today and all this rip off stuff comes up so i read a little.
Still can't find the right site so to cancel my member ship i just canceled it on the pron site.
I even got a cancelation conformation email from them.
To reach them call [protected] or customersupporthelp.com or maybe try ur luck on the pron site.
I guess i'll see if they still bill me or not wish me luck and good luck to you.

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  19th of Nov, 2008
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They bill me without me authorizing then to.
I want a refund of my money for the last 6 months.
  29th of Nov, 2008
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Could you please stop taking money out of my account.I have file a dispute against you thru the proper authorities.
  29th of Nov, 2008
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i thought the the payment was $4 so why have you stopped me £56 out of my account . mega download pass is a scam
  30th of Nov, 2008
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i would like to cancel my membership to megadownloadpass and bookmark from amanda 936
  3rd of Dec, 2008
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I did not register for this service, I would like a full refund returned to my account and no further attemps made to obtain monies from my account . Thank You
  4th of Dec, 2008
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yes i agree totally this site is a ###in scam i canceled right after they took more than 4 dollars from my account now they billed me again for 40 ###in bucks..im suing them..i had my final straw i left a msg on they toll free hotline if there is no response i will be bringing the proper authority in this matter.
  4th of Dec, 2008
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it weird i registered to download a movie called waist deep..this site is porno. im highly upset.
  10th of Dec, 2008
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Hi I'm Joseph, Mega Download Pass has charge my credit card for two payments of 39.73 . I did not authorize those charges I signed up to download movies on a 3 day trial for a $1 and they charge me 14 days later for a total of $79.46 . The people who name was on my bank card statement was WWW.helpful folks.com . When I tried to call them they did not answer there phone and I emailed them numerous of times and no response. When I first signed up for the 3 day trial they said that it was only a $1 they lied. They emailed me three different invoices with three different trial charges. From a different company they went threw at WWW.customersupporthelp.com Mega Download is a very big rip off. I'm going to sue them and report them to the laws.
  15th of Dec, 2008
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I got hit the same way. I totally forget what I ordered but it certainly was not a porn site and I have 2 charges on my Credit card statement. One is for $4.87 and the other is for $39.73

My Credit card shows "EELIMIT" for those 2 charges so I tried http://www.eelimit.com and I got bounced to Jettis International (Never heard of them) website where I find a number to call.

I called 866-905-5126, talked to a person and now supposedly that charge will be gone forever.
I asked him what the heck I had bought and he said it is a porn site called "Mega Download Pass"

What a scam!
  16th of Dec, 2008
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They have charged me 170 Euros, extra, I want them back
  16th of Dec, 2008
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How could I deal with that then guys ??? I used to call the supporthelp.com and cancel all my stuff but I didn't receive any cancelled confirmation in my email ??? What would I have to do ?? Plz hep me ... I was charged for 3 months which costs me more than 200 USD ...
  17th of Dec, 2008
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Hey guys they got me to. I kept getting the pron site. I called the 1-866-905-5126 and they couldn't even find my account that I had just made the night before. So I went back to the porn site and tryed to cancel my member ship and I got a cancelation conformation email. It says I can call them @ 1-888-532-1682 or coustmersupporthelp.com Hope this helps you GOOD LUCK
  29th of Dec, 2008
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I was looking for Lagosim scenery to download to my Flight Simulator and I found the site www.fulldls.com/torrents/ITALY.Scenery-2004-LAGO, which directed me to various dwnload links. I tried to download, but the acces was denied unless I registered first, which I did whre a $ 4.87 3-day trial period was advertised.
I subscribed and, once I finished to fill the online form, there was a pop-up claiming that the site for the downloads I wanted was MegadownloadsPass.com and a member ID was issue.
After that, I filled another form with my ID number and the porno site popped in.
I was simply flabbergasted and MAD.
Here I was looking for files pertaining my Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and, against my will, I was directed to a prono site!
I was unable to talk to 1-877-532-1682. They make you run in circles!
I immediately contacted my credit card bank and I requested to CANCEL my credit card immediately, which I suggest to to the same to those of you who got scammed by these ###! They won't be able to keep on charging!
Secondly, I wrote a detailed report and faxed it to the F.B.I., who, currently is investigating the matter.
I sincerely hope that the F.B.I. will nail their ### to the wall!
  30th of Dec, 2008
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Same thing! here those ### ripped me off so I cancelled my card and contacted The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the person who believes
they were defrauded or from a third party to the complainant.

I did this and guess I'll see what happens
  8th of Jan, 2009
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how do you cancel the subscription? please help!
  16th of Jan, 2009
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Thes people are rip off but because of this form i caught it before they could charge my account so i canceled my credit card ha ha joke on these ### and the authorities are already aware and are hot on there mabey then can come to the jail I work at .
  28th of Jan, 2009
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  13th of Feb, 2009
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how the hell do you cancel this? i signed up for dll-provider for torrents, not this.
  14th of Feb, 2009
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Same here. The site where you go to cancel is alot of crap. I sent a e-mail to the customer support telling them to cancel and also contacted my credit card company telling them to stop any transactions from these frauds.
  16th of Feb, 2009
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I am getting charged and for Bookworm and Mega download pass. I dont know what to do!?!??!
I filed a complaint with IC3... is there more I need to do to get my money back

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