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My daughter was born prematurely at 29wks and has RDS and also unable to suck or swallow. A speech therapist was requested but seemingly was not going to plan.The admitting Dr requested in November for a MRI as precaution measures, roughly around the 7th or 8th date under correction, around 17:00 the speech therapist Mehnaaz Karim was there again, when she came in she noticed that the MRI report was there and opened it without consent and began to read it, she asked if the Dr explained it and me and my husband denied, she stated "I hope my studies paid off" she divulged information stating that my daughter is partially blind and has brain damage of which neither the surgeon or admitting Dr explained to us, the sister in the ward also asked her as to who gave her the right to divulge information as admitting Dr requested for a second opinion. Since this matter was brought to the attention of the admitting Dr and sister in charge over a month ago, nothing was done about it.There was no proper protocol followed. My baby is now 5months in hospital since birth, this was very traumatic for us, following this incident my daughter aspirated on the 10th November. I have chronic hypotension and this is not and easy on me or my marriage. What needs to be done about this.
Mrs Mashooda Maja

Mediclinic Medforum

Dec 11, 2018

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