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Got hung up by the first rep David because I was shocked at my payout balance after 2 months of payment and after saying that this is crazy and that they must be loan sharks. Guess that did it for him. He also mentioned in a stern voice before hanging up asking whether I saw the 6% finance fee on my contract that would be charged right away. I called back and Shane said that most people don't complain lol. Well not sure how these guys sleep at night knowing that they represent a company that take advantage of people in time of emergencies and crisis. He got upset at me for saying that I will warn others so they are not stuck paying more. Vet referred me to time I am sticking with the banks! Emergency or not!

Feb 03, 2017
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      Jun 22, 2018

    I had applied and gotten approved for $7, 500 over a 60 months term, I had asked them to reduce it to 24 months. I had been making my payments on time, every month for 13 months until I lost my job. I asked them to hold the payments for a month or two until I was able to get myself back on my feet. They refused and told me they would still withdraw the money and if it doesn't go through, then too bad, I'd have to pay NSF charges. I called my bank and stopped the payments for 2 months (as I had originally requested Medicard). They started calling and harassing me 2-3 times a day asking me to remove the stop payment immediately. I politely told them each time that I am in between jobs and will pay as soon as I land another one. They accessed my credit file (no problem), saw that I have a car financed under my name and asked me to stop making car payments to pay them. I told them, I will lose my car, how does that make sense? They told me to sell it then (???????). Fast forward to a few weeks later, I found a new job and updated my LinkedIn. Within a few days, they must have been checking my profile, they called me at my office to see if I work there and when I asked them how they got this number or how they knew I worked there, they hung up on me. I called them back and asked to speak to a manager, I landed on the famous Jenny, who threatened me by saying if I don't make payments today, it won't be good for me. Needless to say, they are a horrible company and ridiculous to deal with. I had another year left on my term, so I cashed out my investments to pay them off and get rid of them. At the end of the day, it's their loss. Had they been a little patient, the payments would have resumed and they would have made more money (interest) off of me. Too bad for them.

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