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Medical edge is a corporate entity which manages a group of physicians in Arlington, Tx. Recently, the THR Arlington Memorial Hospital bought this group of family practice physicians and directed them to send ALL of their work to the nearly bankrupt, poorly run, Medicare fraud mill-Arlington Memorial Hospital and the THR Surgeons as well as the Arlington Cancer Center and its discredited Meridian Imaging Center.Medical Edge-THR AMH are pure and simple mafia like thugs who are exploiting physicians and punishing independent physicians who do not use "their" hospitals, labs and imaging centers. There are illegal kickbacks to the physicians who "cooperate" and punishment for those who don't. Probably CMS Medicare kickback violations as well as FTC anti-trust violations are occurring. People stay away from: Arlington Memorial hospital, the Arlington Cancer Center, Envision Imaging, AMI, Meridian Imaging, Touchstone Imaging, Radiology Associates, and ALL of the doctors at THPG Dallas, Arlington, Ft Worth .

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      26th of Nov, 2010
    medical edge - EMPLOYMENT / CONTRACTS
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      26th of Nov, 2010

    Actually, click on the "Review all medical edge complaints
    medical edge " in top right corner, then click on "Comments" under the posting dated 11/17/2009.

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      25th of Apr, 2012

    For the record, AMH was fined by Medicare for kickbacks to pulmologists in recent years, now Parkland physicians are covering the ER at AMH . Parkland has a huge problem with Medicare. AMH and UT SW Parkkland are now "working together" for your benefit. (LOL)

    for t

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      2nd of May, 2012

    Dallas Better Business Bureau reports at least 32 complaints against Medical Edge in North Texas and will not recommend them. Most of these include Billing and "product"--meaning medical services issues. The company is also called Phy-Serve and has other names to mislead the public-in my opinion. I have heard of instances of absolute unwarranted brutal behavior towards physicians who refuse to sell their practices to them as well as other physicians who have independent practices. Outright slander and libel have occured. The object is to put competitors out of business. This group is now Texas Health Resources and Texas Health Physician Group. At least 30 physicians have sued to get out of Medical Edge in Dallas. Among the allegations were"corporate practice of medicine" meaning profiteering from doctors without having a medical license. There is some suspicion of illegal kickbacks (many patients are on Medicare), as well as anti-trust issues. Stay away from THR-THPG, Arlington Memorial Hospital, Pres Hosp Dallas Harris in Ft Worth.

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  • Jo
      24th of Jun, 2014

    The Beckham Group Obtains a jury Verdict of More Than $19.1 M

    On June 2, 2014, following a five-week trial, a 12-person Dallas County jury awarded The Beckham Group’s clients, a well-known Dallas area doctor, Dr. Allen Reuben, and others, more than $19.1 million because the Defendant medical practice management company, Medical Edge Healthcare Group, breached various contractual agreements and committed fraud.
    This high-stakes legal battle began several years ago as a relatively straightforward contract case. Dr. Reuben sued Medical Edge, basically, to enforce the terms of two contracts as they were written. However, Medical Edge responded by blasting Dr. Reuben’s widow, former employees, landlord, and business partners, suing them all for millions of dollars and Medical Edge’s attorneys’ fees. The message was clear: if you tangle with Medical Edge, you and your family, friends, and business associates will all be slapped with a lawsuit.
    After Medical Edge escalated the lawsuit into a personal, bare-knuckled fight with millions of dollars on the line for Dr. Reuben’s family and friends, The Beckham Group doggedly fought off Medical Edge’s relentless attempts to sanction the parties and attorneys, and needlessly drive up the cost of the case. These pretrial battles took years and thousands of hours of work by the lawyers on both sides to resolve.
    By the time this case got to trial, Medical Edge’s scorched-earth defense resulting in its filing over 100 claims against Dr. Reuben, his company, his widow, his former employees, his landlord, and his former business partner, and Medical Edge had racked up more than $5 million in attorneys’ fees, which it also sought to recover from Dr. Reuben.
    At trial, The Beckham Group maintained that Medical Edge was bound by written contractual obligations that it failed to honor. Medical Edge claimed that the written contract had been verbally changed numerous times and that the doctor and all of the other parties Medical Edge sued had conspired to steal money and property from it, among other things.
    Ultimately, the jury agreed with The Beckham Group that Medical Edge had not complied with the written contracts and awarded Dr. Reuben and The Beckham Group’s other clients more than $19.1 million in damages for Medical Edge’s breaches and fraud. The jury also rejected Medical Edge’s outlandish claims that Dr. Reuben’s widow, former employees, and business associates conspired to steal from it. In the end, Medical Edge’s strategy of out-sue, out-wait, and out-spend was no match for The Beckham Group’s results-driven advocacy.

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  • In
      24th of Nov, 2014

    Similar to or own experience with these mafioso like thugs. They have many aligned "providers" with similar less than straight forward operating procedures these include at least one local high profile hospital group--recently in the DFW Ebola news as well as a local imaging center taken over by a California based "ACO" located in a highrise bldg in south Arlington, Tx.

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