Medcare Hospitals & Clinicsnon reachable hospital/ clinic

Reaching Medcare Clinic/ Hospitals is a herculean task. We wish that you would stop dealing with patients through the call centre. Would DM Group take healthcare more seriously than mere business.

We hear from many patients and doctors the same complaints on the lack of response from the Receptions. Good healthcare providers do not leave people hanging on telephone lines listening to your promotional messages.

Today I had an energy draining experience trying to reach the Medcare Clinic in Jumeirah. After 5 calls, where the call centre staff tried to reach the clinic reception and failed as no one was answering, they promised to arrange a call back and mail the laboratory reports. None of these happened and I request you to remove the tag line "We'll treat you well". You don't treat us well at all.

The experience is the same when we try to reach any of the Medcare and Aster Clinics or hospitals. Due to non-availability of direct contacts for the hospitals/ clinics/ pharmacies of DM group the patients are suffering left wondering of the tag line of DM Group "We'll treat you well". You don't treat us well at all.

If you really care, here would not have been a call centre system in the first place and doctors/ nurses would be reachable.

Nov 29, 2018

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