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Very bad customer service. Speaks very disrespectful. Very demanding and unprofessional. Does not respect the fact that you ask them not to call your work. My encounter with them was horrible. I think maybe that the laws should be enforced to this company or they should be sued to learn a lesson. This is the worse collections agency and I think they are proud of that. All i can say is they think they are above GOD!!

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  • Ca
      16th of May, 2010

    Very rude, calling repeatedly even though we have informed them our 32 year old daughter does not live with us and we do not have an address or number for her. Isn't life difficult enough without some rude man on the phone calling us liars? Unbelievable! This is most certainly harrassment!

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  • Ki
      7th of Feb, 2012

    They are very rude. They tell you one thing at one time, then when you call back they tell you something completely different. I had to give them my address 3 times for them to get it right. They called my old number after I repeatedly told them the new number. They said they called me, but there is no record of them calling me on my phone bill. I have put them on speaker phone, so I would have a witness to what they say, and they still are convinced that they did not say what they said. They need to come down a notch off their superior attitude. I have contacted the attorney generals office, the better business bureau, and angie's list, concerning their rude, disrespectful, better then you attitude. As they say what goes around comes around, and someday, someone is going to treat them the same way. Everyone at some time in their life has some struggles, and least the ones that contact them are trying to resolve those struggles... 'BE RESPECTFUL', and please hire some employees that are not so inmature that they have not developed any people skills yet.

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  • Li
      4th of Sep, 2012

    I have had problems with these people. they called my asked for my son told them he had no bills he's only 18 at the time. then they asked for my other son told them nope he has no bills either. Then they accused me of having an emergency room bill. It's listed actually under my name, but for some reason they asked if my son was here. Told them to fix their billing problems and they talk demeaning to you. Told me i was a very angry person and need help. Well they got a report filed against them from the OHIO ag and BBB. if they keep doing this to you call those two they are not allowed to abuse the law. I quoted them and the FDCA in reference to annoying calls, she lied said she only called 7 times?! retorical statement at best. then I told her that WAS annoying 7 times is considered annoying by human stardards file reports against them. they will stop.

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  • Li
      6th of Sep, 2012

    had it out with these people via the BBB they claim they are not violating the FDCA yet, they are allowed to say you're angry and stressed out due to financial problems. I caught one associate in a lie said she called repeatedly, which is also very annoying. Associate said she's not violating the FDCA or her firm, and told me to google a lawsuit That involved annoying phone calls. She did admit that she called 7 times, but 7 times did not constitute being called in annoying way. Their auto dialer just called again last night, after i informed them do NOT CALL NOT NOW NOT EVER IN WRITING WITH THE BBB. Time to go to the FTC and Ohio AG, they are not allowed to call consumer's names. If you research the BBB they have 57 complaints against their company, for being unprofessional and highly annoying. Done with this, until i can get started working again they won't be getting anything when they do it will be on MY TERMS not theirs. I would hope they go to sleep at night after they get off THEIR JOBS and have a conscious mind about how they treat other human beings with professional ethics.

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  • Li
      6th of Sep, 2012

    They have only validated one bill, which i intend to take care of when I can, but these new calls have yet to be validated. She said it's a new bill, yeah right I don't have any new bills. Now it's time to take legal action.

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  • Bo
      29th of Dec, 2014

    These bill collectors talk ten kinds of crazy and get away with it. I suggest you all get the original account number from your first bill they are trying to collect on and take care of it without them involved. Don't support these clowns. Denise is a joke and turned ghetto on me and argumentative with me in two seconds flat. I will settle my debt with the company to whom I owe it to, not Meade. Don't support this kind of customer service.

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  • Po
      29th of Apr, 2015

    Please be very careful with Meade & Associates. I negotiated a lower "settled" payoff for my balance. They took the lower amount, faxed me the "Settlement" confirmation with Vickie Levan's signature on their company letterhead. After allowing them to withdraw the funds from my checking account, they reported me to the credit agencies (all 3) for the balance as an open collection account. This was deceptive, and fradulent. I have secured the services of an attorney to seek legal recourse. In addition I have sent a formal complaint to the Ohio Attorney General's office.

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  • Jb
      26th of Jan, 2016

    The first time they called, I was at the mall. The woman immediately said "I am collecting your debt, how are you paying today?" To which I said, "...who is this??" She said she was calling for "medical debt" and I must pay her today, how was I going to pay? I asked for more information and said I'd like to call the hospital directly, especially since this company had an address on file that is over 4 years old and under my maiden name! Very sketchy. She started to give me a long acct number but as I was walking around the mall, I did not have a pen. I explained this and said I would call back later when I was able to write something down. She demanded my current mailing address. As I still did not know if this was legitimate, I said I would like to contact the hospital directly. She hung up on me. I called back later and spoke with someone named Sherry. She again immediately told me that I owed them money and what is my credit card number? I asked for my account number very politely and as she started to say it, the phone broke up and I asked her if she could repeat that first. Instead of repeating it, she said, "Ma'am! Ma'am! Do NOT interrupt me!! You are NOT to interrupt me!!" And I was like..."Okay." I got the account number from her and again, she asked for my credit card number. I said that I would be contacting the hospital directly as I do not know what this company is. She said that she is going to send it to my credit report and then when I said that I would be happy to pay once I contacted the actual hospital, she hung up on. I called back because that is INCREDIBLY rude. Before I could even say anything, the employee (who may have been a different one) said the mandatory legal shpeel about trying to collect a debt then said my name and said that I have to give her my credit card information to pay for this bill. I instead asked for a supervisor. After a while of her arguing that she would not send me to a supervisor, she (supposodly) did. I informed the supposed supervisor that I found Sherry to be incredibly rude and that she hung up on me, in addition the person I just spoke with was equally rude. The supposed supervisor (I believe he said his name was Justin or Josh) berated me for not minding my own business, how dare I get in the middle of his relationship with his employees and if I did not want to pay my bill then he could not help me. I asked to be transferred to HIS supervisor and was told there was no one. I said that a voicemail would be fine. He said that if I would not pay this bill, he could not help me. Then HE hung up on me!!! I then contacted the hospital and handled it all through them. For some reason the hospital had an address on file that I had not lived at in 4 years and did not live at during the time the service took place. I never received the bill. The end. Anyway, all that berating and rudeness for a $25 bill?? I didn't even have an issue with paying, can't imagine how these people would treat someone who had massive medical bills and dire financial straights. Meade and Associates disgusts me. They are predatory. Shame on EVERYONE who works at this company and equal shame to the organizations that contract these people.

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  • Bj
      28th of Apr, 2016

    Very rude and said they have sent numberous statement to collectbut I have never received anything in the mail and then wants me to sent them envelope and stamp to get one. If they want the money they can send me something becausebyou can't pay something if you never received it

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  • Km
      9th of May, 2016

    Absolutely horrible. They do not care about the customer at all. I was not informed that if the whole debt wasn't paid off in 90 days that it would reappear on my credit report and once I called in to receive help about this they were SO rude and acted like it was my fault. It is their job to tell me this, if I would have known I would have made larger payments. Also said they had been sending me letters with this information and I told them that I never received anything in the mail and he said "well you must not have updated your address then." ???? excuse me, it is your job to ask me what my current address is. Absolutely terrible. Do not go through them for anything!!!

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