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Well like everyone else says I had no choice but to go with them when I moved into my new apartment. I felt they overcharge for the channels I have compared to Comcast but I was like whatever. I'm not one to complain it takes a lot to upset me because I deal with customers at my job so I try to be as understanding as possible. Well a month in I looked at my bank statement & saw that they charged me for next month without even asking me if they can deduct it from my account. So I called them and was on hold for a good hour then decided to call back and was on hold for anothr 45min so fed up I decided to call the next day. Well after a long days of working a 1r hour shift I couldn't wait to cut on my dvr and watch my shows. Well I came home and my cable was out in both rooms. So I called and was on hold for an hour. So I called the # on the tv and they had me to unplu the receiver and yadada in which I did before and still nothing so they said they couldn't help me but to call mdu & I was like I can't get neone to help me they have me on hold forever & they said they can't help me & hung up. So finally after 4 days with no ca le service I finally spoke with a human and they said it's a problem with their equipment & it should be resolved God knows when. So when my bill was due at the end of the month they charged me an extra 100 dollars because they said that we have to pay a month in advace now even though when I got my services I paid a month in advance and I checked my account online and it's scheduled for me to pay an extra 100 ?ext month as well. I called them and they told me they would have someone call me back next week and I said I need my money back now. Well she said it's nothing else she can do. This is rediculouse. I wor too hard for my money & I would rather be without cable than to gives these thieves another dime.

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      1st of Jul, 2012

    I have also had horrible service with MDU communications. I also live in an apt. with no choice but MDU. They gave me an appointment for July 1, 2012. I called on July 1 to confirm my appointment, was on hold for 40 min, and I was told they don't have service calls on Sundays. I told the rep. I was not hanging up until I was given a new appointment and the first available she told me was July 29, 2012. I looked at my calendar and told her it was a Sunday. She said they don't actually schedule appointments and they will call me when they are in the area. What kind of service is that? I work full time and need to make an appointment so I can take off work in advance, but they don't actually schedule appointments. How do you operate a service business without scheduling service calls. I have never had worse service in my life. I would never have moved into these apts if I knew they used MDU communications. This is not the first time I have had problems with MDU.

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      6th of Jul, 2012

    Totally Agree. I took a day off work to meet the Installation Tech between 1 and 6pm on July5th. As it got closer to with no one showing, I decided to call. I have called MDU four times and the shortest on hold time was 32 minutes! When someone finally answered this time, they told me they were short technicians and they had rescheduled my installation to July 30th! No notification, no apology. I have since heard a rumor that they only have two installing techs for all of North Texas. I don't understand how they stay in business.
    If they really have so much "forced - only service available" business, why can't they hire more phone reps and more technicians?
    This makes absolutely no sense at all.

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      10th of Jul, 2012

    I am still waiting to get an appointment. My ticket was opened June 13, 2012 and almost a month later and I still don't even have a confirmed appointment. I called yesterday and after waiting 25 min. I was told that the person who answered the phone was only taking call backs and that she would take my information and have someone call me back. I asked her what's the point of answering the phone if your not taking calls, an answering machine could do your job. Really, after a month no one has ever called me back. They told me there was a high demand of calls in houston and I could be put on a waiting list. What's worse is that they are making me still pay my bill. They won't credit your account until the ticket has been closed. So I'm paying for service that doesn't work, waiting for an appointment that may never happen. I would recommend avoiding this company at all cost.

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      19th of Sep, 2012

    Hello I too am with MDU. I have been without service for 3 months now. I have been without service since June 17, 2012 and still I'm not up and running. I have had 4 call no shows. Two Techs came out and said I needed a part but that was over a month ago and they never said what part was needed so I had to ger reschduled. It's been 2 weeks now since a Tech has came out and ordered my part. I keep calling MDU But they just keep telling me that they are low on techs and will call me back when they have an available appointment. MDU sucks and I wouldn't refer them to anyone. Everytime I call I'm always on hold for no less than 30 minutes, they never have a supervisor who's able to talk to you because they claim they are so busy.So they take your number and they never return your call. This company is crap. I've even called the BBB in they closed my case because MDU never Responed. I will never in my life use this company again. Once my contract is over with Direct Tv Im switching cable companies.

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      25th of Jun, 2013

    Its ok guys, im back, as of Sept, 2012, Mdu will once again be an awesome company as it was when i left in Feb. Little know fact, without MDU, there is possiblitity you would be offered no service at all. Without a cable plant (Comcast) at your complex, you would need a satellite (Dish or Directv). If your apt is not face to the southwest, you would have no line of sight. Nobody would want to move into the half of the complex face the wrong way. If you were fortunate to be faced the right way, your complex would have satellites popping up like mushrooms with nobody wanting to remove them when you moved out. Wiring thru your windows and doorways, up and around the walls of your apt. Not to mention insurance on the satellite which is mandatory or your taking a chance of a fine. Now comes MDU, their engineering allows either 1 satellite for the entire property or 1 per building. Much more inticing to the corporate officie owning your complex as it is more astetically pleasing. Directv and Dish network provides the services and MDU provides the maintenance in such apts, therefore some of their representatives are not aware of the special treatment MDU provides to such apts as yours. In return, MDU requires a small fee to maintain the plant at your complex. Hopes this helps in your understanding of the services MDU provides.

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      11th of Sep, 2013

    I came across this thread and see that SReyes33 commented about our service if your property allows for a satellite signal. We'd love to have you with us and encourage anyone interested in checking us out to have a look at for information on what we have to offer. Thanks!

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