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I started to order this product, then decided to cancel it and logged out, without authorizing the final sale, i.e. The final submit button; however, I my card was charged, I received the delivery, and they continue to deliver and I want them to stop! They continue to sent the delivieries, and there is no current address, phone number, etc. To get a hold of them on. I keep getting billed for this, and it is a scam! I did not order it, and do not want it! Please stop them from delivering it to me:
Susan heidarifar
2129 clinton ave.
Alameda, ca 94501


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      Jan 20, 2009

    I too have been sucked into the Bromalite/Tea scam! I too saw the ad on Facebook being recommended by Oprah and thought it was legitamate! I was under the impression it was a one time only thing but have continued to receive shipments and charges to my credit card for the past 2 months. I am just in the process of returning the last 2 shipments and requesting that payments stop being charged to my credit card. Has anyone been successful in stopping these shipments and charges. I would appreciate any advise you could give me. Only thing I can think of is to cancel my credit card. Has anyone contacted their credit card companies to see what can be done?

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