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Mbf Leasing / OUT OF THE LEASE

1 Seattle, WA, United States

After find out getting scam from 2 door to door salesmen, I closed my bank account and sent the confirm to MBF leasing with the letter below:

To Whom It May Concern:

This purpose of this letter is to request a cancellation of lease number xxxxxxx my position that I am now paid in full per terms agreed upon with ( names of 2 salesmen and their company name ) All handwritten information listed on this contract, including the schedule of lease payments, were fraudulently inserted after my signature was obtained. The verbal conversation and agreement between me and Jason Poe, Jay Sharp at the time the lease was signed concluded that the terms of the lease were month to month and no cancellation fee.( Video picture file) You can tell from the different handwriting on the lease that the information was added by another individual that was not present at the time of the signing of the lease. I cannot even be 100 % certain when the lease was signed as the date was added next to my signature by someone else.
I expect to be released from this lease immediately and pay full refund $110.61was charged to my bank account and I also like to confirm that my bank account already closed so do not take any more payments from my account. And provide paid shipping label to return your equipment.
Additionally, any phone calls to (my company name) or any other phone number you may obtain for the purpose of contacting lessee, for the purpose of requesting payments on this account will be considered harassment and used as evidence in court. Washington allows single-party consent for telephone call recording. Be advised that all calls to Hair Experts or my personal cell phone (or any other contact with lessee or other owners of ( company name) may be recorded, documented, published and used as evidence.
I will report to the following agencies to protect my interests against your company and to report allegations of fraud and misconduct on the part of MBF Leasing, LLC:
1. Washington Attorney General.
2. Illinois Attorney General. 3. New York Attorney General
4. Better Business Bureau
5. Federal Trade Commission.
If lessee is not fully released from this lease immediately, if any more harassing phone calls are made, or if any negative reporting to credit agencies occurs lessee will hire a private attorney to pursue the following legal actions against MBF Leasing

At the time of the signing of the lease, a copy of the contract was not provided to the lessee so that lessee could review the terms. In fact, a copy of the lease was not provided to lessee until a letter dated June 03, 2014 was sent requesting more money to cover insurance for the equipment. At that time, the opt-out period had ended. It was also not until this time that lessee became aware of the additional handwritten information on the lease.
The schedule of lease payments, which lessee contends were fraudulently added after signature was obtained, is unconscionable in and of itself. Therefore the lease became invalid need to be fully release immediately please.
At $79.00 per month for 48 months, lessee will have paid $3792. in lease payments for a used piece of equipment which can be purchased new for under $200.
MBF Leasing, LLC, SALESMEN violated certain deceptive trade practices act provisions by purposely caused confusion as to who SALESMEN worked for and who the lease was being signed with.

I plan to pursue these actions against MBF Leasing, LLC and any other action my attorney recommends and that is allowed for under the law. I will pursue relief related to mental anguish, recovery of attorney’s fees, and any other remedies for which I may be entitled. Pursuit will be made in any jurisdiction that is allowed for under the law, possibly including small claims court in Harris County, civil court in Harris County, and civil court in the state of New York. Additionally, I will be in contact with the county and district attorneys of Harris County to seek consumer protection under Sec. 17.48.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

2 months later, i did not see any more bill send in ask me to pay for the lease. I call them, they let me know my lease account was already closed and let me know have to return the credit card machine to Harbortouch it is not belong the MBF.

Sep 25, 2014

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