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Mbf Leasing / Continues to take ACH debits/lease pymt after contract expires

1 CO, United States

I canceled my credit card processing company in Sept 2011, they just kept taking more and more. I signed with a new company that deleted most of the charges I was paying, and they loan me a machine at no charge, I called MBF to cancel that contract and they said it is non cancel-able, even upon death your heirs are liable. I said fine, i've got a new machine and it doesn't cost me a penny. So I will pay you for the next 10 month's, and ship it back to you prior to the end of the contract. This caused a 30 minute argument on the phone with him saying that these machines cost $800-$900 and nobody will furnish one free. I told him get used to it because many processing companies are doing just that to get your processing business. This all came about because in order to return your machine to MBF you have to put your lease # on the box and he wouldn't give it to me until he had his chance to try to get me to buy the stupid machine as a backup, I said no I've already paid you over $2, 000 for what in reality probably cost about $30 in china. I guess they figure the best way to get even is to continue taking ACH debits as lease payments. I called them on 09/04/2012 and was told that they would send me a refund check, after a month I called them again and ask where is my check, I was told it went to processing on 09/25/2012 and I would receive it in about 8-12 weeks. That's Christmas. MBF I'm not waiting that long, I checked with the Colorado Sec of States rules and regs, guess what your contract violates Colorado law, waiver of my rights in your contract, illegal, won't stand-up here. Also the section on all legal matters dealing with the contract, no good, the contract ended in July, your Ach debits from my bank acct. took place in Colorado after the contract ended. I'll see you in court here. Be sure and pack for cold weather.
Just so you know I'm serious here is just a sample of what is to come, look it up: Colorado Revised Statutes C.R.S. 18-5-702
title 18 Criminal Code Article 5 offence involving Fraud Part 7 financial transaction crime

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