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Mbf Leasing / Scam and cheating

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We signed a bunch of papers, many were blank, not yet filled out. We ended up leasing a card processing machine and check reader at $170 per month for 48 months. We could have bought a new machine for $139. Of course the lease is non cancellable. Our rep has not called us back. I am furious! I am more than happy to join a class action lawsuit. Anyone else out there!?

Merchant Services charged us $55 in "minimum fees" for the month of August even though we were not yet set-up to begin using the equipment until September. Did they do that to others?

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  • C
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Have you tried filing a complaint with the BBB?

    I had the same scam. The rep came to me told me that he could give us the cc terminal for free and we signed all these papers. Then they sent us a letter saying we signed a lease for a machine and are charging us 100 a month for 4 years. And like you, we can't get out of the lease.

    Now that I see online, I'm not the only one that was taken advantage of and defrauded!!!

  • He
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    Same exact problem as listed above. Except I closed my checking account after I realized the scam. Now i have a summons to appear in court in NY, NY. I have answered via the mail. Depending on the outcome. I am contacting everyone I can. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! They are ### and mis-lead people through legal loopholes. I will post what happens next. Kevin @ 727-530-5221 closed sunday and monday. Let me know what has happened with you. I have been in business 22 years fixing, selling and installing audio/video for the car home office, marine and nightclubs. And, I have never had anyone try to screw me like this. If they did an honest days work that would be amazing. Also, I have to admit 20 years ago when I was young and wild. i would of hopped on a plane and whopped some butt. And, I could of seen some relatives up north in the process. But, I have grown up SORRY TO ALL! But my DAD has not. HMMMMMMMMMM

  • Lo
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    Well as for the Class Action suit, there is a section clause in the contract that states you can not pursue claim aginst them as part of a class action, private attorney general action, ot other representative action.

  • Dz
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree with all of you. I'm suck in the same boat, with a leasing contract that I can not cancel. Does anyone know if this is illegal to have a contract like this that can not be canceled, I could live with an early cancellation charge, but stuck with a 4 year term. This blows!!! If anyone finds a way to get out of this please let me know.

  • Ho
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    Total rip off. this company should be totally closed & reimbursement should be paid to all customers who have been ripped off!!!

  • Ho
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    I had a rip off sales person came to my business & sad that we can have a free machine & will save us our credit card fees. He filled out the forms & said very clearly that we will not be charged any fees whatsoever. He made me sign the form of agreement for Vericome to take over our account from another company. No where was it written of any monthly charges. Salesperson took the form & said that he will mail it next day after they check our credit. I did not come to work for 2 days & my manager filled the form in one of our folder when it arrived in the mail ( Amount of $169.95 Monthly direct debit from my account was entered after I had signed the form without my knowledge) I am not on my business all the time & do not check my account regularly I did not realize till one day when I started checking all my accounts. I called MBF & they were not ready to listen to me & kept taking montly amount till eventually I closed my account & sent them their machine back. I bought a brand new machine for $ 300.00 & now MBF has taken legal actions demanding nearly $ 8, 000.00
    I am ready to join any big group to fight against MBF's rip off!!!

  • St
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    I agree and fell for you. I own a Photography business and recently signed on with MBF. Initially I applied through Leaders Credit Card Processing. Apparently they charge me to process credit transactions and MBF Leasing charges me to rent their terminal. So I am paying monthly to both.

    Roughly $40.00 per company, then I was told by Leaders that I will be charged an annual $99.00 fee which was not in the contract. Then I recieve a letter from American Express stating that I will be charged $25.00 to except their cards (how special).

    I look at my business account yesterday and realize that MBF on top of my month;y statement, not only did they try to charge me an extra $5.00 for the piece of paper that it came in on, they charged me another $30.00 for property taxes on a terminal I don't even own.

    Now I get another letter from LEADERS CREDIT CARD PROCESSING that at the end of November I will be charged another annual fee of $129.00 for basically bringing all the terminals up to PCI compliance.

    I tell ya, the dishonesty among banks and credit companies is amazing. How their allowed to get away with crap like this I will never have any idea.

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