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The MB2 Chat Room Website ... following the death of the original owner ... was hijacked several years ago ...
By someone ... who is allegedly named "David Watts" ... that goes by the username ... "V8Biker" ...
Thousands of anomolies and indiscretions ... have taken place ... since he staged his coup d'état a few years ago ...
It would be greatly appreciated ... if an investigation could be undertaken of this website ...
As it has become clear ... that it is time for him and some of the people he employs ... to be held accountable for their actions ...

Kind Regards ...
Frankie Halligan

Apr 01, 2013
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  •   Apr 18, 2013

    Ya dopey mole lol, the original owner, was NOT who you think it was and is very much alive and kicking...your 'information' providers are giving you misleading info

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  • Wi
      Apr 18, 2013

    Are you able to supply any specific examples perfectly.frank? otherwise you sound like just another crazy person on the internet. Are you possibly referring to attempted character assassinations like this one? -

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  • Wi
      Apr 21, 2013

    It's funny how quiet people go when you confront them with their own issues.

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  • Wi
      May 22, 2013

    You get around Frankie Halligan -

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