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MaxSpeed Auto Sales, Inc / Bad Business Practice

1 334 West Merrick Rd., Valley Stream, NY 11580. , Valley Stream, NY, United States Review updated:
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I contacted MaxSpeed Auto in response to an advertised vehicle, by way of MaxSpeed Auto’s web-site: Ryan Martin responded via telephone, and e-mail. Thus, after confirmation of the car’s availability and trade-in details, my husband and I packed up our two children and drove three and a half hours to Valley Stream, New York. Upon arrival, at approximately 1:00 p.m., we viewed the car; we test drove the car, and was invited into the sales office. I agreed to purchase the vehicle (as my source of transportation for work, and children’s activities is no longer operable); MaxSpeed Auto agreed to sell the vehicle to me. Accordingly, I submitted my loan approval paperwork from my bank; however Mr. Martin stated that in order to receive the Internet special rate, MaxSpeed Auto’s financing had to be used. I agreed to those terms. Thus, I submitted a loan application, and MaxSpeed Auto began the lending process (i.e. credit check, etc.)

The wait for the approval was quite lengthy as Mr. Martin stated, “Since it is Superbowl Sunday, the lending responses are slow. However, you have nothing to worry about. Your credit is good, so the car is yours. We just have to wait for the bank to get back with us.” My family and I waited in a cold salesroom annex for four hours. Finally, at 5:00 p.m. MaxSpeed Auto closed. Mr. Martin stated, “I forwarded a text but its obvious that the recipients of my text are watching the game.” We were next told that we should make plans to return to New York on Monday to pick up the car. Disappointed, we returned to our car to head back to Delaware. As we were set to pull away from the curb, Mr. Martin ran up to the car, tapped on the window and stated, “The approval is in! The car is yours.” Thus, we returned to the sales office to wrap up the deal. In the interim, Mr. Martin stated that the bank wanted $4, 000. I said, I don’t have $4, 000 on me now, but if you will allow me to bring the cash on Monday or Tuesday, I can transfer the funds from my bank. Mr. Martin said, “There’s no need for that. Why don’t we add your husband to the application. I’m sure we can get an instant approval that way. Your credit is good, you are approved, but you have an outstanding auto loan which is why the bank is requesting $4, 000.” We agreed, and my husband submitted a loan application. Mr. Martin reminded us that we would not receive an answer that day (Sunday – 2/1/09), as the banks were closed for sure, but with my husband’s application we would be able to take the car home on Monday. He again confirmed my cell phone number and bid us a safe trip home.

On Monday, February 2nd both my husband and I made numerous calls to Mr. Martin requesting the results of the loan. Mr. Martin continued to advise us that the loan was in process, however, “the banks are slow today” he added. At approximately 5:00 p.m. my husband called to inquire of the results. Mr. Martin stated that he did not hear back, but by Tuesday he would know something. On Tuesday morning, prior to MaxSpeed Auto opening, I left a voice mail message that I would submit the $4, 000 to pick up the car. I did not hear back from Mr. Martin, thus at approximately 11:00 a.m. I again called. At that point, Mr. Martin said, “Valerie, I was just about to contact you. Unfortunately, the car was sold last night. My boss sold the car.” I replied, “Are you kidding? You had a contract with me. Are you telling me you sold the car to another without giving me a chance? We had a contract.” Mr. Martin responded, “We did not have a contract, we had nothing in writing. Everything was oral.”

Based on Mr. Martin’s statement above, and the egregious behavior of MaxSpeed Auto, I request intervention from your office. I am not familiar with New York law, and do not claim to be an attorney; however, it appears that oral agreements are valid in New York, as Westlaw cites to voluminous decisions involving oral agreements.

Finally, I am unclear as to MaxSpeed’s liability, as I do not know if the car was sold before or after the bank approved my husband’s application (Mr. Martin also told my husband that his application was approved and that MaxSpeed Auto would try to get a similar car. He added, “The car may be newer and cost more because a 2004 like the one we had is hard to find.” In my opinion, this is a racketeering, shady business practice that MaxSpeed Auto used to lure potential buyers in. The dealership will run a credit check, and may even sell telephone numbers and/or the address of the potential buyer (I don’t know for sure that this is what MaxSpeed Auto did, however, I am now receiving cell phone solicitation. )

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  • Ja
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    I too had a similar problem with Max Speed Auto, although not as involved since I live on Long Island. After 2 days of dealing with Ricky - the so called manager, my husband and I went there with our mechanic to check out and drive the car. We did find a few minor problems with it and Ricky said no problem we will take care of that. Since they are closed on Saturday (for some reason) we made plans to return Sunday with our car to trade in to get the ball rolling.
    At this point we had been to see Ricky twice and spent much time with him on the phone regarding price, trade-in and the fact that we had to finance 90% of the car through his bank. There is something shady going on with the financing. We wanted to pay cash for the car but in order to get the internet price we had to finance 90% of the car. We were told that after 90 days of financing we could pay off the car in full without penalties.

    At 5 p.m. Friday night ( 2 hours after we left) Ricky called to tell us that the car was sold. Someone walked in and bought it out from under us. Gee, thought it had to be financed.
    Stay away from that dealership.

  • To
      3rd of May, 2009
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    I had a similar issue with them as well, although they sold the vehicle I was interested in, after reading this report I was a little hesitant about doing business with them. I did end up buying a different car from them. I'll tell you that after searching for three months for a vehicle, I ended up purchasing one from them. They have some really nice cars there (I have been to many dealerships). I was looking at the same car at another dealer, and I ended up saving a good few thousand dollars. My car runs great and over all they were very fair.

    I can tell you, that they even showed me how much they paid for the car. Ryan explained to me that they can't hold on to cars. Being in retail, I can definately understand that. I have very good credit and I was approved right away. They got me a an interest rate of 4.36% through one of their credit unions. My bank wanted over 2 points more.

    Overall if you want to buy a car from them, the key is not to take too long. If you like what theyre offering, be ready to close the deal. I did that the second time around and I definately feel like I got a great price and an excellent car.


  • Em
      7th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have to respectfully disagree with your post. I didn’t have any
    trouble getting a car from them, even though I actually expected to (I
    read your post before I started dealing with them).

    Like Tom, I dealt with Ryan and he basically told me the same thing,
    that they can’t hold onto cars for people, even though they wish they
    could. They have to sell their cars quickly so they can bring in
    revenue and buy more cars and thus start the whole process over again.
    Unfortunately, that’s part of running a business - if you’re not
    selling, you’re not making a profit and your business won’t last long
    at that rate. As a small business owner, I can understand that.

    That said, I got a low interest rate from them, and since I have
    excellent credit I got approved very quickly. I’ve been driving the
    Acura I got from them for a couple of weeks now, and it’s been
    wonderful! Believe me, I did a lot of looking before I settled on this
    car and got it from them, and I wasn’t able to find such a great
    price/interest rate on a car anywhere else. They also dealt with me in
    a very prompt manner, and I had no problem getting a hold of them when
    I needed to. I think Mrs. Worth just picked a bad weekend (Superbowl
    weekend) to try to buy a car. Personally, I wouldn’t try to buy a car
    from ANY dealer on Superbowl weekend, because I’d be afraid that I’d
    run into the same problems that she did.

    Anyway, I had a very good experience dealing with MaxSpeed, and I’d
    recommend them.

  • Zi
      31st of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This place is horrible!!! The staff seems retarted, lasey and not proffesional. I was interested in one of thier cars, sent in all paperwork for bank approval and waited. I called evry day for the first 4 days then spread it out to every other day. They never called me first and allways had some excuse why they where not ready. My credit score is near 700 and was gonna put several thousand dollars down. I got to a point where I asked what is taking so long. They assured me that they can get an approval and they have the car waiting for me. I mentally and finacially was ready and awaited everyday for the call for three and half weeks. By the fourth week I called for about the 15th time and they told me the car was sold. I have been a car sales person myself in the past and never have seen such a badly run business. The only nice thing I could say is thier inventory is desirable but what good is it if you can get it or are bait and switched. Read everyones complaints and you will see what I feared to come true for me. Don't be another victem!!! Take your time and find your car elsewhere!!!

  • Ti
      13th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    ok!!! I found at for myself! I first believed i would never go to a 3rd party dealership!! if wanted a mitsubishi I went to Mitsubishi, Never will i ever recomend this dealership!!
    They practice fraud!! Let me educate you on something no dealer will give an Auction fee on a vehicle, that is your first warning. I went to the dealer ship to purchase a car on the internet special for $14985. The car was originally
    listed for 16995. Ryan assured me the car would be sold for the 14985.
    On the day for me to sign the paperwork and drive the car home, i saw that i was being charged for `$16995. I was given the ### run around by Ryan stating we post the car for prices the customers want to see. The application listed the car for 16995!!! and ryan had given me a post it with the 14985. I was given a dealer fee of 1460!!!
    and then an additional fee of 550 for an auction fee!! these fees, he refused to list on the contract!!! IN ADDITION, HE NEVER RAN MY CREDIT THROUGH MY OWN CREDIT UNION!! IT WAS THROUGH HIS BANK!! HE LIED!!
    as a break down!! and these were made up fees!! they were additional to the original registration plate fees etc!!!( The normal fees of any reputable dealer.) I want a cadillac and i will be going to cadillac for a better deal!!

  • Ch
      21st of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I recently called this dealership inquiring about a particular vehicle. Mr. Ryan Martin asked for my name. I provided that information. Then he proceeded to ask for my Phone number. I didn't feel comfortable giving him my phone number, i do not want to be bothered by solicitors. I proceeded to tell him that I have cash and i was also in the car business. He replied with "are you [censored]ing kidding me! You are in the car business and you don't want to give me your phone number?" I told him I just want a straight deal and I have cash for the mercedes I was buying for my daughter. He said "I don't care about your cash!"
    I personally think this guy is bad for any customer related business, and i will make it my mission to make sure i hurt his income! He is very unprofessional and rude to his customers. Regardless of what business i am in, there is no reason to speak to a potential customer like this.
    I have been in positions before where i would like to tell a customer where to go, but business is business, and customers (regardless of their attitudes) pay my bills! Customers can spend their hard earned money anywhere they like!
    If you value your money as much as I do, because it is very hard to make a descent living these days. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this dealership. Read the complaints. Very bad place.. Very shady business practice!

    Vulgarity is a sign of weakness Mr. Ryan Martin. I hope you don't speak that way to your family.

    Have a great life you miserable man!

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