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Mauldin Police Department / Harassment

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Mauldin Police Department
The Mauldin Police department is a sad example of how cops are suppose to act.

Mauldin is a small town and not a lot of criminal activities happen, therefore the Mauldin Police must make something happen in order to meet their quota and/or bring money to the city.

I am a Christian man. I am 29 years old, black, and married to a white 29 year old woman. I own my business, don't drink nor do I smoke.

On July 17th, 2009, my wife and I just left our friends house around 1:30 AM and was headed back to our house in Mauldin. About 4 minutes before we even entered Mauldin City limits, officer Misty Ross pulled out of a Greenville subdivision and began following our vehicle. She followed us for about 10 minutes. We made sure to stay within the speed limit of 35 MPH and make sure we do everything legally.

We came to a four way stop sign and waited for 3 seconds (I could out loud). Around this time I told my wife to start recording from our Blackberry because Mauldin Police are known for being corrupt. We came within 60 feet of a left turn, turned on our left turn signal and made our turn. We then approached a stop light, waited, signaled left, and turned onto Main Street. This is when she finally pulled us over.

She came to our vehicle and we already had our information out. She said that the reason she pulled us over is because I was swerving and that I made an improper left turn. She said that the law states when you turn on your signal, you are to turn to the road closest to you.

The manual I have clearly says you are to signal 100 feet before your turn, which is what I did.

I let her know that we were recording (this is when her attitude changed). She went into her vehicle, came back out and issued me a 4 point $232.50 ticket for an improper turn. We know this was completely ridiculous.

For one, she said I was swerving so why not write me a ticket for that or even administer a DUI test (although I wasn't drinking or swerving).

While she was handing us the ticket, my wife and I wanted to ask her a question but she refused to speak to us. I said three times, "M'aam we have a question" she looked at us and kept walking back to her vehicle, completely ignoring us.

The whole situation was completely ridiculous. I will be taking this to court and I hope that the judge views the police vehicle camera to see we were clearly being harassed.

I was, and am so upset because these officers need to stop acting like they are above the law and actually fight crime instead of messing with innocent people.

I'm including pictures of Officer Misty Ross. It's easy to see she's part of the "good ol boy" system.

Mauldin Police DepartmentMauldin Police Department



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D  29th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Is it a race thing, or do you think that she didn't do her job correctly? If it's not a race thing then why did you have to list what your skin color was, along with your wifes? I hope that the matter gets resolved for you in a court of law, and I hope that the judge is fair with the matter. I guess it's easy for you to judge someone by looking at them, and stating "they are apart of the good ol boy system". How can you tell what a law enforcement officer is by looking at them, and speaking with them? It sounds as if you are mad because you were the one that got stopped. But if it was someone else, then you probably wouldn't care much. By the way, when you call 911 when you really need the police, and someone is breaking into your home or vehicle...it will probably be an officer like the one above, that you think can't do her job, that saves your A__!
N  3rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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To concernedinusa use some aptitude here read what the gentleman stated, for an Officer to clearly become irradiated and vindictive is unprofessional and uncalled for. The thought of slinging any citation as Officer Rowe did is corrupt for sure, I honestly believe the Mauldin P.D. is unethical and corrupt threw shear stupidity related to unconscionable supervision.

The Mauldin Police Department will only make it tougher for you if you disagree with them, You yourself sound as if your one of them or related to them.

A good word to describe them may be "A bunch of Communists" for they act in a controlling fashion as they do. I am very well educated and I have witnessed their behavior first hand. Sad to say but People in general really laugh at this bunch.
D  5th of Aug, 2009 by 
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First off, why does the complainant feel the need to establish himself as such a fine upstanding member of the community that just happens to be Christian, Black, Professional Business Owner, Married, Non Smoker and Non-Drinker (are you trying to establish grounds for discrimation or what) and then takes a slam against a Police Officer as he did? Why did you feel the need to slam Officer Ross as a member of the "good old boy" system? As for crime in Mauldin...there is a need to "police" traffic just as much as there is a need to address the presence of gang activity as in most of the upstate. The police cam will show any and all unethical behavior if any, so yes I agree that will be your saving grace if any. Just for the record though...as an individual outside of Law Enforcement, but with many friends in Law Enforcement, your perception of an Officers attitude could be directly related to a previous call to a case where a child has been assualted or raped, a woman has been beaten by her husband or boyfriend, or a call where an innocent child has been killed due to drugs or drunk driving. I don't know too many persons that would be able to walk away from a situation as that with a d*mn smile on their face and be able to listen to someone telling them that they are recording whats going on because they are above making a mistake such as swerving or going over the speed limit. I have one piece of advice for all you people that are so very quick to attack anyone in law enforcement, the next time you need help CALL YOUR LOCAL CRACK DEALER, CALL YOUR LOCAL DRUNK DRIVER, CALL YOUR LOCAL RAPIST OR WIFE BEATER...call anyone but the ones that actually care about your sorry butts.
N  9th of Aug, 2009 by 
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You are missing the point Sir...it's fine to go after criminals but not regular citizens the way they instill fear towards them. My 16 yr old son walking with a tray in the Mauldin high school cafeteria was knocked to the ground by an Officer and told excuse you! as the officer was moving towards an apparent disruption. Is this good Police work and behavior?

If you disagree with them...they'll slap cuffs on you quick and dream up charges. This is the good ole boy way!
N  9th of Aug, 2009 by 
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To everybody who complains about cops and what they do, unless you have been one, shut your mouth because you do not know what they go through everyday. I love how, in this article, you try to establish some sort of way you are being harassed or done wrong because of race and christian beliefs. First off the race card, obviously you're going to pull that one, but the christian beliefs??? Really???? I also find it funny that you admit your guilt in this article. You put the law in here, which is correct, then you put in here that you turned your signal on at 60 ft from the intersection. That is brilliance, but it prob won't help in your court case. How was misti ross a part of the good ol boy system when she wrote you a ticket and you just admitted you were guilty? As far as the fine, that fine is set by the state and not by the officer so how is it rediculous? I love how you place all mauldin officers in the same group because of what you heard? That sounds like you are being judgmental and thats something that you could complain about people doing to you because of your race or religious beliefs. If you hate mauldin officers so much then why don't you move out of the city because you are being protected by those "corrupt cops" you speak of or better yet, try to sue them for what they did but for some reason I think that your case will never be upheld because if they were corrupt as you say somebody would have already sued them and won. You hate them for what they do but when somebody almost hits you because they are drunk or some crack head breaks into your house who are you going to call? You'll probably be screaming for those corrupt cops and be so glad when they get there and save your life, even when they read this and know what you think about them. Thats what makes them better people because people like you that complain about them and criticize every thing they do call them screaming for help because you are scared and they come any way and save your life and the life of your family. Maybe, since you are a Christian man, you should read the verse in the Bible about how God has placed authorities over you for a reason and the people there are there because HE put them there. Good luck in court hahaha. And whoever the user is "Rick Wilhelmi" I'm not even going to entertain your comments because, for a "very educated man" you can't even spell hahahaha.
N  11th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Rick, If your son "was knocked to the ground by an Officer and told excuse you! as the officer was moving towards an apparent disruption", and you feel it was wrong then you have every right to address this issue with the SRO. Perhaps though, if it were your son or daughter that was being beaten down that the SRO was trying to get to, maybe you would understand the need to get to the disruption as quickly as possible. The SRO may not realize that he knocked our son down in his pursuit to protect another child.
N  16th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Read what I wrote please sir, my son was looked straight in the eye by the Officer and told excuse you, there is something extremely wrong and shameful saying this so he was obviously aware of it. I'm by no means saying all Mauldin police bad... however when it comes to the top Officer in charge I have an affidavit from a very credible individual that shows unprofessional ethics and behavior.

My son thankfully is 1000+ miles away from Mauldin.
N  16th of Aug, 2009 by 
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To bamf99,

Obviously your spelling lacks greatly ...sorry for you. Your comment shows the characteristics of a mentally disturbed individual so again ...sorry for you. This is a free country and god has not put authorities over people that is one of the sickest comments I've ever heard in my life...sorry for you.

My advice to you is seek professional psychiatric help.
A  3rd of Jun, 2010 by 
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I was searching for something and came across this thread. I realize am almost a year too late but as I read your complaint I was amazed at how similar your story is to my own experience with the Mauldin PD.

Our family moved to Mauldin about a year ago. Beginning with my first week here, I was pulled over EVERY Saturday for SIX weeks - I have been driving for 22 years and had never been pulled over for a driving offense until I moved to Mauldin.

The first time was almost identical to your story. Same offense (except I was turning right, off 385 to Butler Rd) and SAME officer. It was 11pm at night and hardly any other traffic. I turned on the green light, barely going into the far lane as I turned. There was no way this could have been a problem.

Every other time it was a speeding violation (The fastest they've clocked me is 43 mph. Ridiculous, I know.) Always a different officer...surely I have met the entire dept by now.

What's even more unusual is that each time I was only issued a warning. It was almost as if they were looking for someone in particular and once they realized it wasn't me they had to cite me for something to save face. I'm not sure what seems so suspicious about my plain, four-door, Mom Mobile but Mauldin PD is convinced I'm smuggling something illegal under those carseats. I'm sure they are disappointed when all they find is Cheerios.

My husband had an even more bizarre encounter with Mauldin PD. He was on his way home around 10pm on a weeknight when an officer began to follow him extremely close for several miles. Finally, worried this cop was going to rear-end him, and thinking perhaps he was trying to get around him to go fight some real crime, he pulls over to let the officer by. At that time the officer turns on his blue lights and swoops in behind him. Officer comes up to my husband's window and asks him why he pulled off the road?? Husband says "Because you were following me so close I thought you were going to hit me." The cop then says "I'm not wearing my glasses and couldn't read your tag." Seriously. I guess my husband must have given him a look that said "You just admitted to a driving violation yourself, there" because the officer just gave him an embarrassed look and told him to have a good night.
N  7th of Dec, 2010 by 
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If some of these officers from Mauldin PD ever went and worked in a real police department they would be totally lost. If you did an analysis of crimes committed within the City versus traffic violations versus DUI arrests versus the number of cases that get thrown out when they get to court you would wonder how the Police Chief still has a job. Then you have your local HS SRO / Landscaper (name not to be metioned) who used to do more of his personal business while on the clock then he did while on the property of the school (most times missing in action). How does the department hold some NOT all of their officers accountable for their time. Maybe the City should look into consolidation with the Greenville County Sheriffs department to get a more diverse, efficient department. Less harrassment by individuals that know what police work is. Not to mention the savings to the taxpayers of the City.
N  22nd of Jun, 2011 by 
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I came across this site, by chance. I have had several dealing with the Mauldin Police Department in the 18 years I have lived here, and have never seen nor even heard a rumor that they ever behaved improperly.
I have gotten a couple of warnings from them. My wife has gotten one ticket from them. I have several times been called to jury duty and seen that side of them, and have never seen one act disrespectfully to anyone.
I have a hard time believing some of these other complaints.
D  23rd of Jul, 2011 by 
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Mauldin Police are the best. An elderly neighbor had low blood sugar, used my phone to call 911 and 3 police arrived withing 2 mins. They assisted in giving him something to have his sugar level rise while waiting on the ambulance. Feel good we are so protected in Mauldin.
N  17th of Jan, 2013 by 
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I have dealt with the city of mauldin as well as their over zealous, corrupt, unethical police staff. I have witnessed first hand and have documentation galore of numerous incidents of dirty police work, unethical police work, and lazy police work . They are too stupid to investigate and prosecute "real" crimes by "real" criminals so instead they make up their own rules and falsify trumped up charges and reports. They believe they are above the law and that the constitution and their citizens constitutional rights are not valid in the city limits of mauldin SC. They do not need probable cause to search, seize or interrigate people in Mauldin SC. They dont have to give suspects they detain or arrest property sheets or recird of the personal property they take from them. They dont even have to return peoples property back to them, they can keep it all. They can do whatever they want and nobody stops them. The Cheif of Police Bryan Turner bullys his neighbors, and is the leading factor in why the entire police dept. is corrupt. Its not that all the cops there are corrupt its that the younger rookie cops are so scared to speak up for whats right because Cheif Bryan Turner will just have them fired. I have personally had Mauldin officers apologize to me because of the behavior of their superiors toward me and say they are just following their orders. I have had money stolen, cars stolen, tons of trumped up charges(no convictions of course) at the orders of Bryan Turner. He is a crook and an overweight sorry excuse for a leader in power and I pray God ends his position swiftly. The city of mauldin would be a better place without Cheif Bryan Turner there.
A  21st of Jan, 2013 by 
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i can say honestly from first hand experience mauldin pd are dirty unethical sorry excuses for law enforcement. they are the ones breaking the law and violating the peoples constitutional rights. I hope the feds bust them soon. from what i hear they are being closely watched...the first one to lose his job should be cheif turner. once he is gone det. brian wright, ben ford, srgnt herral, and heron should be next to go if they dont cooperate in prosecuting the cheif for all the dirt he has done.Once that sorry ### team is fired the rest will probably be ok but the so called cheif is evil and makes mauldin hell for people who live there
N  28th of Apr, 2013 by 
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Happened tonight. Turning off Butler onto Main. I was waiting in the turning lane, to go north on Main. I waited for the green, and proceded after it turned. I get to the new DQ, and hear the siren and blue lights. Assume hes going to pass, and procede to pull over, and he follows. He informs me I ran the red light. I stated "no sir, I did NOT. " yes.. you did, I was sitting in lane beside you. "No sir, I most certainly DIDNT. I know for a FACT I waited for the light to turn green". When he came back to give me the ticket and stated it would be 232$, I again stated the light was green. I asked "do you have video recorder in your car?" "yes". " Then I would like to see it. "youre not going to see the tape, this will be handled on the court date".
I asked "will the video be presented in court". I had to ask him 3 times if it would be available, and he would only state "this will be handled in court. Im standing in the road, and not discussing this here".
I went back, deciding to ensure the lights WILL give green turn arrow without the straight thru light going green. The first 3 cycles did not, instead ALL turned green simultaneously (turn and 3 greens). I KNOW what it was, because I noted sitting there that the turn light had a border around it, and sat there looking at it (for whatever reason, I took note of this.. go figure). I then started thinking it would be triggered by car in OPPOSITE direction being in turn lane, and I finally videotaped the arrow ONLY going green when opposite cars were turning. I assume he was either a lying ###, or he was not smart enough to realize the lights in front on him were red, but the turn lane can turn green under the right conditions. I asked what would happen when the tape proves the light was green "the case will be dismissed"

Will be interesting to see how this turns out. Normally, I will pay my fine when I know im guilty, or was caught for speeding. This one... Im going to fight light a son of a b*tch.
A  23rd of Nov, 2013 by 
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I happen to run across this site after researching some records in Mauldin. I completely agree to this statement about Mauldin, SC police being corrupted. To the people in the previous comments defending Mauldin and police/law enforcement in general, I am a law enforcement officer and prior service Army Officer, so I know what real "serving and protecting" means. I'm originally from the upstate SC area, but moved to NC to pursue a career in State Law Enforcement. I meet up with some friends in Greenville, had a beer and left to go to my friend's residence for the night in Simpsonville SC. I was pulled over on the way on I-385 by a Mauldin police officer even though I thought I was in Simpsonville by then. The officer asked if I had anything to drink, I told him I had a beer not wanting to lie to the officer as I presumed that all police officers are there to help citizens not harm them. He told me to get out the car to conduct field sobriety tests. I had no objection as I knew I had no impairment of motor basic motor skills. He did the eye test, walked the straight line with no problem, and one legged stand for nearly 40 seconds. Again, the officer instructed me to stand on one leg and count and did not stop me until "one thousand 36" with no problem. The officer placed me under arrest despite the FSTs and took me to the police station for the BAC breath test. I blew a 0.06, and below the legal limit. Even despite all this the officer still charged me with DUI, but get this, he then said that he will drop it to reckless driving when we go to court. Clearly the officer did not believe I was driving under the influence if he said that, but charged me anyway. I knew this was not right so I got an attorney to fight the case. My attorney got the prosecutor to offer a plea agreement of 6 point speeding with no fine. I declined the offer because I know I'm not guilty. The charge was not dismissed only because the Mauldin police officer did not want to drop it stating: "He has nothing to lose" if it goes to trial. The officer himself just stated how corrupt they really are being accountable to noone and can arrest anyone rather they are guilty or innocent. This department is clearly corrupt. The officer was not some new officer on the force, this was the Senior Sergeant Officer of the Mauldin Police Department, not going to say his name as it was already stated in a previous comment above. If this is the standard operating procedure of a "Senior" officer, then it's no telling how far this corruption is up or down. I'm in no way condoning drunk driving or against law enforcement as I am a law enforcement officer, I am against injustice and taking advantage of the power the system endowed. As I further researched the officer and Mauldin police department I discovered that Mauldin has beennnumber one in DUI arrest in all of SC and officers are rewarded for DUI arrest rather they are convicted of or not. This is why the officer has nothing to lose because he is rewarded either way. If you think this is law enforcement and a good practice, your mind would change if you was in this situation.
N  4th of Mar, 2015 by 
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Pulled over by over zealous mauldins finest. He was pulling out of dollar general and I had not gotten all the way past when he immediately gunned it out of their lot and started tailgating me. I finally turned into bel apartments and pulled over. He hopped out came to my car. I asked what is he pulling me over for then he requested my info. I gave him my license and then admitted we have just changed insurance and it was my fault for not placing it in car last week. He then asked about my registration. The officer was pressing against my car door and when I tried to open it he slammed it back and accused me of striking him with the door and called for backup and told me to stand near the car. Once his backup arrives he's still trying to provoke confrontation. His buzz cut having, fake Oakley shades wearing, voted most likely to be a loser In high school backup arrives. I asked him to ask his partner calm down to which he stated why, you have an expired tag. I informed him to just write me my tickets so I could come to court prove everything was in order and I had just forgot to place it in the car. I asked if they were mad because the charger I was driving looked better than theirs. My brother who lives in the complex came driving up making sure I was ok but stayed at a distance. Buzz cut started saying (after trying to intimidate me by staring at me for no reason for almost 15 minutes (which I have on video) that if he came up he would immediately be arrested I said for what he said intefering with stop I said am I under arrest he then said he will be if he pulls up. I was like whatever man that's what we got lawyers for. Finally a voice of calm and reason, sgt Peterson comes on the scene, calms the scene explains things and shows respect while not trying to strip me of my dignity. The other cop comes back from the car and hands me 3 tickets for almost 300 a piece of totally bogus charges. I just snatched them out of his hand and said see you in court to which he sarcastically said you definitely will I will be there. Both of those cops, original officer and his "backup" (hate I didn't get their names and badge numbers) are the reasons you should not allow unpopular losers from high school to become a cop and wear a badge and carry a gun . I have the utmost respect for the cops who do a great job and put their lives on the line everyday. However the ones like I described above give those cops and every good cop across the nation a bad rep. I have heard nothing but bad things about the Mauldin police report however when sgt Peterson arrives on scene he showed me that all Mauldin cops aren't bad, thank you sir!
N  8th of Apr, 2015 by 
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I think it is funny that the Chief of Mauldin Police wanted to jump on my post and bash me, but doesn't dare comment to the more serious violations that others are facing by his department.
A  8th of Apr, 2015 by 
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I also dealt with a situation beside the one I previously reported while working security at Samsung in Simpsonville. A Mauldin Police Officer came on property and issued a ticket to an employee (who was driving on private property) for not wearing a seatbelt. Two issues here, the first is that she was not on a public street and thus not legally required to wear one. The second, he was in the wrong city to be issuing tickets in the first place. Mauldin has no problem with violating jurisdictional issues, nor with writing false reports.
A  13th of Sep, 2015 by 
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It's obvious that the Mauldin Resouce Officers for our school systems are NOT training to handle students with a physical or mental issues. Especially Officer Hamilton of Mauldin Middle School. She will make your students school experience a living nightmare along with being the worst bully you will ever meet. She had no problem sending your student with special needs to alternative school or to the County DJJ. If your student is sent to DJJ she will make her story's sound great and accuse the parents of not doing their job getting your student help that they need. Known all to well that you have help the student from time they where diagnose at a very younge age to present. After experiencing this first hand, I found out that their are other students that went through this same matter. Proven fact is now up to 64 students and still getting calls, email and so on. It's amazing how she still has her job and no one has ever questioned her actions. Apparently the school adminastrator are just a bad as her, because they never helped or try to find out why all these students where left out.

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