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Matt Carns Trinity Medical / Theft Fraud

1 AL, United States Review updated:

Chiropractors and Medical Providers Beware:

I am writing my very first post to tell my story in the hopes that nobody else has to go through what I am currently going through. The name of the company is: TRINITY MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, Inc., 6340 W 56th Ave, Unit 1, Arvada, CO 80002. The main contact person is Matt Carns. The website is

Trinity Medical Solutions advertises on ebay and in both medical and chiropractic trade journals. I first contacted them because I had a DRX9000 that I was looking to sell.

On 2/21/2008 I contacted Matt Carns and he offered to buy my machine, he said he had a driver in Phoenix and a buyer in California and wanted to pick up the machine as soon as possible. He offered me a low but a fair price and I accepted it. When the contract came there was a 30 day net clause written in. I was not willing to part with my machine and to be paid 30 days later so we negotiated and I was to get an initial wire into my account before the machine left my office...that wire was made as promised and my machine was taken from my office.

Matt Carns of Trinity Medical Solutions emailed me the terms of the contract which stated a second payment of $11, 500 would be made on 2/27/2008 and the final payment was to be made on 3/15/2008. Well today is 3/26/2008 and my contract has not yet been satisfied.

Over the past month I have contacted Trinity Medical Solutions, Inc multiple times everyday. At first I got excuses like "Matt Carns" is in a training or he will be in soon. So I started to keep a log of our conversations...they go like this:
2/27/2008 Matt Carns said "they are waiting for an overseas wire from Poland."

2/28/2007 Matt Carns said "His banker, Heidi at Washington Mutual left early so the wire could not be sent."

Friday 2/29/2008 I called multiple times and finally got in touch with Matt Carns and was told
Matt Carns would call me on Monday at 10:00am on Monday 3/3/2008.

3/3/2008 There was no phone call from Matt Carns so I called 12 times (yes I counted) before I was told by Brian Hardy that I will have all my money by March 14th.

3/4/2008 This is when they stopped answering my phone calls. But I kept calling and finally got Brian Hardy to answer the phone who told me the money would be there by March 14th.

3/10/2008 I was put on hold fpr 15 minutes when Matt Carns finally picked up and told me the $11, 500 that was supposed to be wired back on 2/27/2008 would be wired on Wednesday 3/12/2008.

3/12/2008 A wire was recieved in my account for $2, 000 not the $11, 500 that was promised.

4/13/2008 Well a whole month has gone by and I have not recieved another dime. The excuses are pitiful and I now have had to hire an attorney to help me get my hard earned money. It appears that lawyers and the law itself mean nothing to these criminals.

Well, here it is 9:45am on April 14 2008 and I have not heard anything other than "we are sorry we have not been able to follow through with the outline of the contract, rest assured you will be paid all the money your were promised plus penalties."

As I am doing my homework and finding more out about Matt Carns and Trinity Medical Solutions it appears this is THE WAY they do business. The report on the Better Business bureau's website is not good. When I contacted Arvada, CO police department I was put in touch with an investigator that "has been able to get these complaints resolved."

My goal is to get the information out there so that nobody else has to go through the stress that I have endured over the last month.

Here are a few more links that show just how trustworthy this company is:

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  • Dm
      28th of Feb, 2009

    Questions and answers with Matt Carns, owner of Trinity Medical Solutions on lasers. Saw one I ebay I wanted. Went back and forth for an off-ebay sale. He took so much off the price. I wanted to pay with Paypal. Guess what??? If I DIDN’T pay through Paypal, he’d take even more off the price. I wanted to use two charge cards. He couldn’t do that, he could only do one (now I wonder if he’d ever take a charge card). It would be best if I wired the money…plus, it will make things so much faster. (I am really not this dumb…but I did it…oh wait, guess I really am this dumb then.)

    Also paid $1900 for one year warranty. (I am that stupid)

    Wired the money. Ended up costing more in fees than the money Matt took off (used cc cash advance).

    I WIRED THE MONEY. (I am SOOOO that stupid.)

    Matt/Trinity have received payment.
    I keep asking for invoice/bill of sale or something…nothing ever comes. Although Matt says he’ll “take care of this myself”.
    I keep asking for the warranty (I am that stupid…don’t you READ the warranty before you buy it???)

    Matt said he emailed to find out when it will ship. Said he should know by tomorrow.

    02 02/2009
    Matt answered; said they are putting all new bulbs in so shots would be zero. Waiting for two bulbs to come in. Should be on it's way here by the end of the week.

    Call with Matt from Trinity said the bulbs should be in today. Says that they’ll ship machine out on Wednesday, they will expedite shipping I should have it by Tuesday

    Matt Carns called Monday night, said he’d overnight the machine. It was still there.
    Called Tuesday, said people weren’t in to overnight it. Would overnight it on Tuesday. Would call back with tracking number. Never called back.
    I left several messages, Tuesday night-Wednesday 12:00 pm. Matt finally called back at 12:29. Said he’d call back within 5 minutes with tracking number. 12:45 no call;
    Said it was going FedEx. I called, no record.

    Called Matt back. Matt said he’d get the number and call me back. No call.
    Again said it was shipped. No number. I called FedEx again. No record.

    Called Matt back saying I was going to contact the police.

    Matt had his lawyer Matt Nelson, Semler & Associates P.C., 1775 Sherman St. Suite 2550, Denver, CO 80203, call me to say he’d be shipping it out. Lawyer said he was unaware of my side of it. Lawyer was told by Matt that the machine would be shipped out tomorrow (2/19)
    I ended up hanging up on Matt. He called the house and spoke to Ken.

    Matt had UPS guy call to say that the company Matt is dealing with is a real problem.

    I called Matt. Said that if I didn’t have a tracking number by tomorrow I wanted my money refunded.

    Matt said I would have a warranty for 2 years. He said he would be emailing it to me as confirmation.

    Matt said if he implied that the machine was in front of him (on 2/18 he said “it’s right here”) that he was sorry and that was not what he meant.

    On phone with ebay trying to get a copy of the listing for the estelux
    Said they cant’. Found out the Matt has been suspended from selling under trinity_medical_equipment. But is now selling under trinity_medical_inventory. Ebay said he can’t use another name—but he is.

    Called Other person 5 at UPS . He’s out of town so not handling it. Said to call his manager, Other person 6

    Name of the company is Other company 1 (maybe Other company 1 Other company 2, lasers & tech…or something), , ,

    11:30 Spoke to Other person 6. She and other UPS have left numerous messages for Other person 1 and Other person 7 at Other company 1. They won’t return her calls. On mailbox is full so can’t leave any more messages. Other person 6 is planning on going to the place around 9:30 their time (11:30 our time) and calling, saying she’s right out front, asking if she can get the machine and she/UPS will box it up and send it out.

    Said she’d call me back one way or another. I told her that if there wasn’t a response I’d call them, and call the police on them too.

    Question with UPS. Other person 5 referred to Other person 6 as his manager. Other person 6 referred to Other person 5 as her boss. They in on it too???

    Other person 1 called. He has no idea why his company with an “impeccable record” was in the middle of this. He said Matt never paid them for the machine and the order was only put in on

    He said he took care of my machine, that I should get I Monday or Tuesday (2/23-24). I asked point blank three times, “so it’s on it’s way?” he never said yes. Donna heard the conversation.
    Other person 1 said he would call back within an hour with a tracking number. Never did.

    He said he was going to call Matt and have Matt call me. Matt never did.

    5:15 pm Police say I have to file through FBI-internet fraud because it crossed state lines. Also said that sounds like they are all involved in scamming me-says it sounds text-book ALL-all of the people involved

    Matt just called!! He said Other person 1 just sent him a text! Other person 1 took care of it…it’s on it’s way. He said he’d get back to me with a tracking number (how many times has he said that????) I said “do that, because I’ve already started the FBI report.

    Calling the shipping company to check….guess what??? The shipping company doesn’t keep records of where/who the stuff is going to! I spoke to a man who regularly deals with Other company 1….guess what again??? He said no one from Other company 1 (and he knew both of their names…Other person 7 and Other person 1) dropped anything off today.

    4:00 ish Sent Matt and Other person 1 and email saying if I didn’t have my machine by tomorrow I’d be contacting the FBI-internet fraud, the local police depts., and the postal inspections service-I mailed payment.

    Matt’s lawyer just called. Matt is doing everything he can to get me the machine….everything….he really, really is…

    But, alas, it seems Other person 1 just had a family emergency and had to leave town, he had to go to Florida.

    3:10 UPS/Other person 6 called. Matt didn’t give her his credit card to pay for the shipping. I called Matt. He said why would he when he doesn’t know the quote. I told him I wanted this done today. Told him if not, I’d be calling the police today. He said “we have a contract” we are completely within the realm…..

    He said he’d send the email he received from Other person 1, said he’d send the warranty stating that it is for two years.
    (still throwing up…..)

    2:30 Other person 6 called me. Other person 1 called her, said he’d have the machine over to her. But she said Matt hasn’t called back. She needs a credit card number for the shipping. I told her that I would pay and then go after Matt.

    I called Matt. He answered!!! I told him what Other person 6 needed. He said he’d call her right away. (we’ll see…I’ll call her back in a few minutes to check)

    1:30pm Just went to bid on Matt’s latest auction…pulled. “Item removed” don’t know if Matt’s leaving the country or it was Ebay that pulled his listings.
    Spoke to Other person 6 at UPS. She left a message for Matt saying that he needed to give his credit card for shipping. She told him I was upset, that I was saying I was going to contact the police. She hasn’t heard back from him.

    She hasn’t heard back from Other person 1.

    I called and left a message for Matt asking about the status….yeah, he’ll call me back.
    I’m going to throw up….

    Googled Other person 1, all kinds of scams

    UPS called me back. Other person 6 called and called. Left a message that a customer (me) waiting for the machine said she was going to call the police.

    Other person 1 called back. Other person 1 said that Matt only called in the order a couple of days ago. Yesterday Other person 1 sent the machine to Salt Lake City to be crated. Their (Other company 1) truck will bring it up to the UPS to be shipped to me.

    UPS needs money to pay for it. Other person 6, from UPS, was going to call Matt for his credit card number for payment for shipping.

    I saw a laser on and added it to my watch list.

    Other person 4 emailed me. He said he saw that I was watching his laser and that back in early January I had made an offer on it. He had accepted the offer but I wrote back saying that I couldn’t complete the transaction. I had found the Estelux (with Matt/Trinity) and purchased that instead.
    I was interested in Other person 4’s machine but noticed that his address was Colorado. I wrote saying that I was interested but first wanted to know if he had anything to do with Matt and Trinity or Other person 1 and Other company 1.

    He wrote back “no…but why?”. I wrote back telling him that the reason. He responded that he heard that Matt was in big trouble, that Matt had many complaints, many investigations-that is what he heard.

    We went back and forth a little bit with me telling him more about my transaction with Matt.

    Other person 4 called me Sunday night. But…although he’s listed as being in Colorado, his phone number was a Georgia exchange (red flag??? Matt Colorado, Matt’s lawyer, Matt Nelson with Georgia cell number). I didn’t pick up. Other person 4 left a message asking me to call him.

    I did. He said after our emails he got in touch with Other person 3, the owner of Other company 1. He said that other person 3 knew all about Matt. other person 3 was upset. Other person 4 said other person 3 wanted me to call him. He gave me other person 3 personal cell phone.

    I called. No answer. I left a message.

    Xxxx called Matt Carns. Lots of screaming, swearing, etc.. Matt said he was working on it. He’d call xxxx back with a tracking number (seriously…..)…..

    11:12 am Other person 3 returned my call. He said his company had nothing to do with Matt. He said that Matt had done this to over 12 people, most of the transactions $60, 000 and up. Some people have been fighting since April 2008. He said that he (Other person 3) was working with the FBI and the Attorney General to bring criminal charges against Matt. He said that his involvement was out of kindness. He said more as to why but that was the gist. He asked if it was ok with me that he forward my name, number, information to the FBI and AG. I said sure. I did tell other person 3 that I had included his company in my FBI report, since Matt had said Other person 1 worked for Other company 1. Other person 3 did say that Other person 1 didn’t work for Other company 1, that Other person 1 was a machine wholesaler.

    Other person 3 also asked for one more thing. He asked that I “hear Other person 1 out”. I said I listen to what he said.

    12:12pm Other person 1 called (with a restricted number this time). He did sound quite upset. He told me that he hadn’t worked with Matt since late 2008, that Matt had screwed him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He said he was trying to repossess machines Matt owed him money for. He said that he had been working with Matt. If anything, Other person 1 said his company was guilty of greed. Late fall/early winter Matt had placed a very large order with Other person 1’s company. Other person 1 said that the machines would be ready for pick up on a date. Matt was supposed to give Other person 1 payment on that date. Instead, Matt had a truck go and pick up the machines without paying for them. Other person 1 has since been trying to get paid for these. He said this is the last time he worked with Matt.

    He did say Matt called him looking for a machine for me. He told Matt he wouldn’t work with him.

    That, from what Other person 1 says, in when Matt involved him (Other person 1) in this with UPS and with me.

    But, from what UPS said, Other person 1 gave them the wrong address to go and pick up the machine-a nonexistent address. Also, Other person 1 said the me that he would call me back with a tracking number.

    When I questioned Other person 1 on these things he said it was the stress of the situation. He said he told Matt to call me and tell me that he (Matt) had lied. Not really buying “stress of the situation” claim.

    Other person 1 said that I was causing so much of a stir and that so many people were involved. He said he’d give me a machine if he could find it just so the situation would be over. He said he didn’t have one… He did say he’d “lean” on Matt until Matt did produce a machine for me. Other person 1 did ask that when I do have my machine I contact the necessary people to withdraw my complaints against him.

    Other person 1 said Matt never reacts like this (he really is trying to find me a machine) unless the person is being very aggressive or the authorities are involved.

    During the day xxxx called Matt again. He told Matt that he might just visit Colorado.

    6:35 Matt’s lawyer, Matt Nelson from Georgia, called. Left the message that he had information for me, that he had a tracking number for me. I returned his call. He gave me the FedEx tracking number xxxxxxxxx. I asked lawyer what exactly was being sent to me. He said (paraphrasing…) “I’m a lawyer, not a seller, not a shipper”….little angry…

    Machine arrived. Not the one I bought. It was one that I saw on and actually had asked seller about. Too funny.

    Not all of the parts are there.

    One handpiece is broken.

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  • Dr
      29th of May, 2009

    He has a new business name Unique Medical Concepts and he continues to cheat people out of there money

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  • Dr
      29th of May, 2009

    Matt Carns of Unique Medical Concepts is a thief

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  • Dr
      29th of May, 2009

    Unique Medical Concepts is his new alias

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  • Ja
      31st of Jan, 2010

    If you have been a victim of Matt Carns, the criminal mastermind behind Trinity Medical Solutions and American Medical Equipment, I can help you locate him.

    Email email me at: [protected], or call me at 205-243-0446.

    Pass the word.

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  • Dr
      24th of Feb, 2010

    I have been a victim of Matt Carns elaborate Scheme. I have lost over $30, 000 in monies I have sent him and trying to recuperate it back. He sold me a laser that never existed. If anyone knows where he resides please post it on this website. THe law enforcment and my attorneys are having a tough time finding him.

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  • Er
      10th of Mar, 2010

    Yes he is a criminal! He is also using the alias Clay Keith. He scammed me for $65000. He is very manipulative. Watch out!

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  • Dr
      16th of Mar, 2011

    Matt Carns stole $85, 000 from me.

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  • Ga
      10th of Apr, 2015

    I purchased a mini gentle yag laser from Joseph (Matthew Carns joseph) from Used Cosmetic Lasers for $16000 and wired him the money two months ago. Till today i did not get my equipment and he kept on giving me excuses for delay in delivery.
    Any one can please guide me how to handle this issue.
    Gateway Imports
    Ph 609 214 139

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