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Crooked as hell! Discriminates againsts whomever the owners (Opolis Interactive Inc., Alberta, Canada) wants to and for whatever reasons they won't tell you that supposed you did to get banned.

I signed up, setup a complete profile with photos and then less than 24 hours later couldn't get logged in again. There's absolutely No Contact Us Page, No Support, or Information on how to resolve a problem. I finally did an indepth internet search to gather information on who owns this site, and only when searching the WHOIS Database did I finally get the owner's name & e-mail (a hotmail account of all things) and the e-mail of the hosting service the site is run through. I wrote an e-mail addressed to both, this is what I said as disgruntled user:Please fix your website,, it's not allowing login or registrations!! Pity to have signed up for a FREE DATING SITE that has absolutely no support, contact information or squat that should be there in case of such problems. Took me about an hour to track your contact info down thru Canadian authorities. Here in the U.S. this wouldn't happen as all states require online contact means, including Massachusetts where your shell company contact is located.

Please Fix The Site! I'd like to use it as it was supposedly intended for meeting someone. Hmmm, or is it another scam like so many other sites!? Opolis Interactive Inc., that should be Inactive since you obviously don't monitor or care about the website.

"Freebird Country"

I then received this back:
On Mar 31, 2016 9:21 PM, "matchopolis admin" wrote:
Hello there!

Sorry to hear about your frustrations with the site. If you're unable to login or register, it would appear that you have been banned from the site for some reason (this can happen for a pretty wide variety of reasons. The system is pretty strict about defending itself!).

Unfortunately, there is really no practical way to undo a ban or get around it, so we would recommend your trying out other dating sites. A couple of great sites you might try (that allow you to communicate with others without paying) are or

We do apologize for the inconvenience, and wish you all the best!


Of course a different e-mail address than sent to! I wouldn't recommend ANYONE use that site, you can't try to get an LTR going if you're not allowed free speech and be worried about site administrators playing God or booting you for no reason whatsoever!!

Mar 31, 2016
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  • Gr
      Jan 27, 2017

    I have somehow been not allowed back onto the site,
    I used Grand dude as a nickname
    [protected] as contact email

    [protected] for phone and text

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  • Do
      Jun 24, 2018

    Sorry to hear you were banned from this site. For what reason may I ask??? I would love to email you. If you do not mind!!! Lois my email is lmdurica

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