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Matchmaker International is an evil company. They will mislead you and even lie to you when they answer your questions to make you feel comfortable and confident enough to enter a contract with them. They do not care about their members. Their counsellors are worthless ### that send out referrals to clients, already knowing that the date will be an awkward disaster. It is impossible to build a genuine working relationship with their staff. Have you noticed that counsellors leave their company all the time, and it is really a revolving door at that company? Members' files are passed down to new counselors who match you, and these counselors have never met you nor ever spoken to you before. You won't get a phone call from their office for weeks, and within months, your membership is being handled by all new employees who don't know you and don't care anything about you. It is an evil company who steals money from their members. Matchmaker International is notorious for not answering their phones, and not returning clients' phone calls in a timely manner, or not at all. They are unprofessional and uncourteous. When I bought my membership, they conveniently failed to mention that their Mobile office was moving to a new location, and that they would be closed for 2 weeks, and I would not be in matching for 2 weeks. It was a horrible experience dealing with them. Most of the referrals I got would not ever answer their phones or ever call me back. This is pattern behavior, their counselors know this is gonna happen, from all of the other feedback forms Turned in from the other members who never even met the referral. (All members must complete and return their feedback forms or they will not put you back in matching). M.M.I. Plays evil games with their members. They send out garbage referrals, knowing good and well, that it is a worthless piece of paper. They bailed out of my area without giving any notice to anyone. Those ### owed me several referrals. I understand that the men pay over a thousand dollars for a membership, and the women only pay a small fraction of that, and some of the members do not take their membership seriously, and the good sinscere people with memberships suffer the consequences. I also experienced having my referrals cancell on me at the very last minute, and really had a piss poor attitude from the get go. I hope my testimony is informative and it helps other good single people save their money, time, and emotions from being screwed around with.

Jan 28, 2015
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  • Ka
      Apr 16, 2008
    Matchmaker International - Weird
    Matchmaker International
    United States

    Ok I heard the strangest thing today. Someone asked me about a company called "Together." I asked them what that was? She said it was a company I supposedly managed. What is so funny about that is that couldn't be farther from the truth. I am a school counselor at an elementary school for gosh sakes!

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  • An
      Dec 17, 2010

    Yeah it kinda looks like they are trying to save their ### by making you look like the competition and putting a bunch of posts up here. But how can they argue with this story

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  • Ar
      Jun 10, 2011
    Matchmaker International - poorly run/rip off
    Matchmaker International
    Grand Rapids
    United States

    Please, stay away from this company unless you want to waste money and time. Matchmaker does not even come close to paying attention to the likes/dislikes of an individual. They also have been removed from the local BBB...that says it all!!

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  • Ar
      Jun 22, 2011

    ??????? What happened? What did they do to you?

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  • Te
      Mar 10, 2012

    They went out of business 2 years ago. That's why they are not a BBB member. I used to work part time as a IT tech. I loved the work and people. But the owner retired and closed down all offices in Michigan after 25 yrs. Very sad.

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