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I entered the Knoxville storefront in April of 2013 to inquire about the services offered by Matchmaker Intl. I was given a sales pitch by the owner, Mr. Hollifield, that the company has thousands of members at hand with whom they could easily match me. I was asked numerous questions regarding my ideal suitable match. I was then offered a Membership Fee of $750 which was explained to be a significantly discounted price and would be offered only if I paid that day and that I was to keep the price I was offered strictly confidential when meeting other members. Mr. Holifield offered a contract for signing which he explained to be strictly a formality, that they are backed by good business practice, run a Christian business and would have no trouble matching me with other members. Upon signing, I was to receive my first match by mail within a few weeks' time and subsequent referrals within 3 to 4 weeks. Over a period of 8 months, I received 3 referrals, all completely unsuitable and even going against qualities that I had specifically stated in the initial interview were unacceptable to me when asked by Mr. Hollifield. One match even told me that Mr. Holifield had called him and told him he would set him up with me if he would agree to pay the upgrade fee of $500 (but he was instructed not to tell me, of course).

In September of 2013, I began an active campaign of trying to reach Matchmakers Intl by placing numerous phone calls, leaving messages and even stopping by the office I had originally visited. Not once was my call answered during regular business hours and the numerous voicemail messages I had made typically received no response. My complaints with this business are (1) the service for which Matchmaker Intl received payment by me was never provided, (2) the contract they offer for signature is completely inequitable as written and the signature is coerced by offering a one time only bargain payment and (3) that this business is operating a scam as they do not seem to actually have the referrals they claim and they offer no or very little availability to their customers. I'm actually not assured that they are still conducting business at all.

I have filed my complaint with Consumer Affairs and the BBB and Holifield's response is always that they stand by their contract, which is completely meaningless. BBB has been paid their fee by Matchmakers of course so they are going to take no action and posted my complaint along with 6 others as resolved although I certainly have had no resolution. I would love to know how to initiate a class action suit if anyone is interested in joining or thinks it is worthwhile.

Jan 27, 2015

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