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Matchmaker International - Evansville, IN / Bunch of crooks - take your money and disappear!

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I signed up with Matchmaker International about 2 years ago (2005) with a lifetime contract $3,000. I received about 6 referrals all of which were a joke. The first man had kids, was not divorced and was on wick. It didn't get much better.

I have just found out that the Evansville branch of Matchmaker International has been closed down. I would like to find out how to get my money back. It is hard to have a lifetime membership when there is no company in the area to have the membership with.

I don't want to have to consult with my attorney but if I have to I will.

Someone please help me out and let me know how to get my money back.

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  • Ka
      13th of Sep, 2007
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    Knoxville, TN.

    I completely agree. First, I was guilted or more like bullied by the owner's son into doing it. Instead of the $2500 I was supposed to pay he gave me a deal of $1500 he said and was going to take it out in monthly payments of $182. I said um hello that would be $2000. He quickly got mad and refigured it to $124 and politely told me not to tell the "gentleman" I didn't have to pay full price. Anyway Shane said "you'll never get a mad who needs $20 for gas money for this service." Well the first referral I got, the man said he didn't like to spend money on movies because they are $8.50 you know. I said "and how many thousands of dollars did you pay for this service?" Anyway, the second referral was even worse. I asked for a professional man and all I got was a rodeo rider. He claimed to be 5'8" but he's more like 5'4" and I towered over him at 5'7." Yes it was a riveting redneck conversation of horses bucking and dying. I called Matchmaker and said my God I have 2 master's degrees, why would I be interested in a 2 digit midget rodeo rider? I could pick up a man off the street better than these guys and it would be free! Needless to say they would not stop debiting my payments and I am stuck with this crap for a year. Matchmaker is mean and evil and the guy who runs it claims hes' such a good Christian and a Deacon. They even have a bible as a prop up in front. His sons work for him and they all are married but are the most feminine men ever. They make Boy George look like a bruiser. A word to the wise, these people are scam artists from the word go! They pray on lonely people and send the most crappiest matches ever, they don't care, they think they are fulfilling their obligation by giving you quantity. NOT QUALITY.

  • Rj
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    Nothing's wrong with wic, get over yourself.

  • Ca
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    That sucks they left town on you
    To the other girl: MMI works for lots of people unless you're fat and ugly lol! You're probably just a fat ### ### that doesn't realize that no one wants someone thats fat, so instead of sitting here posting/playing on the internet, why dont you go run on a treadmill or get some plastic surgery, or go help some starving kids in Africa instead of ### and complaining. I mean i know lots of people that turn to dating services like MMI and they work, unless the people are fat and ugly and don't put out!!! The way i understand it is you sign a contract with MMI (by the way as far as i know there isn't any program at any dating service that cost $2500), Good God i just bought a $200,000 house but 8.50 to see a movie is pretty damn high too so i see where the guy is coming from! so boohooo living in TN you should know there isn't a three day right of rescission.

  • Vi
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    I did an initial consult with these people 6 years ago, was unimpressed by their approach and they badgered me for months to join. Very unprofessional group. They insulted a past realationship I had been in, and told me my future dates would be unfruitful as well. Single scene is tough .. let go and let god bring you to your match.

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