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Subject : customers cheated in price and quality for 8 piece tub chikcen when compared with marrybrownindia portal
Place : tirunelveli, tamil nadu, india

Shop name : scoop shop, tirunelveli – but marrybrown portal show as sun restaurants, no. 84 / 3, 84 / 2a, south bye pass road, near bsnl, tirunelveli - 3. Phone: 0462 – 2888777

Proof attached: a.) marrybrownindia portal showing 8 piece chicken tub rate as 475+ tax

B.) bills not being in the name of marrybrown shop its shows as scoop shop, tirunelveli, where as its a ice cream shop franchisee of a leading ice cream shop, and marrybrownindia portal shows tirunelveli franchisee name as sun restaurants.

I have purchased 2 tub chicken, at tirunelveli marrybrown shop, where it cost 545+taxes=595, per tub with 8 piece chicken, so totally it cost me 1188 rupees for two buckets of chicken, where in portal has the price value of 475+taxes per tub of 8 chicken piece of the same. Why this price difference for a corporate food seller is being there where as the sale is in the same country / state / city for 70 rupees before tax. I have attached the bill copy of those bills,

More over i just want to know where the shop at tirunelveli, is cheating me and the other customers who buy tub chicken and others also ? When i asked about per piece chicken they say its 99 rupees and the same price of marrybrownindia portal show as 140+tax.

Complaints about the shop :

1.) the quality of the chicken in the tub chicken is not even carries the score of 3 / 10. Where as 10 is the highest good score. Scoring 3 / 10 for a corporate food chain company does not seems to fair in the franchisee level. The corn flour surrounded by the chicken is oily as in local chicken shops, when its compared the standard of marrybrown chicken available in chennai and other part of india. You can visit the shop to test the quality in person or any other team surprising and test the quality for the corn flour and the oil content being their in chicken when they serve.

2.) why the are not following the prices mentioned in portal, and they fix they own price for the products (Is this a corporate brand shop or a local shop using marry brown brand value)

3.) why i didn’t get bill as marry brown, and we are receiving as scoop shop, tirunelveli as attached in the mail. (Is this a real franchisee of marry brown for tirunelveli or a fake shop using marry brown brand value)

4.) why they make two bills for two buckets chicken. Where as the customer is same and order two bucket chicken at one order, they make two bill that their employee is being benefited by placing on two employee names. Where as the order is take away order, they name and make fake bill as they served as mariappan and thillai for table 1c and b1 respectively. Which makes customer getting irritated.

5.) is there any team from marrybrown inspecting / monitoring the prices and quality of the products sold at the franchisee outlets.

6.) and finally this kind of shops which fails in quality and cheating the customers in price - wise, makes bad name for marrybrown which makes other leading food chain shops to grow well in market.

Conclusion : if there were difference in selling the products with the same state of india, please let me. If not please return the excess amount to the card payment collected from me along with excess tax that i paid in bill amount.

The same issue / complaint is forwarded to following authorities.


[protected]@mgm. Co. In



Feb 09, 2015

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